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Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Politicians: secondary Archives

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    from State of Pennsylvania secondary Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • ACLU (1)
  • Al Gore (1) Democrat
  • Allyson Schwartz (7) Pennsylvania Democratic Challenger
  • Arlen Specter (1) Former Democratic incumbent (elected as Republican) Pennsylvania
  • Bob Casey (18) Democratic Sr Senator; previously state treasurer Pennsylvania
  • Brendan Boyle (16) Democratic House Member U.S. Rep Pennsylvania- 13
  • Dwight Evans (16) Democrat U.S. Rep Pennsylvania- 2
  • Ed Rendell (15) Pennsylvania Former Democratic Governor (2002-2010)
  • Everett Stern (21) Republican Senate candidate Pennsylvania
  • Fred Keller (5) Republican U.S. Rep Pennsylvania-12
  • Guy Reschenthaler (1) Republican U.S. Rep Pennsylvania- 14
  • Jeff Bartos (13) Republican Challenger Pennsylvania
  • Jim Christiana (15) Republican candidate for Pennsylvania U. S. Senator Pennsylvania
  • Joe Biden (4) Democratic V.P.
  • Joe Gale (7) Pennsylvania Republican challenger for Governor
  • Joe Schiavoni (2) Ohio Democratic candidate for Ohio Governor
  • Joe Sestak (9) Democratic candidate for President; Navy Admiral
  • John Fetterman (28) Pennsylvania Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania Lt. Gov.
  • Katie McGinty (27) Democratic Senate candidate Pennsylvania
  • Ken Krawchuk (19) Pennsylvania Libertarian candidate for governor
  • Lloyd Smucker (5) Republican U.S. Rep Pennsylvania- 11
  • Lou Barletta (21) Pennsylvania Former Republican candidate for Pennsylvania Governor
  • Madeleine Dean (3) Democrat U.S. Rep Pennsylvania- 4
  • Malcolm Kenyatta (14) Senate Candidate Pennsylvania
  • Pat Toomey (13) Republican Jr Senator Pennsylvania
  • Pete Buttigieg (2) Indiana DOT Secretary
  • Rick Saccone (18) Republican Senate challenger (withdrew) Pennsylvania
  • Scott Perry (3) Republican U.S. Rep Pennsylvania-4
  • Scott Wagner (22) Pennsylvania Republican
  • Shiva Ayyadurai (1) Republican for Massachusetts U.S. Senator (withdrew) Massachusetts
  • Tom Corbett (35) Pennsylvania Republican Governor
  • Tom Ridge (1) Pennsylvania Former Republican Governor (1995-2001); DHS Cabinet Sec'y
  • Tom Smith (1) Republican Challenger Pennsylvania
  • Tom Wolf (67) Pennsylvania Democratic Governor
  • Tony Knowles (1) Alaska Former Democratic Governor (1994-2002)
  • Val Arkoosh (8) Democratic Challenger Pennsylvania
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Val Arkoosh: Endorsed by EMILY's List for pro-choice women.
    Joe Gale: Black Lives Matter should protest atrocity of abortion.
    Tom Wolf: Opposed ban on abortions linked to disabilities.
    Malcolm Kenyatta: Opposed ban on abortions linked to disabilities.
    Bob Casey: Ban abortion after 20 weeks; but fund Planned Parenthood.
    Lou Barletta: Ban abortion after 20 weeks; de-fund Planned Parenthood.
    Scott Wagner: Co-sponsor of bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks.
    Tom Wolf: Vetoed bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks.
    Ken Krawchuk: Pre-natal adoption with a right to choose.
    Rick Saccone: Endorsed by Pro-Life Federation.
    Tom Wolf: Tradition of freedom of conscience includes abortion rights.
    Scott Wagner: Ban abortions after 20 weeks.
    Guy Reschenthaler: End the barbaric practice of dismemberment abortions.
    Tom Wolf: Vetoes further limits on dilation and evacuation abortions.
    Katie McGinty: Supports public funding for Planned Parenthood.
    Pat Toomey: Great news that employer can withhold contraceptive coverage.
    John Fetterman: Unabashedly pro-choice;protect constitutional abortion right.
    Katie McGinty: Endorsed by EMILY's List.
