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Democratic Presidential Challenger; CEO


Minimum wage should be $11 to $20, for parity with 1980

Q: Bernie Sanders said, upon proposing to tax the assets of the wealthiest Americans, "we cannot afford a billionaire class whose greed and corruption has been at war with the working families of this country for 45 years".

Steyer: Senator Sanders is right. There have been 40 years where corporations have bought this government: a 40-year attack on the rights of working people & specifically on organized labor. I was one of the first people on this stage to propose a wealth tax. I would undo every Republican tax cut for rich people and major corporations.

Q: What's your plan for closing the income gap?

Steyer: It's absolutely shameful the way the money gets split up in terms of earnings. As a result of taking away the rights of working people and organized labor, 90% of Americans have not had a raise for 40 years. If you took the minimum wage from 1980 and just adjusted it for inflation, you get $11. It's $7.25.. If you included the productivity gains of American workers, it'd be over $20.

Source: October Democratic CNN/NYTimes Primary debate , Oct 15, 2019

Supports right to a living wage

Steyer supports raising the minimum wage, and lists "the right to a living wage" as one of the "5 Rights" all Americans should have. He previously put money toward a carbon tax proposal in the state of Oregon, but has said that talking about "jobs and health" is a more effective way of getting voters to take interest in climate issues.
Source: PBS News Hour 2019 coverage of 2020 Democratic primary , Jul 10, 2019

Most people are denied a fair paycheck, while CEOs get rich

The Right to a Living Wage: America has always strived to be a nation where everyone can rise as far as their potential will take them.

Over the last forty years, I've seen America digress and move away from the forward momentum of progress that we had collectively achieved as a nation. Today, our economy booms but the average budget tightens.

Most people are denied a fair paycheck and the life of dignity it provides. We've gone from a place where workers were considered part of the company, to where workers are considered a cost to the company.

In 1978, CEO pay was roughly 30 times that of typical worker salaries in the United States. These days? It's 271 times. This is wrong--pure and simple. Every American must be guaranteed a living wage, because economic fairness is essential to the freedom to pursue opportunity. No one should be forced to work three jobs just to survive, and no one should see their raise eaten up by the rising cost of living.

Source: 2020 presidential campaign website, TomSteyer.com , Jul 8, 2019

Corporations hold down wages; unions get fair return

Americans value freedom--and real freedom requires an economy that works for everyone. Freedom means being able to make a living and have time for a life--time to take a loved one to the doctor, attend a parent/teacher conference, spend time with family, and retire in dignity.

But our economy is dangerously out of balance. The wealthy and big corporations have rigged the rules so they profit at the expense of hard-working Americans. They hold down wages, take away our right to join together in union, and take advantage of favorable tax laws while working American families struggle just to put food on their tables. It's simple: when all the money goes to the wealthy few, working families struggle to get by.

NextGen America is working to make sure that everyone gets a fair shake, so we all have the freedom to join together in union and negotiate for a fair return on our work, affordable health care, and a fair tax code.

Source: 2020 presidential campaign website, NextGenAmerica.org , Jul 4, 2019

Automatic deductions ok for political usage of union dues

Source: Ballotpedia.org on California ballot measure voting records , Jul 2, 2019

Closed tax loophole on out of state business, creating jobs

Tom Steyer is a California business leader, philanthropist and advanced energy advocate. In 2010, Tom teamed up with former Secretary of State George Shultz to defeat Proposition 23, an effort by out-of-state oil companies to dismantle California's groundbreaking clean energy law. In 2012, Tom served as co-chair with Shultz for Yes on Proposition 39, which closed a tax loophole for out-of-state corporations and created jobs in California.
Source: K.McIntosh, HamiltonProject.org: 2020 presidential hopefuls , Jan 1, 2018

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