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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Chris Murphy: Authored state's Stem Cell Investment Act.
    Alan Nunnelee: Mississippi Values include sanctity of life.
    Austin Scott: Life begins at conception; advocate for the unborn.
    Bill Flores: Life begins at conception and every life has a soul.
    Bill Huizenga: Passion for the unborn, beginning at conception.
    Bill Johnson: Endorsed by Ohio Right to Life.
    Billy Long: Oppose Freedom of Choice Act; reinstate Mexico City Policy.
    Blake Farenthold: Life begins at conception.
    Bob Gibbs: Protect life as one of our most precious resources.
    Bobby Schilling: Abortion takes 1.2 million unborn babies' lives each year.
    Bobby Schilling: Embryonic stem cell research takes life.
    Chip Cravaack: Oppose embryonic stem cell research.
    Chuck Fleischmann: Life begins at conception.
    Dan Benishek: Life is sacred from conception to natural death.
    Dan Webster: Extend Constitutional protections of life to the unborn.
    David Cicilline: Full reproductive freedom is a woman's right.
    David McKinley: I remain proudly Pro-life.
    Frank Guinta: All human life is sacred and begins at conception.
    Jeff Duncan: Life begins at conception.
    Jeff Landry: Life is a gift from God; encourage adoption.
    Jim Renacci: Protect the sanctity of life.
    Jim Renacci: Opposed to embryonic stem cell research.
    Joe Walsh: Pro-life without exception.
    John Koster: Committed to the culture of life.
    Justin Amash: Life begins at conception.
    Kristi Noem: Protect life from miracle of conception to dignified death.
    Larry Bucshon: Roe vs. Wade should be overturned.
    Larry Bucshon: Adult stem cell research but not embryonic stem cells.
    Lou Barletta: Legal protection for innocent human life.
    Mark Critz: Pro-life; opposes taxpayer funding of abortion.
    Marlin Stutzman: Stand up to the anti-life interests in Washington.
    Martha Roby: Defend the sanctity of life.
    Mary Fallin: Unborn have equal claim to right-to-life as the born.
    Mick Mulvaney: Life begins at conception.
    Mike Kelly: Protect sanctity of human life from conception.
    Mike Keown: Pro-life and pro-family.
    Mike Pompeo: Life begins at conception, with no exceptions.
    Morgan Griffith: Consistently defend innocent life.
    Paul Gosar: Protect the unborn; life begins at conception.
    Quico Canseco: Life begins at conception.
    Raul Labrador: Protect and defend innocent human life.
    Reid Ribble: I believe firmly in the sanctity of human life.
    Renee Ellmers: Life begins at conception.
    Rich Nugent: Define marriage as union between one man and one woman.
    Rick Berg: Pro-life strong social conservative.
    Rob Woodall: Strongly pro-life; supporter of abstinence education.
    Robert Hurt: Life begins at the moment of conception.
    Robert Hurt: Oppose all efforts to end embryonic stem cell life.
    Scott DesJarlais: Pro-life and PROUD OF IT.
    Scott Rigell: Promote a culture that values life.
    Scott Tipton: Pro-life; no federal funding.
    Sean Duffy: Right to life; no judicial activism.
    Stephen Fincher: Judges should be strict constructionists.
    Steve Southerland: Pro-family values includes rights of the unborn.
    Steven Palazzo: Protect the right to life, beginning at conception.
    Ted Deutch: Keep right to choose free from governmental intrusion.
    Tim Griffin: Against abortion except for rape, incest, & maternal health.
    Tim Huelskamp: 100% pro-life; defund Planned Parenthood.
    Tim Scott: Fight for the rights of the unborn.
    Tim Scott: No embryonic stem cell research.
    Todd Young: Pro-life and pro-adoption.
    Tom Marino: Our children, both born and those yet to be born, are a gift.
    Trey Gowdy: Pro-life plus: revisit Roe v. Wade & incentivize adoption.
    Vicky Hartzler: Rights endowed on all Americans, including the unborn.
    Joe Walsh: Opposes human cloning & embryonic stem cell research.
    Travis Childers: Consistently fought to protect the sanctity of life.
    Steve Womack: Supports Hyde Amendment; limit public funds on abortion.
    James Lankford: Abortion causes the unjust death of a human being.
    John Garamendi: I am a strong pro-choice feminist.
Budget & Economy
    Hansen Clarke: Create a state-operated tax-funded Bank of Michigan.
    John Carney: Get spending under control and reduce the deficit.
    Lou Barletta: Congress is addicted to spending.
    Mike Fitzpatrick: Reduce the size and scope of the federal government.
    Rick Crawford: Debt & overspending are single greatest threat to US.
    Trey Gowdy: Spending must be brought under control.
    Joe Walsh: TARP program and wasteful stimulus were spending spree.
    Travis Childers: Invest in small businesses, schools, and infrastructure.
    Bill Owens: More balanced budgets and less deficit spending.
Civil Rights
    Alan Nunnelee: Mississippi Values include traditional marriage.
    Andy Harris: Marriage is an institution between one man and one woman.
    Bill Flores: One definition of marriage: one man and one woman.
    Bill Keating: Support marriage equality; end Don't Ask Don't Tell.
    Billy Long: Define marriage as between a man and a woman.
    Chuck Fleischmann: Marriage is between a man and a woman.
    David Cicilline: Discrimination based on sexual orientation is wrong.
    David Cicilline: Equal pay for equal work.
