Cory Booker on Gun Control

Mayor of Newark; N.J. Senator


14-part gun control plan, with criminal enforcement

Booker was asked on CNN about his gun control proposals: "Rep. Eric Swalwell has also, like you, proposed an assault weapons ban. He's proposing a buyback program where Americans could essentially sell these guns to the government, but if they don't, within a certain period of time, they would be prosecuted--thrown in jail, perhaps. Are you supportive of the same?"

Booker responded affirmatively that the law would be enforced with criminal sanctions after a "reasonable period." He had said earlier: "The critical thing is that these weapons of war should not be on our streets." Earlier in the day, Booker unveiled a 14-part gun control plan, which included a ban on assault weapons including high capacity magazines. "The biggest thing in the proposal is a national gun licensing program, which would force Americans to apply for 5-year gun licenses before obtaining a firearm. The process would include fingerprinting, an interview, gun safety courses, and a federal background check," Booker said.

Source: Washington Examiner on 2020 Democratic primary , May 6, 2019

Supports national gun licensing every 5 years

Proposed a 14-part plan that calls for a national gun licensing program, which would force Americans to apply for 5-year gun licenses.
Source: Axios.com "What you need to know about 2020" , May 6, 2019

Consensus on common sense gun laws; ready to fight NRA

I am frustrated with politicians who all the best they can muster is to give thoughts and prayers. Gun-owners and non-gun owners agree that we need to have universal background checks and close so many of these loopholes. And the NRA does not represent their membership, because their membership actually agrees with closing those loopholes. I am going to bring a fight like the NRA has never seen if they're going to defend corporate gun manufacturers more than represent the people.
Source: CNN Town Hall: 2020 presidential hopefuls , Mar 27, 2019

Require background checks; ban assault weapons

Source: PBS News hour on 2020 Presidential hopefuls , Feb 1, 2019

Failed to pass gun legislation after Orlando mass shooting

BROKEN PROMISE: Booker attempted and failed as senator to resolve conflicting promises: he promised to fight for gun restrict-ions, but also promised to collaborate with other senators on guns on "day one" (implying "priority"). That forced a broken promise by self-contradiction. There are not enough anti-gun senators to make that a realistic promise on "day one."

ANALYSIS: After mass shootings over past years, Senate Democrats introduced new gun legislation. None passed. Booker pointed out that Congress failed to act "in the wake of Newtown," the 2012 mass shooting, when Booker was mayor. When Booker was Senator, the 2016 Orlando mass shooting occurred, and provided Booker an opportunity to "join with others to make a difference," as he promised--that legislation failed too. Booker and Democrats are aware that they cannot pass gun restrictions nationally on "day one"--which is why they try only in the wake of mass shootings.

Source: Cory Booker 'Promises Broken,' by Jesse Gordon, p. 17 , Apr 1, 2017

Prohibit firearms to suspected terrorists

Sen. Booker co-sponsored S. Amdt 4720 to H.R.2578, the Commerce, Justice, Science, & Related Agencies Appropriations Act> The amendment died in the U.S. Senate on June 20, 2016. Congressional Summary: