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Help minorities by removing barriers to self-employment

Most minorities feel that something about our “system” still discriminates against them, but can’t quite identify its cause. Establishment politicians propose more quotas and affirmative action. Establishment politicians don’t have solutions that work in the real world because they aren’t asking the tough question: “What, in these days of diminishing prejudice, stands in the way of minority progress?”

Barriers to self-employment discriminate against minorities because few can afford the time and money necessary to tackle the red tape. Even minorities who would never start their own business get more respect from employers when they have the option to choose differently.

Minorities don’t need preferential treatment to get ahead- they are just as intelligent, hard-working, and ambitious as other Americans. If you elect me as your president, I promise to end the economic discrimination that government regulations and licensing laws have imposed upon minorities.

Source: 2004 Presidential campaign website, badnarik.org, “Issues” , Jul 13, 2004

Let people, including gays, marry as they see fit

Today, government decides if a couple is permitted to marry through a licensing process. In other times and places, marriage licenses were denied to interracial or other politically incorrect couples, just as it can be denied to gay couples today.

Like every partnership, marriage should fit the individuals it unites, rather than be a “one-size-fits all” proposition defined by those outside the relationship. Each marriage should be what the partners want it to be-no more, no less.

Just as anyone can engage in a business relationship, any individuals should be able to enter into a marriage. Government’s role in a business partnership is to simply enforce, not dictate, its terms. Government’s role in marriage should be the same. Both those who support and those who condemn gay marriage will be free to practice their beliefs and persuade others to their way of thinking. Each individual will be free to choose. Isn’t that what America’s all about?

Source: 2004 Presidential campaign website, badnarik.org, “Issues” , Jul 13, 2004

Discontinue affirmative action programs

Source: 2004 Presidential National Political Awareness Test , Jul 11, 2004

The Patriot Act violates the Bill of Rights

On the USA PATRIOT Act: It violates the Fourth and Sixth Amendments (against unreasonable searches and closed trials).
Source: Michael King, The Austin (TX) Chronicle , Jun 11, 2004

Affirmative action almost as bad as slavery

On Affirmative action: “Either we are all created equal or we are not. ... Affirmative action does almost as much harm as slavery.”
Source: Michael King, The Austin (TX) Chronicle , Jun 11, 2004

Keep government out of bedrooms

On Same-sex marriage: “The federal government has no business telling anyone what they can do in their bedrooms, and if someone else does not like it that’s too damn bad.”
Source: Michael King, The Austin (TX) Chronicle , Jun 11, 2004

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