    David McKinley: Marriage is between a man and a woman.
    Jeff Duncan: Define marriage as between one man and one woman.
    Jeff Landry: Keep traditional marriage as one man and one woman.
    Joe Walsh: Marriage can only exist between one man and one woman.
    John Koster: Marriage is between one man and one woman.
    Jon Runyan: Civil unions but no same-sex marriage.
    Justin Amash: Strongly support the federal Defense of Marriage Act.
    Quico Canseco: Traditional marriage should be only recognized marriage.
    Raul Labrador: Marriage is between one man and one woman.
    Renee Ellmers: Marriage is between one man and one woman.
    Rick Berg: Protect traditional Judeo-Christian values like marriage.
    Robert Hurt: Marriage is between one man and one woman.
    Scott DesJarlais: Pro-marriage and PROUD OF IT.
    Scott Rigell: Protect traditional marriage in our state Constitution.
    Scott Tipton: Marriage is the union of one man and one woman.
    Sean Duffy: Marriage is one man and one woman; but other contracts ok.
    Stephen Fincher: Protect traditional marriage.
    Steven Palazzo: Marriage is between a man and a woman.
    Ted Deutch: GLBT rights same as all, including marriage and adoption.
    Ted Deutch: Ensure that women are provided equality of pay & opportunity.
    Tim Griffin: Marriage should be between one man and one woman.
    Tim Huelskamp: Protect sacred union between one man and one woman.
    Tim Scott: Sanctity of traditional marriage: one man one woman.
    Tom Graves: Defend traditional marriage & North Georgia values.
    John Garamendi: GLBT marriage equality for all Californians.
    Chip Cravaack: Business taxes deter job creation.
    David McKinley: Fewer taxes, fewer lawsuits, and less regulation.
    Jeff Denham: Started several successful agriculture-based businesses.
    John Koster: With lower taxes, businesses can invest and create jobs.
    Jon Runyan: Reduce the corporate tax rate to 25%.
    Steven Palazzo: With less taxes and regulation small business will flourish.
    Bill Owens: End tax breaks for companies that offshore jobs.
    John Garamendi: 1990s: Served as California's first Insurance Commissioner.
    John Garamendi: Value and nourish manufacturing.
    Andy Vidak: I'm tough on crime--period.
    Bill Keating: Go after sexual predators and prosecute sex crimes.
    Cedric Richmond: Fewer resources on incarceration and more on education.
    David Schweikert: Constitutional amendment establishing crime victim rights.
    Diane Black: Crack down on sex offenders.
    Frederica Wilson: Restore voting rights for felons.
    Patrick Meehan: Formed the Route 222 Corridor Anti-Gang Initiative.
    Chris Murphy: Strengthen our country's public school system.
    Andy Vidak: Greater local control; reduce Department of Education.
    Bill Huizenga: Parental Rights Amendment: freedom to educate.
    Billy Long: Supports voluntary prayer in schools.
    Bob Dold: Supports local control & growth-model testing.
    Cedric Richmond: Don't treat all failing schools the same.
    Charles Djou: Empower parental involvement; reduce bureaucracies.
    David Cicilline: Provide students with strong public schools.
    David McKinley: Improve quality by spending directly in the classrooms.
    Frederica Wilson: Won on African-American curriculum & environmental justice.
    Frederica Wilson: Vigilant supporter of quality public education.
    Hansen Clarke: Improve our schools & keep them in use in summers.
    Jeff Landry: Empower parents with home school, charters, & church schools.
    Joe Walsh: Vouchers force competition & provide better education.
    Justin Amash: Don't infringe right of parents to educate their children.
    Martha Roby: Voluntary prayer in all schools, without restrictions.
    Mick Mulvaney: Repeal No Child Left Behind.
    Rob Woodall: Return power to parents to choose public or other school.
    Scott Rigell: Defend freedom to send kid to private & alternative schools.
    Steve Southerland: Federal government should exit the education business.
    Ted Deutch: Increased funding for public schools & teachers.
    Terri Sewell: Investing in public education with teacher incentives.
    Tim Griffin: Support vouchers and other innovative options.
    Tom Graves: Voluntary prayer in all schools.
    Travis Childers: A good education is the best jobs program.
    Bill Owens: Increased funding for higher education.
    John Garamendi: Ensure that teachers have the resources they need.
    John Garamendi: No greater responsibility than educating our children.
    John Garamendi: Budget cuts directly lower school quality.
Energy & Oil
    Chris Murphy: Oil & gas companies are prevent renewable energy development.
    Adam Kinzinger: Explore nuclear, coal, off-shore oil, & oil shale.
    Alan Nunnelee: Drill here & now; build more refineries.
    Allen West: Invest in oil, natural gas, clean coal, & alternatives.
    Andy Harris: The answer is drilling at home.
    Andy Vidak: Promote clean coal; warming cycle source still unknown.
    Austin Scott: Domestic oil production will foster energy independence.
    Bill Flores: Explore, produce, and develop our rich oil and gas.
    Bill Huizenga: No to the job killing "Cap and Trade" legislation.
    Bill Johnson: Use our own natural resources, including clean coal.
    Bill Keating: Supports Cape Wind and clean energy jobs.
    Billy Long: Research clean coal; drill offshore; drill ANWR.
    Blake Farenthold: Open up land and water for oil & gas exploration.
    Bob Gibbs: No cap-and-trade; no National Energy Tax.