    Brendan Boyle: Supports emergency contraception and Roe v. Wade.
    Brendan Boyle: I evolved on abortion; ratchet down the heated rhetoric.
    Katie McGinty: Oppose any effort to further restrict abortion rights.
    Tom Wolf: Support abortion rights.
    Allyson Schwartz: Endorsed by Planned Parenthood; she founded women's clinic.
    Tom Corbett: Increase regulations for licensing of abortion clinics.
    Brendan Boyle: Increase regulations for licensing of abortion clinics.
    Dwight Evans: Oppose increasing regulations for abortion clinics.
    Fred Keller: Increase regulations for licensing of abortion clinics.
    Jim Christiana: Increase regulations for licensing of abortion clinics.
    Rick Saccone: Increase regulations for licensing of abortion clinics.
    Scott Perry: Increase regulations for licensing of abortion clinics.
    Lloyd Smucker: Increase regulations for licensing of abortion clinics.
Budget & Economy
    Everett Stern: End notion that only job of business is to maximize profit.
    Jeff Bartos: Big companies thrived in pandemic; mom-and-pops got crushed.
    Jeff Bartos: Opposed American Rescue Plan as "spendapalooza".
    Jeff Bartos: Trump tax cuts, deregulation led to best economy pre-COVID.
    Lou Barletta: Recovery is found in private business, not big government.
    Ken Krawchuk: Market-led recovery better than stimulus.
    Tom Wolf: Grow paltry rainy day fund from $245,000 to $500M by 2022.
    Tom Wolf: OpEd: Line-item veto prolongs the budget impasse.
    Everett Stern: Pro-growth: make small business loan more readily available.
    Tom Wolf: Cut personal taxes 13%; fund schools by gas extraction tax.
    Tom Corbett: Reduce the size and cost of state government.
    Tom Corbett: Reduce the size and cost of state government.
    Pat Toomey: Growing government was not the key to economic recovery.
    Ed Rendell: Will not raise any taxes.
    Ed Rendell: Cut spending across the board.
    Ed Rendell: Spending cuts inflict real hardship but are necessary.
    Ed Rendell: Find savings of $1 billion by cutting wasteful spending.
Civil Rights
    Val Arkoosh: Would be first woman physician elected to the Senate.
    Malcolm Kenyatta: Everyone has the right to love whomever they choose.
    Joe Gale: Called Black Lives Matter a radical left-wing hate group.
    Malcolm Kenyatta: BLM has to include Black queer folks & Black trans folks.
    Bob Casey: Evolved over time to support gay marriage.
    Ken Krawchuk: Supports same-sex marriage.
    Katie McGinty: It is past time to close the pay gap.
    John Fetterman: Women only makes 78 cents for every dollar a man makes.
    Joe Sestak: Anti-discrimination laws toward LGBT are long overdue.
    John Fetterman: Officiated at one of the first same-sex marriages in PA.
    Brendan Boyle: Ensure women receive equal pay for equal work.
    Brendan Boyle: Opposed DADT and DOMA; now supports ENDA.
    Tom Wolf: Recognize same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania.
    Tom Corbett: OpEd: Corbett knew federal LGBT laws; OK to change mind.
    Tom Corbett: Supports anti-LGBT-discrimination bill, but not gay marriage.
    Tom Corbett: Apologies for comparing gay marriage to incest.
    Everett Stern: Businesses shouldn't have to violate their religious beliefs.
    Everett Stern: Supports regulation of financial institutions.
    Tom Wolf: Cut state business tax by 25%, closing a loophole.
    Tom Wolf: State/private collaboration on economy.
    Dwight Evans: Micro-lending guarantees for inner-city small business.
    Katie McGinty: Support Consumer Financial Protection Bureau against banks.
    Pat Toomey: AdWatch: Fights against corporate welfare & giant handouts.
    Joe Sestak: Small manufacturing is on cusp of a comeback, if helped.
    Tom Wolf: Lower corporate tax rate by 50%, and close loopholes.
    Katie McGinty: Expand the reach of the corporate net income tax.
    Tom Corbett: End antiquated system of state-owned liquor stores.
    Tom Corbett: Give up on privatizing state lottery program.
    Ed Rendell: We have grown our economy by cutting business taxes.
