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Democratic Presidential Challenger; IN Mayor


Provide new opportunities for voluntary public service

Buttigieg is proposing a massive expansion of national service programs, to build a network of 1 million members by 2026. He would quadruple the number of service opportunities to a million high school graduates, establishing new service corps, including a Climate Corps, Community Health Corps and Intergenerational Service Corps, all of which would be overseen by a new chief service officer who would be part of the White House National Security Council and Domestic Policy Council.
Source: Reuters coverage of 2020 Democratic primary , Jul 3, 2019

Prosecution for obstruction shouldn't be president's call

Q: You said that if you are elected, that you would consider pursuing obstruction of justice charges.

Buttigieg: It's not up to the President to pursue charges. I think that there may have been illegal behavior [by Trump] and prosecutors should look at that. The last place you look for guidance on how to conduct a prosecution is the Oval Office. The less law enforcement has to do with politics the better. There should be a Department of Justice that can think for itself. There is tons of evidence that would point to an obstruction investigation. I'm just saying it shouldn't be ordered up by the President.

Source: CBS Face the Nation 2019 interview , Jun 16, 2019

Offer of foreign electoral help should lead to call to FBI

Q: Trump's remarkable comment saying that he would theoretically be willing to accept help from foreign governments in the 2020 election, wouldn't necessarily go to the FBI. Your response?

Buttigieg: It is both unbelievable and all too believable. It is morally wrong, legally wrong, politically wrong. You don't accept help from foreign governments, especially at a moment when America is reeling from the fact that our democracy was successfully attacked and interfered with in the last election by a hostile foreign power. If you get an offer of material help from a foreign government, you call the FBI. This shouldn't be difficult. This shouldn't be complicated.

Source: CNN State of the Union 2019 interview , Jun 16, 2019

Change the way Supreme Court nominees are picked

"The reform of not just expanding the number of members but doing it in a way where some of them are selected on a consensus, nonpartisan basis, it's a very promising way to do it," Buttigieg said. "There may be others. But the point is, we've got to get out of where we are now, where any time there is an opening, there is an apocalyptic, ideological firefight. It harms the court, it harms the country and it leads to outcomes like we have right now."
Source: NBC Meet the Press 2019 interviews of presidential hopefuls , Jun 3, 2019

Citizens United was a disaster for our democracy

Buttigieg says the Citizens United Supreme Court case that opened the doors for corporations, nonprofits and unions to contribute to campaigns should be overturned.

He says dollars have begun to out weigh people. He personally has returned money from Washington lobbyists and has sworn off taking money from the fossil fuel industry or certain political action committees. "Citizens United was a disaster for our democracy," he told CSPAN2.

Source: Indianapolis Star on 2020 presidential hopefuls , May 6, 2019

Abolish Electoral College; it makes society less democratic

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is backing an amendment to "abolish the Electoral College" introduced by Senator Brian Schatz, while Senators Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Bernie Sanders have signaled their willingness to address the Electoral College's anti-democratic impact, as have former representative Beto O'Rourke and former housing secretary Juli n Castro. Possible presidential contender Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, says: "The Electoral College needs to go, because it's made our society less and less democratic." Buttigieg sees that move as part of a democracy agenda that includes ending gerrymandering, extending voting rights, and, probably, amending the Constitution to reverse the damage done by the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United decision. (Sanders has already proposed amendments to overturn Citizens United, which he decries as "one of the most disastrous decisions in [the Court's] history.")
Source: The Nation, "Electoral College," on 2020 Democratic primary , Apr 22, 2019

Need to depoliticize Supreme Court

We need some kind of structural reform that makes the court less political. We can't go on where every time there's a vacancy, there's this apocalyptic ideological battle. One idea that I think is interesting is, you have 15 members, but only ten of them are appointed in the political fashion. Five of them can only be seated by unanimous agreement of the other ten. There are other ideas that have been floated too about term limits or about rotating justices up from the appellate bench.
Source: Fox News Sunday 2019 interviews for 2020 Democratic primary , Mar 19, 2019

Make Supreme Court appointments less partisan

What we need to do is stop every vacancy from becoming this apocalyptic ideological battle. The proposal I've mentioned does expand the court to 15 but changes the structure. Only 10 of them are politically appointed by Democratic or Republican presidents. The other five can only be seated by unanimous consent of the remaining 10. Whichever particular mechanism is best, the point is we need to begin the debate on what it will take to make sure our Supreme Court is less political.
Source: CNN Town Hall: back-to-back 2020 presidential hopefuls , Mar 10, 2019

Open to expanding judiciary in reaction to GOP actions

Buttigieg was asked whether he would be open to adding four seats to the nation's highest court and expanding the size of lower courts to combat the Republican Party's recent success in assembling a right-wing judiciary branch. Buttigieg said it was unwise to dismiss the proposal, which he called "no more a shattering of norms than what's already been done to get the judiciary to where it is today."

"Very bold, very ambitious ideas need a hearing right now," the mayor added.

Source: Common Dreams e-zine on 2020 Democratic primary , Feb 20, 2019

Get rid of the Electoral College

Buttigieg said, "We can't nibble around the edges of a system that no longer works." [One reporter] asked, "What is your idea that is so big that nobody would mistake it for nibbling around the edges?" Buttigieg answered, " Well, first of all, we've got to repair our democracy. The Electoral College needs to go, because it's made our society less and less democratic." He went on in this vein, suggesting that electoral reform was essential.
Source: The New Yorker on 2020 Democratic primary , Feb 9, 2019

Created plan to ensure diversity in city government jobs

The city released a "Diversity and Inclusion Plan" that says too few women and minorities are employed as administrators and technicians and too few are police officers and firefighters. The plan seeks to promote diversity in three areas of city government: workplace, workforce and community. "The focus areas include making sure we are driving quantity and quality of applicants for positions in the city; making sure that career development and promotion is based on performance," Buttigieg said.
Source: South Bend Tribune on 2020 presidential hopefuls , Jul 9, 2016

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