    Charles Djou: Only environmentally-sound domestic oil, gas, & nukes.
    Chip Cravaack: Harvest our abundance of coal, oil and natural gas.
    Chuck Fleischmann: Drill ANWR; drill the Outer Continental Shelf.
    Dan Benishek: Use our own coal, natural gas, and oil reserves.
    David Cicilline: End reliance on fossil fuels with wind & solar.
    David McKinley: Oppose cap-and-trade; the War on Coal must stop.
    David Rivera: Repeal cap-and-trade; explore American energy.
    David Schweikert: Drill offshore; drill ANWR; pursue clean coal.
    Dennis Ross: Drill in the Gulf of Mexico, even post-BP spill.
    Diane Black: More oil exploration; more nukes; more clean coal.
    Jeff Landry: Drill here, drill now; not cap-and-trade.
    John Carney: Prevent exploration and drilling off the coast of Delaware.
    John Koster: Use our abundant and affordable oil & coal.
    Jon Runyan: Focus on affordable energy, not cap-and-trade.
    Justin Amash: No energy taxes, subsidies, or regulations.
    Karen Bass: Nation's most advanced global warming law.
    Larry Bucshon: Explore oil & lean coal instead of cap-and-trade.
    Mark Critz: Protect coal; expand drilling; oppose cap-and-trade.
    Marlin Stutzman: Cap and trade is a direct attack on Indiana's economy.
    Michael Grimm: Be surer of global warming before we destroy jobs.
    Mick Mulvaney: More oil & coal over baseless claims of global warming.
    Mike Fitzpatrick: Supports clean coal & responsible offshore drilling.
    Mike Kelly: Tap our rich natural resources, like Marcellus Shale.
    Morgan Griffith: Cap and trade scheme will result in massive job cuts.
    Nan Hayworth: Oil and natural gas are the lifeblood of our economy.
    Paul Gosar: Drill more at home, for energy independence.
    Quico Canseco: Energy production instead of energy punishment.
    Randy Hultgren: Cap and Trade is an irresponsible policy.
    Reid Ribble: Expand and balance our energy portfolio.
    Renee Ellmers: Oppose cap-and-trade; support off-shore drilling.
    Rick Berg: Develop our massive reserves of coal, oil, & renewables.
    Rick Crawford: Ensure affordable, available energy to all Americans.
    Sandy Adams: Gas, clean coal, solar, oil, wind, but no cap-and-trade.
    Scott Rigell: Use our abundant fossil fuel, including off Virginia's coast.
    Scott Tipton: Oppose the cap-and-tax legislation; increase gas exploration.
    Stephen Fincher: Drill ANWR; we need to drill, drill, drill here at home.
    Steve Southerland: Creative ways to increase energy supply, not cap-&-trade.
    Steve Stivers: Embrace all options: green energy, nuclear, & clean coal.
    Ted Deutch: Global warming is security, economic, & moral issue.
    Terri Sewell: Invest to spur green manufacturing jobs.
    Tim Griffin: Natural gas, nuclear, coal and oil; not cap-and-trade.
    Tim Huelskamp: Drill ANWR & offshore, instead of cap-and-trade.
    Todd Rokita: Cap & trade harms economy & constitutional rights.
    Todd Young: Reducing domestic coal sends jobs overseas & raises costs.
    Tom Marino: Clean coal; responsible offshore drilling; & renewable.
    Tom Reed: Ween us from foreign oil with domestic natural gas.
    Vicky Hartzler: Cap and Tax would destroy over 30,000 Missouri jobs.
    Colleen Hanabusa: Use HI's solar, wind, wave, and other sustainable assets.
    Ben Quayle: Don't CAP our economic growth and TRADE jobs overseas.
    James Lankford: Encourage domestic drilling & refining of oil & gas.
    Bill Owens: Promote investment in solar, wind, and biomass.
    John Garamendi: Authored solar, wind and energy conservation tax credit law.
    John Garamendi: Principle negotiator for the Kyoto Protocol.
    Chris Lee: Increase American-made energy through exploration.
    Chris Murphy: First political battle: protect fragile wetlands.
    Ted Deutch: Proper environmental stewardship to protect the Everglades.
    Trey Gowdy: Prosecute environmental crimes; but no private takings.
    Bill Owens: Investigate milk prices so producers get a fair price.
    John Garamendi: Safeguard our environment for future generations.
    John Garamendi: Garamendi Process: balanced water needs with protection.
Families & Children
    Mary Fallin: Apply faith & family values to public service.
    Joe Walsh: Foster and protect integrity of the traditional family.
    James Lankford: Defend marriage as an institution.
Foreign Policy
    Tim Griffin: I believe in the concept of American Exceptionalism.
    Ted Deutch: Rebuild alliances to destroy and dismantle al Qaeda.
    John Garamendi: Moral and strategic interest in strong & secure Israel.
    John Garamendi: Resolved long-standing issues between Guam and US government.
    John Garamendi: Protect Congo's national parks while negotiating peace.
    John Garamendi: Diplomacy should always be our first mission abroad.
Free Trade
    Chris Murphy: Rebuild manufacturing with Buy-American laws.
    Billy Long: Don't obstruct the free operation of the market.
    Bob Dold: Support free trade with South Korea, Panama and Colombia.
    Hansen Clarke: Buy from American businesses and not foreign suppliers.
    John Koster: One-sided international trade agreements handicap America.
    Mark Critz: Trade deals like NAFTA send jobs overseas.