    Everett Stern: Calls to defund the police is open invitation for anarchy.
    Malcolm Kenyatta: Must address systemic issue of mass incarceration.
    John Fetterman: Overhauled clemency process, recommended more commutations.
    John Fetterman: Must expand redemption, forgiveness side of criminal justice.
    Joe Gale: Appalling to criticize insurrection but not other protests.
    Malcolm Kenyatta: We really do need radical reform to policing.
    Tom Wolf: Make it easier for ex-cons to get jobs.
    Ken Krawchuk: Eliminate parole for violent criminals.
    Tom Wolf: Moratorium on death penalty; reprieves to death-row inmates.
    Rick Saccone: Arguments against death penalty are false.
    Dwight Evans: End over-militarized approach to urban policing.
    Everett Stern: Blue Lives Matter: Police officers aren't 2nd class citizens.
    John Fetterman: Break the cycle of violence to decreases murders.
    Brendan Boyle: Revitalize urban neighborhoods to keep them safe.
    Rick Saccone: Prosecute sexual deviants who email child images.
    Madeleine Dean: Prosecute sexual deviants who email child images.
    Lloyd Smucker: Prosecute sexual deviants who email child images.
    Allyson Schwartz: End the Pennsylvania death penalty.
    Katie McGinty: Moratorium on the death penalty.
    Tom Wolf: Moratorium on the death penalty.
    Tom Corbett: Justice Reinvestment: eligible offenders out of system.
    Tom Corbett: 290 new state troopers plus 90 new civilian dispatchers.
    Tom Corbett: Cancel unneeded expensive prison project in Fayette County.
    Tom Corbett: Cancel unneeded expensive prison project in Fayette County.
    Ed Rendell: Fund education well, and we can cut incarceration costs.
    Tony Knowles: Abolish death penalty across the US.
    Tom Wolf: Bipartisan support for legalizing marijuana.
    John Fetterman: Listening tour, report got governor to support legalization.
    John Fetterman: Legalization means billions in revenue, thousands of jobs.
    Scott Wagner: Supports legal medical marijuana but not recreational.
    Tom Wolf: Legal medical marijuana, but not recreational, yet.
    Ken Krawchuk: Marijuana isn't a gateway drug.
    Jim Christiana: Medical marijuana is legitimate use.
    Katie McGinty: Medical marijuana yes; but legalization no.
    Pat Toomey: Medical marijuana research yes; but state laws no.
    Tom Wolf: Signed Medical Marijuana Act.
    Fred Keller: Establish state medical marijuana program.
    Jim Christiana: Voted YES on Medical Marijuana Act.
    Tom Wolf: Opioid epidemic has stolen the futures of far too many.
    John Fetterman: Very pro-legalization of marijuana.
    Lloyd Smucker: Voted NO on Medical Marijuana Act.
    Dwight Evans: Establish state medical marijuana program.
    Madeleine Dean: Establish state medical marijuana program.
    Scott Wagner: Establish statewide medical marijuana program.
    Allyson Schwartz: Reduce the criminalization of simple marijuana possession.
    Katie McGinty: Legalize medicinal pot; decriminalize recreational pot.
    Tom Wolf: Study states with legal marijuana sales before deciding.
    Tom Wolf: Legalize medicinal marijuana & decriminalize one ounce.
    Val Arkoosh: COVID: Showed tears realizing what her own teens had lost.
    Everett Stern: Parents and families have first responsibility for education.
    Everett Stern: More funding for vocational training, community colleges.
    Malcolm Kenyatta: Our children deserve a school system that is equitable.
    Tom Wolf: Finally hold charter schools accountable for results.
    Tom Wolf: High-quality education is the ticket to greater opportunity.
    Tom Wolf: Increase pay for teachers; increase early childcare.
    Tom Wolf: Ease student debt if grads stay in Pennsylvania.
    Bob Casey: Refinance student loans at lower rates.
    Lou Barletta: Empower parents to choose kids' education environment.
    Scott Wagner: Support vouchers; we spend enough on public schools.
    Scott Wagner: All 14 state colleges die by 2022 unless we revamp pensions.
    Tom Wolf: Opposes diverting state funding away from public schools.
    Tom Wolf: Increase state funding for higher education.
