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The Agenda for America
A Republican Direction for the Future
by Gov. Haley Barbour (R, MS)

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Haley Barbour: States should have the right to regulate & limit abortions.
    Hillary Clinton: No abortion for sex selection in China.
Budget & Economy
    Haley Barbour: Reduce government programs for more economic growth.
Civil Rights
    Bill Clinton: OpEd: Clinton administration has a love affair with quotas.
    Haley Barbour: ADA should allow flexible state & local compliance.
    Haley Barbour: When did affirmative action turn into special preferences?
    Haley Barbour: Cut regulations that increase the cost of doing business.
    Haley Barbour: Women-owned businesses doubled after Reagan tax cuts.
    Bill Clinton: 1994 crime bill funded basketball instead of real problem.
    George Allen: 1994: led "truth-in-sentencing" reform among states.
    Haley Barbour: Three Strikes gets chronic predators off the street for good.
    Haley Barbour: Victim's Bill of Rights, including restitution for victims.
    Bill Clinton: OpEd: "War on Drugs" included gum package labeling.
    Haley Barbour: Justice Dept.'s duty is narcotics trafficking.
    Bill Clinton: OpEd: "Goals 2000" came close to nationalizing education.
    Haley Barbour: Give parents vouchers so they can choose kids' schools.
    Haley Barbour: Supports charter schools as a means to local control.
    Haley Barbour: Vouchers apply unlimited market forces to education.
    Haley Barbour: School prayer restores moral awareness to our schools.
    Newt Gingrich: Constitutional amendment to protect right to school prayer.
    Bill Clinton: Signed 1982 Law of the Sea treaty ; awaiting ratification.
    Haley Barbour: Rely on voluntary incentives to solve environmental problems.
    Haley Barbour: Kangaroo rats are not more important than people's homes.
    Haley Barbour: Allow drilling in ANWR.
    Haley Barbour: "Sustainable development" represents a scarcity mentality.
    Haley Barbour: 1982 Law of the Sea treaty is socialistic and ill-considered.
    Newt Gingrich: 1995: Entrepreneurial scientific approach to environment.
    Ronald Reagan: 1983: Extended sovereign control 200 miles off US coast.
Families & Children
    Newt Gingrich: No society can survive with 12-year-olds having babies.
Foreign Policy
    Bill Clinton: During Russian crisis, stood arm-in-arm with Boris Yeltsin.
    Bill Clinton: Routinely provide intelligence info to the UN.
    Haley Barbour: Political leadership; economic strength; military power.
    Haley Barbour: Fund defense budget & support NATO.
    Haley Barbour: Fund defense budget & support NATO.
    Haley Barbour: Russian return to imperial activity would be tragic mistake.
    Haley Barbour: Move US embassy to Jerusalem & recognize Israeli sovereignty.
Free Trade
    Bill Clinton: Completed the Reagan-Bush achievements on NAFTA.
    Haley Barbour: Use the WTO and NAFTA to insist on domestic interests.
    Haley Barbour: Focus on making the WTO work for American interests.
    Ronald Reagan: 1985: Articulated goal of Western Hemisphere free trade.
Government Reform
    Haley Barbour: Remove barriers; enhance individual opportunity.
Gun Control
    Haley Barbour: Gun control doesn't work; moral choices do.
Health Care
    Haley Barbour: Opposed Clinton's plan for government-run healthcare.
    Haley Barbour: States should mandate that insurers do not cancel policies.
Homeland Security
    Bill Clinton: OpEd: Counterproliferation failed; Iran got nuke from Russia.
    Haley Barbour: The US must secure peace through strength and dominance.
    Haley Barbour: Adequate resources for readiness, as well as needed hardware.
    Haley Barbour: Need missile defense against blackmail and terrorism.
    Haley Barbour: Expedite removal of those who are in the US unlawfully.
    Haley Barbour: Official English unites Americans.
    Haley Barbour: Humanitarian & political admissions OK; but not economic.
Principles & Values
    Haley Barbour: Return to founders' idea of personal responsibility.
    Newt Gingrich: Leaders of the American Revolution were committed to God.
Tax Reform
    Haley Barbour: Capital gains tax is a double tax.
    Haley Barbour: Remove limitations on privatizing airports.
War & Peace
    Haley Barbour: Don't place US forces under UN command.
    Haley Barbour: Deny rogue countries access to WMD.
Welfare & Poverty
    Haley Barbour: Welfare is harmful in many, many ways.
    Haley Barbour: Real welfare reformers seek to uphold the American family.
    Haley Barbour: Enterprise zones let poor neighborhoods get honest jobs.
    Ronald Reagan: Switch from project-based to tenant-based subsidy program.

The above quotations are from The Agenda for America
A Republican Direction for the Future
by Gov. Haley Barbour (R, MS).

All material copyright 1999-2015
by OnTheIssues.org
Reprinting by permission only.

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