    Stephen Fincher: Free & fair trade is essential to continued economic growth.
    Tim Griffin: Pass new trade agreements, with labor & enviro standards.
    Bill Owens: Entice Canadian business to manufacture in New York.
Government Reform
    Bill Flores: Eliminate all earmarks and the culture of vote-buying.
    Bill Keating: Forced MA Senate President to accept term limits.
    Charlie Bass: Earmarks are abused to fund wasteful pork projects.
    Dan Benishek: The 4 R's: Read It; Reduce It; Repeal It; Reform It.
    David McKinley: No earmarks; no campaign-style "constituent" mailings.
    Dennis Ross: Open vetting for earmarks, with competitive bidding.
    Jon Runyan: Pledges to self-term-limit to 8 years in House.
    Trey Gowdy: Read the 9th and 10th Amendments; stick to enumerated powers.
Gun Control
    Adam Kinzinger: Strong supporter of the Second Amendment.
    Alan Nunnelee: Right to bear arms is an individual right.
    Andy Vidak: Preserve the right to purchase, possess and use firearms.
    Austin Scott: Second Amendment is one of most important in Bill of Rights.
    Ben Quayle: Defend our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.
    Bill Flores: 2nd Amendment is as fundamental as rest of Constitution.
    Bill Huizenga: Interstate right-to-carry needed for an armed citizenry.
    Bill Johnson: Protect concealed carry laws and expand states' reciprocity.
    Billy Long: Government should not impede upon the Second Amendment.
    Bob Gibbs: Protect our right to keep and bear arms.
    Bobby Schilling: Elected officials must uphold Second Amendment.
    Charles Djou: Constitution gives individual citizens right to bear arms.
    Chip Cravaack: Second Amendment is unambiguous.
    Chris Gibson: Outspoken supporter of the right to bear arms.
    Chuck Fleischmann: Limiting gun rights is unconstitutional.
    Dan Benishek: Vigorously defend the Second Amendment.
    Dan Webster: Individual constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
    David McKinley: I pledge to defend right to bear arms.
    David Rivera: Protect the right to bear arms.
    David Schweikert: Strong defender of right to keep and bear arms.
    Diane Black: Extend right-to-carry laws across state lines.
    Jeff Duncan: Protect the right to keep and bear arms.
    Jeff Landry: Fight to preserve and protect the Second Amendment rights.
    Jim Renacci: Staunch supporter of Second Amendment Rights.
    Joe Heck: Supports 2nd Amendment & rights of sportsmen.
    Joe Walsh: Supports right to own hand guns & to carry concealed weapons.
    John Koster: Don't undermine the right to keep and bear arms.
    Jon Runyan: Always stand up for the rights of hunters & shooters.
    Justin Amash: No restrictions on purchase, transport, or possession.
    Kristi Noem: Individual right to keep and bear arms.
    Larry Bucshon: Right to bear arms will not be infringed on my watch.
    Lou Barletta: Individual right to keep, own, and use firearms.
    Mark Critz: Don't infringe basic rights of 2nd Amendment.
    Marlin Stutzman: Don't dilute the meaning of the 2nd Amendment.
    Martha Roby: Second Amendment is under constant attack.
    Mary Fallin: Gun ownership is a constitutionally protected right.
    Mike Kelly: Right to bear arms is an unassailable right.
    Mike Keown: Long-time supporter of the 2nd Amendment.
    Morgan Griffith: Repeal restrictions imposed on law-abiding gun owners.
    Nan Hayworth: I support the entire Bill of Rights.
    Paul Gosar: Don't interfere with the rights of gun ownership.
    Quico Canseco: Protect our 2nd Amendment rights.
    Raul Labrador: Strong supporter of rights guaranteed by 2nd Amendment.
    Reid Ribble: Unwavering defender of personal gun rights.
    Renee Ellmers: Right to bear arms is constitutionally protected.
    Rich Nugent: Staunch defender of gun rights.
    Rick Berg: Protect our second amendment freedoms.
    Rob Woodall: Stand up for gun owners and against further restrictions.
    Scott DesJarlais: Pro-gun and PROUD OF IT.
    Scott Rigell: Gun control only penalizes law-abiding citizens.
    Scott Tipton: Increase concealed carry permits; decease other restrictions.
    Sean Duffy: Protect our Constitutional right to bear arms.
    Steve Southerland: Teach kids to be next generation for 2nd Amendment rights.
    Steve Stivers: Strong defender of our Second Amendment.
    Steven Palazzo: Second Amendment provides an individual right.
    Ted Deutch: Renew the assault weapon ban.
    Tim Griffin: 10+ year member of the National Rifle Association.
    Tim Huelskamp: 100% pro-gun voting record.
    Tim Scott: Second Amendment is cornerstone of our democracy.
    Todd Rokita: Defend the 2nd Amendment.
    Todd Young: Repeal Assault Weapons Ban & most gun control laws.
    Tom Marino: Individual right to keep and bear arms.
    Trey Gowdy: Sufficient federal gun laws in place already.
    Vicky Hartzler: Staunch supporter of our Second Amendment.
    James Lankford: No micro-stamping; more guns means less crime.
Health Care
    Chris Murphy: Right to health care, not just sick care.
    Adam Kinzinger: Oppose ObamaCare; it does not address costs.
    Alan Nunnelee: Government-run healthcare is not the answer.
    Andy Harris: Increased competition instead of government mandates.