    Ken Krawchuk: Oppose vouchers because of the "political ˙golden rule".
    Jim Christiana: Worked with Democrats to expand education tax credits.
    Rick Saccone: Supports options besides public schools.
    Jim Christiana: Supports choice in an education marketplace.
    Joe Schiavoni: Protect students from failing online charter schools.
    Dwight Evans: Make every neighborhood school a "community school".
    Rick Saccone: Increase education funding by more than $400 million.
    John Fetterman: Started a GED program in Braddock before running for mayor.
    Tom Wolf: $15M for community colleges but they must freeze tuition.
    Brendan Boyle: Invest in education; ensure public schools are best in world.
    Katie McGinty: Subsidize state colleges to keep tuition below inflation.
    Tom Wolf: Restore money cut from public schools.
    Tom Corbett: We have moved beyond the age of the blackboard.
    Tom Corbett: $6.4 million dollars for Pre-K Counts and the Head Start.
    Tom Corbett: Enable kids in bad schools to attend private schools.
    Tom Corbett: Families trapped in failing schools: make funding portable.
    Tom Corbett: Families trapped in failing schools: make funding portable.
    Ed Rendell: Increase funding for education.
Energy & Oil
    Lou Barletta: Use coal, nuclear, natural gas; consider alternatives.
    Lou Barletta: Energy regulations cost jobs.
    Everett Stern: Changing technology is opportunity to replace infrastructure.
    Malcolm Kenyatta: Renewable energy will be a step forward for our economy.
    John Fetterman: Can't ban fracking immediately, have to be honest.
    Bob Casey: Regulate greenhouse gases; join Paris Climate Accord.
    Lou Barletta: Don't regulate greenhouse gases; we're in a cooling trend.
    Scott Wagner: Planet moving closer to sun is cause of global warming.
    Scott Wagner: Let market decide renewables & clean energy.
    Tom Wolf: PA is on target to exceed the Paris Accord on GHGs.
    Tom Wolf: Supports loans & grants for solar energy.
    Ken Krawchuk: I support green energy.
    John Fetterman: Fracking acceptable if it brings thousands of jobs.
    Tom Wolf: Severance tax on natural gas is common sense.
    Rick Saccone: EPA's tyranny hurts coal jobs.
    Jim Christiana: Tax credits for oil means jobs.
    Jim Christiana: Cut spending, cut taxes.
    Katie McGinty: Corn ethanol as renewable fuel can replace some fossil fuels.
    Pat Toomey: Corn ethanol is corporate welfare that hurts oil refineries.
    Katie McGinty: No fracking COMPANY donations; but some from fracking execs.
    John Fetterman: Encourage clean energy policies.
    Fred Keller: Establish process to replace coal plants with green energy.
    Tom Corbett: Establish process to replace coal plants with green energy.
    Scott Wagner: Establish process to replace coal plants with green energy.
    Brendan Boyle: Weaning ourselves off of foreign oil; promote alternatives.
    Brendan Boyle: Coal plants are vital to the Commonwealth.
    Dwight Evans: Coal plants are vital to the Commonwealth.
    Lloyd Smucker: State process to replace coal plants with green energy.
    Madeleine Dean: Federal process to replace coal plants with green energy.
    Rick Saccone: No extraction tax on the Marcellus Shale gas.
    Tom Wolf: Moratorium on gas drilling in state parks and state forests.
    Tom Corbett: Help three refineries survive by owners & unions cooperating.
    Tom Corbett: Under Marcellus Shale is another bonanza, the Utica Shale.
    Tom Corbett: Under Marcellus Shale is another bonanza, the Utica Shale.
    Ed Rendell: 18% of retail electricity from clean and renewable resources.
    Ed Rendell: Focus on win-win efforts: stem global warming & create jobs.
    Ken Krawchuk: Fight EPA regulatory over-reach.
    Joe Schiavoni: $100M to address water quality with sewer improvements.
    Dwight Evans: Government should promote locally raised food.
    Dwight Evans: More urban trees; more urban parks.
    Brendan Boyle: Member of the "Green Dog" Caucus of environmentalists.
    Katie McGinty: Chaired Pres. Clinton's Council on Environmental Quality.
    Tom Corbett: End the inheritance tax on family farm land.
