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Found Z-visa & McCain-Kennedy bill to be offensive

The illegal immigrants are free to get in line with everyone else that wants to become a permanent resident or citizen. But no special pathway, no special deal that says because you’re here illegally, you get to stay here for the rest of your life. That’s what I found to be so offensive with the Z visa, which was in the McCain-Kennedy bill. It said to all illegal aliens, unless you’re a criminal, you’re all allowed to stay here for $3,000 for the rest of your life. And that’s a mistake. Let us have a fixed period of time--90 days for some, depending on their circumstances, others longer, to the end of the school year--even longer potentially. Do it in a humane & compassionate way, but say to those who have come here legally, you must return home, you must get in line with everybody else who wants to come here. There are millions throughout the world who want to come to this country legally. It’s a wonderful privilege. But those that have come here illegally should not be given a better deal
Source: 2008 Republican debate at Reagan Library in Simi Valley Jan 30, 2008

FactCheck: Yes, his ads DID accuse McCain of “amnesty”

Romney was wrong when he denied that his attack ads described McCain’s immigration bill as “amnesty” for illegal aliens. Romney said, “I don’t describe your plan as amnesty in my ad. I don’t call it amnesty. What I say is [that McCain’s policy is] what most people would say is a form of amnesty.”

In fact, Romney has been running an ad since Dec. 28 that says “McCain pushed to let every illegal immigrant stay here permanently” while Romney “opposes amnesty for illegals.”

Romney also released a Web ad on Jan. 4 that says “McCain supported this year’s amnesty bill.” And even as the debate was in progress, the Romney campaign sent out an e-mail saying, “Sen. McCain Still Won’t Admit He Supported Amnesty.”

We give credit to Romney for conceding during the debate that the McCain immigration bill “technically” would not have granted amnesty, which dictionaries define as a pardon. But Romney’s denial that his advertising accuses McCain of supporting “amnesty” rings hollow.

Source: on 2008 Facebook/WMUR-NH Republican debate Jan 5, 2008

AdWatch: Huckabee ok’ed tuition & scholarships for illegals

[TV ad airing throughout Iowa]:

ANNOUNCER: Two former governors. Two good family men. Both pro-life. Both support a constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage. The difference?

Mitt Romney stood up, and vetoed in-state tuition for illegal aliens. Opposed driver’s licenses for illegals.

Mike Huckabee? Supported in-state tuition benefits for illegal immigrants. Huckabee even supported taxpayer-funded scholarships for illegal aliens.

On immigration, the choice matters.

Source: AdWatch of 2007 campaign ad, “The Record” Dec 13, 2007

FactCheck: MA state cops never enforced immigration laws

Romney claims in his TV ad that he put state troopers on the trail of illegals in his state. But he didn’t do so until he had less than a month left in his term. He was already considering running for president, and the new governor-elect was expected to rescind the arrangement.

Romney began talking about giving troopers the power to make arrests on immigration charges earlier in 2006, but he didn’t sign an agreement with the federal government--a necessary condition for that authority to be granted-- until Dec. 13, 2006. Romney was scheduled to leave office Jan. 4, 2007. Democrat Deval Patrick, who had won the race to succeed Romney, had already said the program was a “bad idea” because troopers were busy enough as it was.

Sure enough, Patrick rescinded the agreement within his first week in office so troopers could “focus on enforcing MA laws.” The policy never had a chance to take effect, because those troopers chosen to carry it out hadn’t yet begun a required 6-week training course

Source: AdWatch of 2007 campaign ad, “Immigration” Nov 9, 2007

FactCheck: NYC never declared itself a “sanctuary city”

Romney continued his criticism of Rudy Giuliani for presiding over a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants. As we have noted before, New York City has never declared itself to be a “sanctuary city,” as some cities have. Romney refers to an executive order Giuliani renewed that prohibited city employees from giving the names of suspected illegal immigrants to federal authorities, unless doing so was required by law or the immigrant was possibly involved in criminal activity.
Source: on 2007 GOP debate at UNH Sep 5, 2007

Proposed Z visa allows illegal aliens to stay in America

Q [to Romney]: Sen. McCain has accused you of flip-flopping on immigration. McCain said: “Pandering for votes on this issue while offering no solution to the problem amounts to doing nothing, and doing nothing is silent amnesty.”

ROMNEY: My view is that we should enforce immigration laws. And this bill, unfortunately, has at least one provision that’s a real problem. It’s the Z visa. It allows people who’ve come here illegally to stay here for the rest of their lives. Not necessarily as citizens; they have to wait 13 years to become citizens. That’s not the point. The point is, every illegal alien, almost every one, under this bill gets to stay here. That’s simply not fair to get put ahead in the line of all the people who’ve been waiting legally to come to this country.

McCAIN: Our legislation does account for people who are here illegally, it does have an employment verification system, and it weeds out those who shouldn’t be here, and it gives others a chance to remain in this country.

Source: 2007 GOP debate at Saint Anselm College Jun 3, 2007

McCain’s plan gives special pathway to those here illegally

Q: You have also called Sen. McCain’s immigration plan amnesty. But you said, “Those that are here paying taxes and not taking government benefits should begin a process toward application for citizenship as they would from their home country.” Why isn’t that amnesty as well?

A: Well, my view is this. People should have no advantage by having come here illegally.

Q: But you’re not telling them to go home.

A: I am going to tell them to go home, but they start by beginning the process of applying for citizenship or applying for permanent residency. They’re not going to be barred from doing that, but they do not get any advantage by having come here illegally. That’s the key part of what I objected to in McCain-Kennedy, which said that people who are here illegally get a special pathway. My view, 1) secure the border; 2) have an employment verification system; and 3) say to those that are there illegally, get in line with everybody else.

Source: 2007 Republican Debate in South Carolina May 15, 2007

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