    Andy Vidak: Defund ObamaCare; use fiscal responsibility instead.
    Ann Marie Buerkle: ObamaCare is so fundamentally flawed that it can't be fixed.
    Austin Scott: Defund, repeal and replace ObamaCare.
    Bill Flores: Tort reform & cross-state insurance.
    Bill Huizenga: Repeal Obamacare; institute market reforms.
    Bill Johnson: Robust health savings accounts, tort reform, and competition.
    Billy Long: No government takeover of healthcare.
    Blake Farenthold: Cross-state insurance & health savings accounts.
    Bob Dold: Common-sense amendments: tort reform; cross-state markets.
    Bob Gibbs: Repeal & de-fund Obamacare; focus on tort reform instead.
    Bobby Schilling: Obamacare destroys greatest system of care in the world.
    Charles Djou: Tort reform is long overdue; $250,000 malpractice cap.
    Charlie Bass: No massive government takeover of health care.
    Chip Cravaack: Don't scrap a system that 85% are happy with.
    Chris Gibson: Competition, tort reform, and insurance cooperatives.
    Chris Gibson: Interstate competition & malpractice liability reform.
    Chuck Fleischmann: Eliminate frivolous lawsuits; but choose own doctor.
    Dan Benishek: Repeal ObamaCare and replace it with market reforms.
    Dan Webster: De-fund and repeal the Obama health care plan.
    David Cicilline: Give every American access to quality, affordable care.
    David McKinley: Strengthen the existing private market system.
    David Rivera: Repeal ObamaCare; it taxes the middle-class.
    David Schweikert: Nationalized healthcare blows a massive hole in budget.
    Dennis Ross: Repeal, replace, & de-fund Obamacare.
    Diane Black: Fight to repeal Obamacare.
    Frank Guinta: Pooled insurance & tort reform; not federally-run care.
    Jaime Herrera: Control costs by cross-state insurance and tort reform.
    Jeff Landry: Nationalized care reduces quality and increases costs.
    Jim Renacci: Increased competition instead of government takeover.
    John Carney: Plan for increased research and prevention.
    John Koster: Portability, tort reform, & Health Savings Account.
    Jon Runyan: Market-driven solutions, not big government takeover.
    Justin Amash: Don't require purchase of government-approved insurance.
    Karen Bass: Prevented dis-enrolling 600,000 kids from Healthy Families.
    Kevin Yoder: Repeal and defund ObamaCare.
    Kristi Noem: Repeal the trillion dollar health care bill.
    Larry Bucshon: Tort reform, HSAs, and cross-state insurance, not ObamaCare.
    Lou Barletta: Cross-state insurance; develop wellness programs.
    Martha Roby: Cross-state insurance & medical liability reform.
    Michael Grimm: Socialized medicine has failed everywhere it's been tried.
    Mick Mulvaney: More government control is not the answer.
    Mike Fitzpatrick: Don't put government between patients and their doctors.
    Mike Kelly: Repeal Obamacare; advocate for market driven solutions.
    Mike Keown: Repeal the takeover of healthcare.
    Mo Brooks: Committee who wrote ObamaCare doesn't understand it.
    Morgan Griffith: Replace ObamaCare with market-based reforms.
    Quico Canseco: Market-based reforms instead of government-run plans.
    Randy Hultgren: More transparency & competition; fewer lawsuits.
    Renee Ellmers: Obamacare is the wrong way to improve health care.
    Rich Nugent: Common sense solutions instead of government takeover.
    Rick Berg: Tort reform & competition instead of nationalized healthcare.
    Rick Crawford: Repeal & replace ObamaCare.
    Sandy Adams: Allow Floridians to opt out of the new federal system.
    Scott DesJarlais: Fight for market based reforms, not for bureaucrats.
    Scott Tipton: ObamaCare is toxic; empower the individual instead.
    Sean Duffy: Insurance cooperatives; cross-state insurance; & tort reform.
    Stephen Fincher: Less government interference in medical decisions.
    Steve Stivers: Health savings accounts& small business insurance pools.
    Steven Palazzo: Fight to repeal & defund Obamacare.
    Ted Deutch: Drive down premiums from private insurance companies.
    Terri Sewell: Coverage should include a robust public option.
    Tim Griffin: Repeal & reform with free market solutions.
    Tim Scott: Fight against government takeover of health care.
    Todd Rokita: Market-driven plan over Obama Plan.
    Todd Young: Tort reform & cross-state insurance.
    Tom Marino: Eliminate junk lawsuits; allow cross-state insurance.
    Tom Reed: Repeal & replace Obamacare.
    Trey Gowdy: Threat of a national takeover is looming.
    Vicky Hartzler: ObamaCare is worse than bad; support real reform.
    Colleen Hanabusa: We finally joined the rest of the industrialized world.
    Ben Quayle: Repeal and replace Obamacare with private sector competition.
    Steve Womack: ObamaCare is an example of what's wrong with Washington.
    James Lankford: Federal control of healthcare is unconstitutional.
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Require insurance companies to cover mammograms at age 40.
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Require insurance companies to cover mammograms at age 40.
    Bill Owens: Access to affordable health insurance for every American.
    John Garamendi: Fight for robust public option; advocate for single-payer.
    John Garamendi: 1970s: Pushed reimbursements for psychiatric health.
    Chris Lee: Develop market-based approach to affordable healthcare.
Homeland Security
    Allen West: American Exceptionalism requires growing armed forces.