    Tom Corbett: PA rivers are precious for generating many jobs.
Families & Children
    Val Arkoosh: Provided paid parental leave for county employees.
    Val Arkoosh: Voters set priorities: the economy, jobs, cost of child care.
    Tom Wolf: Early action leads to good jobs.
    Lou Barletta: Opposes gay marriage; let states decide.
    Scott Wagner: Supports gay marriage.
    Scott Wagner: Co-sponsored bill to defund Planned Parenthood.
    Tom Wolf: Supports gay marriage.
    Bob Casey: Mandatory reporting of the pure evil of child abuse.
    Dwight Evans: Require all businesses to provide paid sick leave.
    Scott Wagner: Supports and shines light on efforts to protect LGBT rights.
    Tom Wolf: Improve home-based & community-based senior care services.
    John Fetterman: Involved with Big Brothers and AmeriCorps since age 23.
    Tom Corbett: $41.5 million for home and community-based disabled care.
Foreign Policy
    Everett Stern: Pro-Israel candidate; attended "Stand Up for Israel" rally.
    Jeff Bartos: Supports security for Israel, against Iran nuclear deal.
    Jeff Bartos: Hold China accountable, for moving embassy in Israel.
    Jeff Bartos: U.S.-Israel relationship is sacred to me and to our family.
    Joe Biden: Opposition to European alliances like NATO is dumb.
    Joe Biden: US can't do it alone: stay engaged in the world.
    Scott Wagner: We are an exceptional nation because we self-correct.
    Katie McGinty: Supports Iran nuclear deal.
    Katie McGinty: Defeat terrorist threats while upholding America's values.
    John Fetterman: Proactively engage in preventative diplomacy.
    Rick Saccone: Don't trust UN vetting: pause all Syrian refugees.
Free Trade
    Bob Casey: Go after "trade cheaters" to protect PA jobs.
    Lou Barletta: Use tariffs as leverage to get better trade deals.
    Ken Krawchuk: Support free trade.
    Jim Christiana: Negative consequences of retaliatory tariffs on agriculture.
    Scott Wagner: How can any self-made man not back the free market?
    John Fetterman: Fight to reverse bad trade policies like NAFTA.
    Joe Sestak: Supports Ex-Im Bank & supports trade agreements in principle.
    Joe Sestak: Supports TPP in principle, but verify openly before we trust.
    Pat Toomey: Ex-Im Bank is an egregious forms of corporate welfare.
    Tom Wolf: Create "Made in Pennsylvania" cash-back jobs program.
    Brendan Boyle: Americans compete on an unfair playing field.
Government Reform
    Jeff Bartos: Voting rights bill attempt by radical left to seize power.
    Joe Gale: Eliminate no-excuse mail-in voting; mandate voter ID.
    Jeff Bartos: Election not stolen; Trump not to blame for insurrection.
    Jeff Bartos: For voter ID, end "no excuse" absentee ballots.
    Jeff Bartos: Signed U.S. Term Limits pledge.
    Pat Toomey: I think Trump committed impeachable offenses.
    Pat Toomey: Not clear if impeachment is valid after leaving office.
    John Fetterman: Mocked Texas AG on voter fraud accusations.
    Pete Buttigieg: As mayor: ask how USDOT worked rather than make demands.
    Malcolm Kenyatta: Opposed law making voting process less accessible.
    Tom Wolf: Streamline government; reduce number of state employees.
    Bob Casey: Disclose political donors; Citizens United empowers wealthy.
    Bob Casey: Protect voting rights; no voter-ID.
    Lou Barletta: No disclosure of political donors.
    Scott Wagner: Let state lawmakers decide voting districts.
    Tom Wolf: Same-day voter registration; automatic voter registration.
    Tom Wolf: Limit campaign contributions.
    Tom Wolf: Independent commission to decide voting districts.
    Ken Krawchuk: Make voter registration easier.
    Jim Christiana: PennWATCH: Taxpayers have right to see spending details.
    Katie McGinty: Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.
    Pat Toomey: Voter ID law protects integrity of the system.
    Katie McGinty: Stand against partisan attempts to disenfranchise voters.
    Everett Stern: After whistleblower at HBSC, unable to find another job.
    Tom Corbett: No bumper sticker reads: "Vote to keep Harrisburg the same".
    Tom Corbett: Phase the commonwealth out of the liquor business.
    Fred Keller: Account for military & religious issues in voter photo ID.
    Scott Perry: Account for military & religious issues in voter photo ID.
    Tom Corbett: Account for military & religious issues in voter photo ID.
    Lloyd Smucker: Account for military & religious issues in voter photo ID.
    ACLU: Requiring voter ID means disenfranchisement.
    Brendan Boyle: Opposes tinkering with photo ID voter requirements.
    Jim Christiana: Account for military & religious issues in voter photo ID.
    Rick Saccone: Account for military & religious issues in voter photo ID.
    Pat Toomey: Curb pork-barrel earmarks by law.
    Bob Casey: Lobbyist money ok if it has no impact on your vote.
Gun Control
    Lou Barletta: Opposes all gun restrictions.
    Everett Stern: Keep guns away from criminals, in law-abiding citizen hands.
    Tom Wolf: Allow for additional Sundays during hunting season.
    Malcolm Kenyatta: Allow for additional Sundays during hunting season.
    Bob Casey: Expanded background checks; ban on bump stocks.
    Lou Barletta: No background checks; but limit bump stocks.
    Scott Wagner: Opposes gun restrictions.
    Tom Wolf: Expand background checks; ban bump stocks.
    Ken Krawchuk: Absolute right to gun ownership.
    Jim Christiana: Opposes background checks on gun purchases.
    Rick Saccone: Backed by the NRA.
    Dwight Evans: Research the public health consequences of firearms violence.
    Pat Toomey: Expand background checks and apply terrorist watch lists.
    Rick Saccone: Don't ban guns for no-fly list; too many false positives.
    Allyson Schwartz: Scored 100% on CeaseFire Pennsylvania survey.
    Katie McGinty: Scored 100% on CeaseFire Pennsylvania survey.
    Tom Wolf: Scored 79% on CeaseFire Pennsylvania survey.
    Allyson Schwartz: Restrictions on both assault weapons and handguns.
    Katie McGinty: Restrictions on assault weapons but not handguns.
    Tom Wolf: Universal background checks, & ban assault weapons.
    John Fetterman: Brandished shotgun after hearing shots fired on street.
    Tom Corbett: Supports "stand your ground" expansion to self-defense.
    Jim Christiana: Supports "stand your ground" expansion to self-defense.
    Brendan Boyle: Supports "stand your ground" expansion to self-defense.
    Dwight Evans: Opposes "stand your ground" expansion to self-defense.
    Fred Keller: Supports "stand your ground" expansion to self-defense.
    Jim Christiana: Supports "stand your ground" expansion to self-defense.
    Rick Saccone: Supports "stand your ground" expansion to self-defense.
    Scott Perry: Supports "stand your ground" expansion to self-defense.
Health Care
    Lou Barletta: Protected volunteer firefighters from ObamaCare.
    Val Arkoosh: Led national physician's coalition for reform.
    Malcolm Kenyatta: Healthcare is not a privilege but a right.
    John Fetterman: Supports single-payer health care.
    Shiva Ayyadurai: Coronavirus: diet & vitamins better defense than masks.
    Scott Wagner: Repeal ObamaCare; add work requirement for Medicaid.
    Tom Wolf: Expand ObamaCare; no work requirement for Medicaid.
    Ken Krawchuk: Oppose ObamaCare.
    Scott Wagner: Roll back Medicaid expansion and repeal Obamacare.
    Rick Saccone: Free-market principles instead of ObamaCare.
    Brendan Boyle: Push to create a public option for insurance.
    Tom Wolf: Expanding health care is good for economy & creates jobs.
    Tom Wolf: Scrap "Healthy PA" subsidizing private insurance coverage.
    Ed Rendell: Will not reduce Medical Assistance coverage.
Homeland Security
    Everett Stern: Corruption of government is a National Security threat.
    Tom Ridge: A cold day in hell before he'd allow troops in the streets.
    Ken Krawchuk: Bring the troops home to defend America.
    Scott Wagner: Americans honor veterans by standing up for National Anthem.
    Lou Barletta: Military shouldn't have gay rights imposed.