    Andy Harris: Ensure the best-equipped and best-trained military.
    Andy Harris: No rights for terrorists.
    Ann Marie Buerkle: No Miranda rights and expensive trials for terrorists.
    Charles Djou: America must maintain its strong military.
    David Schweikert: Make sure our military has every necessary resource.
    Dennis Ross: Try terrorists in military tribunals; no tax-funded lawyers.
    Dennis Ross: Deploy BMD; maintain America's qualitative edge.
    Diane Black: Protecting our citizens requires state-of-the-art military.
    Frank Guinta: Keep national defense the strongest force in the world.
    Jaime Herrera: Keep Gitmo open; don't try terrorists in civilian courts.
    Jaime Herrera: Support a robust U.S. military to defeat terrorism.
    Jeff Denham: Enlisted at age 17; served in Iraq & Somalia.
    Jeff Landry: End the war on terrorism by winning the war.
    Jim Renacci: Keep Guantanamo Bay open to avoid civilian courts.
    John Koster: Strong military that is well funded and second to none.
    John Koster: No Miranda rights for terrorists.
    Jon Runyan: Give military all needed tools; keep bases open.
    Lou Barletta: Deny air travel to those who want to destroy our way of life.
    Mark Critz: 1.9% pay raise for troops; and extend TRICARE coverage.
    Marlin Stutzman: Use our strength against despotism, tyrants, & radical Islam.
    Marlin Stutzman: Focus on defeating enemies instead of enemies' legal rights.
    Martha Roby: Maintain military installations as tip of our nation's spear.
    Michael Grimm: Keep the Patriot Act in full force.
    Mike Pompeo: Commit to strong national defense.
    Mo Brooks: Fully fund military; most important federal responsibility.
    Nan Hayworth: Overwhelming force is surest guarantor against war.
    Patrick Meehan: Established model Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council.
    Renee Ellmers: Keep Gitmo open; try terrorists in military courts.
    Robert Hurt: Fully fund our anti-terrorism efforts at home and abroad.
    Sandy Adams: From military family; served in USAF; supports NASA.
    Scott Tipton: Provide our troops with the best equipment.
    Sean Duffy: Support our troops by fully funding their efforts.
    Stephen Fincher: A strong America is the best hope for peace.
    Stephen Fincher: Oppose terrorists' civilian trials & closing Guantanamo Bay.
    Steve Southerland: Increase the overall military budget; keep US powerful.
    Steve Stivers: Strong national defense; give troops all the tools necessary.
    Steve Womack: Commanded battalion in Multinational Force in Sinai.
    Steven Palazzo: Don't give terrorists rights they are intent on destroying.
    Tim Scott: Keep Guantanamo Bay open; keep military tribunals.
    Todd Young: Invest in military to keep it strong.
    Tom Reed: Fully arm our troops as they defend liberty.
    Vicky Hartzler: Ensure that the best military in the world remains the best.
    Colleen Hanabusa: Spending on wars reduces resources at home.
    Kevin McCarthy: Unambiguously support our troops.
    Tom Graves: Fight and win the War on Terror.
    Ben Quayle: Provide resources and support to our armed forces.
    James Lankford: Protect our bases; prioritize national security.
    Bill Owens: Obligation to care for veterans when they come home.
    Bill Owens: Invest in job training for veterans.
    Mike Quigley: Declare Fair and Equal County for Immigrants.
    Adam Kinzinger: First and foremost, secure our borders.
    Alan Nunnelee: Secure the borders; enforce existing laws.
    Allen West: Enforce laws already on the books; & strengthen the border.
    Andy Harris: Enforce our borders & enforce employment rules.
    Andy Vidak: No to amnesty; yes to guest worker program.
    Austin Scott: Secure our borders; enforce our existing laws.
    Bill Flores: Control our borders with physical and virtual barriers.
    Bill Huizenga: Seal our border; then create a guest worker program.
    Bill Keating: Opposes amnesty; enforce our laws; secure our borders.
    Billy Long: Oppose amnesty efforts; it's a national security issue.
    Bob Gibbs: Oppose subverting current policy; absolutely oppose amnesty.
    Bobby Schilling: Immigration laws must be respected and enforced.
    Chip Cravaack: Presence of millions of illegal aliens hurts Americans.
    Chuck Fleischmann: Complete the fence; more border enforcement agents.
    Dan Benishek: Illegal immigration is a national security issue.
    Dan Webster: Secure our borders; strengthen penalties on illegals.
    David Cicilline: Secure our border and send illegals to the back of the line.
    David McKinley: No amnesty; no healthcare to illegal immigrants.
    David Rivera: Control our borders and strengthen existing penalties.
    David Schweikert: Real border security and no amnesty.
    Dennis Ross: No to amnesty; yes to guest workers.
    Jaime Herrera: Secure our borders; oppose amnesty.
    Jeff Duncan: Strengthen the borders; oppose any form of amnesty.
    Jeff Landry: Enforce existing laws to close our borders.
    Jim Renacci: No amnesty; no legal benefits for illegals.
    Joe Heck: Border security is a key issue for national security.
    Joe Walsh: Secure our borders using the National Guard.
    John Koster: Secure our borders; revamp guest worker program.
    Jon Runyan: Secure our borders; send illegals back home.
    Justin Amash: Secure our borders; stop lawbreakers at the border.
    Kevin Yoder: Secure our borders; eliminate incentives; increase H1B visas.
    Kristi Noem: Porous borders and unchecked illegal immigration are threats.