    Katie McGinty: Guarantee world's best-equipped & best-trained military.
    Tom Wolf: More services for veterans: education, jobs, & housing.
    Tom Corbett: Fight to keep Apache helicopters based in PA.
    Everett Stern: Found money-laundering at HSBC bank to fund terrorist groups.
    Lou Barletta: Make visa overstay a felony.
    Everett Stern: Create work visa program that respects the rule of law.
    Joe Biden: Allow citizenship for DREAMers.
    Bob Casey: Comprehensive reform, including DREAMers staying.
    Lou Barletta: Zero-tolerance policy; stop DACA in its tracks.
    Tom Wolf: Supports having a Pennsylvania DREAM Act.
    Bob Casey: Support sanctuary cities like Philadelphia.
    Lou Barletta: Avoiding immigrant family separation is amnesty.
    Ken Krawchuk: Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.
    Jim Christiana: Hold sanctuary cities liable for damages by the undocumented.
    Jim Christiana: Replace lottery visa program with a merit-based process.
    Rick Saccone: Intense vetting of immigrants from terror-training countries.
    Katie McGinty: Support DREAM Act plus earned path to citizenship.
    Katie McGinty: Communicate with federal officials instead of sanctuary city.
    Pat Toomey: Withhold community funding from sanctuary cities like Philly.
    John Fetterman: Wife's family came to Americas as illegal immigrants.
    John Fetterman: If illegals lead an exemplary life, create a path.
    Tom Wolf: Support a Pennsylvania DREAM Act.
    Bob Casey: Stricter employment rules and enforce the borders.
    Val Arkoosh: As county chair, raised local minimum wage to $15 an hour.
    Malcolm Kenyatta: Champion of equal-pay; $15 Now movement.
    John Fetterman: Joined newspaper employees on the picket line.
    Malcolm Kenyatta: We need to value service industry employees.
    Joe Biden: We need "moral capitalism" and corporate responsibility.
    Tom Wolf: State to be pro-active in connecting employers to workers.
    Bob Casey: Raise federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $12 by 2020.
    Scott Wagner: Supports "right-to-work"; allow opt-out from unionization.
    Scott Wagner: Raise minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.50/hr, but not higher.
    Tom Wolf: No "right-to-work"; unionization decided by majority rule.
    Tom Wolf: Raise minimum wage from $7.25 to $12/hr.
    Ken Krawchuk: Oppose affirmative action.
    John Fetterman: Raise minimum wage to $15 per hour.
    Tom Wolf: Raised minimum wage from $7 to $10 per hour.
    Dwight Evans: Encourage minority start-ups in struggling neighborhoods.
    Dwight Evans: Establish a living wage.
    Joe Sestak: Increase minimum wage to $10.80 now & $15 later.
    John Fetterman: Backs $15-an-hour minimum wage.
    Katie McGinty: Backs $15-an-hour minimum wage.
    John Fetterman: Support raising the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour.
    Katie McGinty: Endorsed by United Steelworkers.
    Rick Saccone: Stop government employee unions from using dues on politics.
    Tom Wolf: Increase minimum wage to $10.10 and index it to inflation.
    Tom Corbett: Keystone Works: on-the-job training for displaced workers.
    Ed Rendell: Pass Work Sharing legislation: part-time unemployment.
Local Issues
    Tom Corbett: New high-tech centers in Pittsburg & Philadelphia.
Principles & Values
    Val Arkoosh: Determined to level the playing field for working families.
    Jeff Bartos: COVID: Provided forgivable loans to small businesses.
    Everett Stern: Founded Tactical Rabbit, private intelligence agency.
    Everett Stern: I am a passionate believer in the First Amendment.
    Everett Stern: Voted for Trump in 2020, but thinks his behavior "atrocious".
    Joe Gale: First Pennsylvania elected official to endorse Donald Trump.
    Jeff Bartos: People just need government to get out of the way.
    Everett Stern: Protecting US is life's passion, central purpose of career.
    Tom Wolf: What do people need to be able to build a brighter future?
    John Fetterman: Mentored young boy whose parents had died of AIDS.
    John Fetterman: Doesn't live in Lt. Gov.'s mansion; but opened pool to kids.
    Pat Toomey: Choice between radical left wing and Trump, not referendum.