    Larry Bucshon: No amnesty; enforce laws; fund the border fence.
    Lou Barletta: Crack down on fraudulent immigration documents.
    Martha Roby: Secure America's borders; no amnesty.
    Michael Grimm: Stopping illegal immigration protects lives & jobs.
    Mick Mulvaney: Begin with securing our borders; not an amnesty deal.
    Mike Kelly: First, secure our borders.
    Mike Keown: Secure our borders; never support amnesty.
    Mike Pompeo: Secure our borders; stop rewarding lawbreakers.
    Mo Brooks: Remove illegal aliens from America; then stop luring them in.
    Nan Hayworth: Border security & strict observation of laws.
    Paul Gosar: Secure our border and oppose amnesty.
    Raul Labrador: Strengthen border security; redouble our efforts.
    Reid Ribble: Secure the border; fix the broken legal immigration system.
    Renee Ellmers: Oppose amnesty; enforce immigration laws.
    Rich Nugent: Secure our borders; never support amnesty.
    Rick Berg: First and foremost, oppose amnesty.
    Rob Woodall: Without a secure border we lose our sovereignty.
    Sandy Adams: Prevent those here illegally from receiving benefits.
    Scott DesJarlais: Plan for illegals: one way ticket out of US.
    Scott Tipton: Secure our borders; punish employers who hire illegals.
    Stephen Fincher: Illegal immigration undermines our law & our labor force.
    Steve Southerland: We're the great melting pot; but need secure borders.
    Steven Palazzo: Enforce laws against illegal immigration; it costs $25M/year.
    Tim Griffin: Secure the borders; no amnesty.
    Tim Huelskamp: Secure the border; no amnesty.
    Tom Marino: Strengthen our borders and enforce the immigration laws.
    Joe Walsh: Secure our borders with latest technology and National Guard.
    Kevin McCarthy: Secure our borders by deploying advanced technologies.
    Travis Childers: Secure our borders; enforce our laws.
    Trey Gowdy: Secure the border; it's respect for the rule of law.
    James Lankford: Illegal immigrants are illegal, period.
    Mike Fitzpatrick: Opposes "card check" legislation.
    Bill Owens: Helped create Plattsburgh Airbase Redevelopment Corporation.
Principles & Values
    John Kasich: Kasich rhymes with Basic.
    John Kasich: Host of weekly news show, "Heartland with John Kasich".
    Steve Womack: Elected mayor of Rogers in 1998.
    James Lankford: Shariah law is major threat; Islam not like other religions.
    James Lankford: Council on American Islamic Relations is linked to terrorism.
Social Security
    Adam Kinzinger: No privatization; no retirement age increase.
    Andy Harris: No privatization; keep our promises.
    Austin Scott: Safeguard the agreement with seniors; no privatization.
    Bill Huizenga: Make reforms soon, including personal retirement accounts.
    Bill Keating: Bad idea to privatize; or to raise retirement age.
    Bob Gibbs: Don't privatize; don't raise the retirement age.
    Bobby Schilling: No privatizing; no raising the retirement age.
    Chris Gibson: Don't privatize; don't raise the retirement age.
    Chris Gibson: Don't privatize; don't raise the retirement age.
    Dan Benishek: Give young option of investing in retirement accounts.
    Dennis Ross: Workers under 55 invest in historically-safe funds.
    Jaime Herrera: Keep our promise; no privatization.
    Jim Renacci: Don't privatize; don't raise taxes.
    Jon Runyan: No privatization; no raising retirement age.
    Kevin Yoder: No privatization; keep our promises.
    Kristi Noem: Don't privatize; don't raise the retirement age.
    Larry Bucshon: No privatization; honor our commitments.
    Martha Roby: No privatization; no raising the retirement age.
    Mike Fitzpatrick: Don't privatize; don't raise the retirement age.
    Mike Kelly: Don't privatize; don't raise the retirement age.
    Nan Hayworth: Investment and savings options to prepare for retirement.
    Reid Ribble: Personalize accounts & stop raiding the Trust Fund.
    Rick Berg: Don't privatize; don't raise the retirement age.
    Robert Hurt: Keep our promise; no privatization.
    Sandy Adams: Protect benefits; keep promise; no privatization.
    Scott Rigell: No cutting benefits; no privatizing.
    Sean Duffy: No raising retirement age; no privatization.
    Stephen Fincher: No privatization; keep contract with seniors.
    Steve Southerland: Protect benefits; don't raise retirement age.
    Steve Stivers: Don't privatize; don't raise the retirement age.
    Tim Griffin: No privatization; no raising retirement age.
    Tom Marino: Don't privatize; don't raise the retirement age.
    John Garamendi: Never allow Wall Street to touch Social Security.
Tax Reform
    Adam Kinzinger: Act immediately to make the tax cuts permanent.
    Allen West: American Exceptionalism depends on flattening our tax code.
    Andy Harris: Tax cuts expand government revenue.
    Andy Vidak: We cannot tax and regulate our way to financial stability.
    Ann Marie Buerkle: Lower taxes, less government spending.
    Austin Scott: Lower taxes & reduce regulatory burden of government.
    Bill Flores: Cut taxes to help families and small businesses.
    Bill Huizenga: Flat tax to simplify system & stop draining our spirit.
    Bill Johnson: Tax code penalizes wealthy & keeps poor on entitlements.
    Billy Long: Always support tax relief & simplification.