    Joe Gale: Saddened that Columbus Day was canceled as county holiday.
    Malcolm Kenyatta: Liberty and justice not currently attainable for all.
    Bob Casey: Dubbed "Sleeping Bob" for anti-Trump obstructionism.
    Ken Krawchuk: God by any name should not be government supported.
    John Fetterman: Beat establishment incumbent as Bernie Sanders progressive.
    Scott Wagner: Pastors call on Wagner to apologize to Jewish philanthropist.
    Tom Wolf: Schools that teach; jobs that pay; government that works.
    Arlen Specter: Switched from GOP to Democrat, then lost Democratic primary.
Social Security
    Lou Barletta: Supports safety net of Social Security and Medicare.
    Lou Barletta: Explore privatization of Social Security.
    Ken Krawchuk: Privatize Social Security.
    Rick Saccone: Closing $60B pension deficit is step in the right direction.
    Joe Sestak: Never supported policy to cut Social Security or Medicare.
    Joe Sestak: Never raise, never, the age for our seniors to retire.
    Katie McGinty: Cuts to Social Security are wrong for working families.
    Tom Wolf: Stop paying Wall Street millions to manage PA pension fund.
    Brendan Boyle: Repay the Trust Fund in full.
    Allyson Schwartz: No further reductions in the public pension benefits.
    Katie McGinty: No further reductions in the public pension benefits.
    Tom Wolf: Maintain defined benefit for public pensions instead of 401k.
    Allyson Schwartz: AdWatch: Trade benefit cuts for balancing budget.
    Tom Corbett: Resolve our pension crisis for state employees, without cuts.
    Tom Smith: Let younger people partially opt out with private accounts.
    Joe Sestak: Social Security is the cornerstone of retirement security.
    Al Gore: Keep the ‘security’ in Social Security.
Tax Reform
    Everett Stern: Large companies should pay taxes like smaller businesses.
    Tom Wolf: Tax cuts for working families earning less than $84,000.
    Pete Buttigieg: Move from fuel taxes to mileage fees to fund roads.
    Joe Gale: Politicians smother us with money grab after money grab.
    Malcolm Kenyatta: Require online retailers to collect & remit local sales tax.
    Tom Wolf: No new taxes: not one dollar; not one penny.
    Ken Krawchuk: Pledged to veto every tax increase.
    Dwight Evans: No tax-breaks without job creation: enforce with clawbacks.
    Tom Wolf: Cut property tax; raise sales tax & income tax.
    Brendan Boyle: Billionaires should pay higher tax rates than workers.
    Tom Wolf: Shift income tax burden to higher earners.
    Tom Corbett: Tax increases choke growth; tax people less.
    Tom Corbett: Tax increases choke growth; tax people less.
    Ed Rendell: Eliminate 74 exemptions & reduce sales tax from 6% to 4%.
    Bob Casey: Repeal tax cut on top 1% of earners.
    Ed Rendell: Cut property taxes for regular families.
    Lou Barletta: Spend on infrastructure before it costs more.
    Bob Casey: Support Net Neutrality; require equal access to all users.
    Lou Barletta: End Net Neutrality; don't require equal access to all users.
    Tom Wolf: Supports Net Neutrality: keep the internet free & open.
    Tom Wolf: Redevelopment project to revitalize the Pittston waterfront.
    Tom Wolf: Infrastructure investment attracts business.
    Dwight Evans: Free WiFi in city parks & converted payphones.
    Joe Sestak: Faster path through patent-approval process.
    Tom Corbett: Sustained, large-scale investment in transportation.
    Ed Rendell: Fund targeted investments that make sense for our future.
War & Peace
    Everett Stern: Don't get into wars not in interest of US and allies.
    Bob Casey: Supports Obama's Iran nuclear treaty.
    Lou Barletta: Withdraw from Obama's Iran nuclear treaty.
    Ken Krawchuk: Avoid foreign entanglements.
    Katie McGinty: No ground troops against ISIS.
    Rick Saccone: Establish foothold diplomatic presence in North Korea.
Welfare & Poverty
    Dwight Evans: Federal funding for urban poverty has not kept up.
    Ed Rendell: Cut waste & fraud in welfare & food stamps.

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