    Blake Farenthold: Supports tax simplification; ok with both flat tax & FairTax.
    Bob Dold: Repeal the death tax; lower the corporate tax rate.
    Cedric Richmond: No tax-cut windfall for the richest 1%.
    Chris Gibson: Tax rates are too high.
    Chris Gibson: To cut taxes, must also cut spending.
    Chuck Fleischmann: Taxation--the ultimate form of invasion of privacy.
    Dan Benishek: Reduce oppressive taxation & our-of-control government.
    Dan Webster: Eliminate death tax and capital gains tax.
    David Rivera: Extend the tax cuts for all Americans & businesses.
    David Schweikert: Reduce the tax burden; cutting taxes is fundamental!
    Dennis Ross: FairTax or Flat Tax; abolish the IRS.
    Diane Black: Lower corporate income tax rates & capital gains taxes.
    Frank Guinta: Stop the wasteful spending spree in Washington.
    Jeff Denham: Commitment to protect taxpayers.
    Jeff Duncan: Crusade against big government and higher taxes.
    Jim Renacci: Repeal the death tax & keep capital gains tax at 15%.
    Jon Runyan: Cut marginal tax rates across the board by 15%.
    Justin Amash: Leave tax rates low for everyone.
    Karen Bass: Expand Earned Income Tax Credit; close yacht-owner loophole.
    Larry Bucshon: Reduce both business & individual tax rates.
    Mark Critz: Tax cuts for the middle class, not the wealthy.
    Marlin Stutzman: No death tax; no tax increases.
    Martha Roby: Americans are overtaxed; abolish the IRS as we know it.
    Mike Kelly: Fight hard to lower taxes.
    Mike Keown: Simplify the tax code; but no raising taxes.
    Mo Brooks: Some candidates talk the talk; Mo Brooks fights the fight.
    Morgan Griffith: Higher taxes kill jobs.
    Patrick Meehan: Fight any effort to increase taxes.
    Paul Gosar: Oppose Congress' tax and spend ways.
    Quico Canseco: Tax hikes affect middle-class; especially "hidden taxes".
    Randy Hultgren: Repeal the estate tax; reduce tax burden.
    Randy Hultgren: Simpler rules; faster filing; lower rates.
    Raul Labrador: Oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes.
    Reid Ribble: Flat tax would reduce hopeless complexity.
    Renee Ellmers: Cut taxes and cut spending.
    Rich Nugent: Simplify the tax code; don't raise taxes.
    Rick Berg: Keep the tax cuts; repeal the death tax.
    Rob Woodall: I believe in the FairTax.
    Sandy Adams: Make marginal income tax cuts permanent.
    Scott DesJarlais: Tennesseans are taxed too much already.
    Sean Duffy: Reduce marginal tax rate on individuals & businesses.
    Steve Southerland: Join me in saying ENOUGH to the tax burden.
    Tim Griffin: Tax relief encourages sustainable economic growth.
    Tim Huelskamp: American citizens & businesses are overtaxed.
    Todd Young: Replace system with consumption-based tax or a flatter tax.
    Tom Reed: Keep income tax & capital gains cuts.
    Vicky Hartzler: New taxes need to be stopped in their tracks.
    James Lankford: Lower taxes, lower spending, simplified tax system.
    Bill Owens: Let Bush tax cuts expire.
    Bill Owens: $5M estate tax exemption, to protect family farms.
    Chris Lee: Taxes are too high, too burdensome & too complex.
    Bill Owens: Construct I-98; improve Port of Oswego.
    John Garamendi: High speed rail is critical infrastructure.
    John Garamendi: Expand bike paths and bike lanes.
War & Peace
    Chris Murphy: Refocus on Afghanistan, not Iraq.
    Adam Kinzinger: Stay engaged in Iraq for training & support.
    Allen West: Radical Islam is on the march; stay on the offensive.
    Bob Dold: More troops to Afghanistan, with no timetable for withdrawal.
    Bobby Schilling: Continue to defeat terrorists in Afghanistan & Iraq.
    David Cicilline: Time to bring our troops home from Afghanistan.
    Dennis Ross: Win the war in Afghanistan; take the fight to terrorists.
    Jim Renacci: Stay on offense in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    Joe Heck: Volunteered to serve in Iraq.
    Jon Runyan: Fight against radical Islamic extremists as War on Terror.
    Michael Grimm: No unrealistic timelines nor early troop withdrawals.
    Mick Mulvaney: Decide after receiving Defense Secretary report in December.
    Paul Gosar: American weakness is dangerous; strength wins war on terror.
    Steve Southerland: Our rules of engagement endanger troops & prolong conflict.
    Ted Deutch: Time for a responsible withdrawal from Iraq.
    Tim Griffin: Leave Iraq & Afghanistan in positions to govern themselves.
    Tom Reed: There is still much to do in Iraq.
    Colleen Hanabusa: Iraq can be self-sufficient; Afghanistan cannot yet.
    John Garamendi: Strategic interest in a strong, secure and viable Israel.
    John Garamendi: Iraq War was an unnecessary war of choice sold on mistruths.
    John Garamendi: Continued American presence in Afghanistan.
    John Garamendi: Embargo refined oil products into Iran if they keep nukes.
Welfare & Poverty
    John Kasich: Chaired committee which overhauled the welfare system.
    Stephen Fincher: Churches provide charity at 1/3 of government's cost.
    John Garamendi: Broaden the availability of food stamps.

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