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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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State of West Virginia Politicians: secondary Archives

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    from State of West Virginia secondary Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • Al Gore (1) Democrat
  • Ben Salango (12) West Virginia Democratic Governor Challenger
  • Bill Cole (8) West Virginia Republican 2016 Gubernatorial candidate
  • Bob Wise (16) West Virginia Former Democratic Governor (2001-2004)
  • Don Blankenship (13) Constitution Party candidate for President
  • Doris Haddock (1) 2004 former Democratic challenger New Hampshire
  • Earl Ray Tomblin (12) West Virginia Democratic Governor (term-limited 2016)
  • Evan Jenkins (4) Republican candidate for West Virginia U.S. Senator West Virginia
  • Jay Wolfe (11) Republican Challenger (2008) West Virginia
  • Jeff Kessler (3) West Virginia Democratic 2016 Gubernatorial candidate
  • Jim Justice (62) West Virginia Democratic governor
  • Joe Manchin III (33) West Virginia Former Democratic Governor (Until 2010)
  • John Buckley (16) Libertarian Senate challenger West Virginia
  • John Raese (10) Republican Senate Challenger West Virginia
  • John Rockefeller (1) Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) West Virginia
  • Lisa Murkowski (1) Republican Sr Senator Alaska
  • Michael Folk (27) West Virginia Republican Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Natalie Tennant (19) Democratic Senate Challenger West Virginia
  • Pat McGeehan (9) Republican Senate Challenger West Virginia
  • Patrick Morrisey (26) Republican candidate for West Virginia U.S. Senator West Virginia
  • Paula Jean Swearengin (40) Democratic candidate for West Virginia U. S. Senator West Virginia
  • Richard Ojeda (18) Democratic Senate Challenger West Virginia
  • Ron Stollings (12) West Virginia Democratic candidate for governor
  • Shelley Moore Capito (8) Republican Senator West Virginia
  • Stephen Noble Smith (5) West Virginia Democratic 2020 Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Woody Thrasher (21) West Virginia Republican Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Zane Lawhorn (1) Republican Senate Challenger West Virginia
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Woody Thrasher: I am a strong defender of the right to life.
    Jim Justice: Without any question whatsoever, I stand with the unborn.
    Richard Ojeda: Wholeheartedly support a woman's right to choose.
    Ron Stollings: For access to birth control; against age requirements.
    Richard Ojeda: Opposing abortion makes you pro-birth, not pro-life.
    Joe Manchin III: Prohibit abortions after 20 weeks; prohibit public funding.
    Patrick Morrisey: Overturn Roe v Wade; stop the pro-abortion agenda.
    Don Blankenship: AdWatch: Positions himself as anti-abortion and pro-Trump.
    Patrick Morrisey: Overturn Roe v. Wade.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Pro-choice, including abortion alternatives.
    Jim Justice: The Supreme Court ruled on abortion, and the law is the law.
    Jeff Kessler: Prohibit abortions after 20 weeks.
    John Buckley: Pro-life Libertarian, because life begins at conception.
    Michael Folk: All life is precious, even when inconvenient.
Budget & Economy
    Jim Justice: $30 to 50 million to entice business to West Virginia.
    Ben Salango: State has yet to spend most of CARES Act money.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Modernize roadways, bridges, water systems; expand broadband.
    Ron Stollings: Promote economic growth during coronavirus pandemic.
    Woody Thrasher: Economic development requires numerous approaches.
    Michael Folk: State money not spent should go into rainy day fund.
    Michael Folk: Support free enterprise, job creation, and tax reform.
    Woody Thrasher: Delays lead to roads needing to be rebuilt, not repaired.
    Jim Justice: Balanced $217M budget deficit with no new taxes.
    Don Blankenship: Republican control will eventually improve state economy.
    Jim Justice: Proposed nearly $3 billion for infrastructure.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Create investment banks that will create jobs.
    Jim Justice: Cut Rainy Day fund by $123M for WV's biggest depression ever.
    John Buckley: National debt beggars future generations.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: We will not impose financial burdens on future generations.
    Pat McGeehan: Real crisis is $17T in debt and future unfunded liabilities.
    Pat McGeehan: The Fed printing money for debt causes inflation.
    Joe Manchin III: CAREFULLY plan stimulus: in planning mode; not panic mode.
    Bob Wise: Limit capital assistance find to new businesses.
    Bob Wise: The cupboard is bare, despite national economic growth.
Civil Rights
    Ben Salango: One can support both Black Lives Matter and the police.
    Jim Justice: Black lives matter because all lives matter.
    Jim Justice: Would sign Fairness Act to protect LGBTQ in housing, jobs.
    Jim Justice: State human rights commission is understaffed & underfunded.
    Jim Justice: Governor's Minority Affairs director condemned by NAACP.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Worrying about somebody's sexuality is just ridiculous.
    Patrick Morrisey: Disappointed with gay marriage legalization.
    Natalie Tennant: Treat gay couples equally, but no mandates on churches.
    Shelley Moore Capito: Marriage is between a man and a woman.
    John Buckley: Live and let live: support the freedom to marry.
    John Buckley: Shares home with his same-sex partner.
    Pat McGeehan: Civil unions ok; anti-discrimination laws not ok.
    Jay Wolfe: No affirmative action; less government in job sector.
    Bob Wise: Restrict and regulate video gambling.
    Stephen Noble Smith: Help shift who has wealth and political power in our state.
    Michael Folk: Shouldn't have taxes that drive business out of state.
    Jim Justice: Eliminate business inventory and machinery tax if we can.
    Jim Justice: Just Cut Taxes And Win: start with business taxes.
    Jim Justice: Raise business B&O tax, sales tax, state fees, & gas tax.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Saved businesses $548M on taxes and workers' comp.
    John Buckley: I'm for limited government and free enterprise.
    John Raese: OpEd: Sounded alarm in 2010 on international competitiveness.
    Joe Manchin III: 8 goals for Open for Business commitments.
    Don Blankenship: Past criminal conviction not a barrier to running for office.
    Patrick Morrisey: More funding, more equipment, more hiring for state police.
    Patrick Morrisey: Tougher sentences for drug kingpins.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: End mandatory minimum sentencing.
    Jim Justice: Stiffer laws for drug pushers; treatment for addicts.
    Evan Jenkins: Tough on crime, but open to reforms.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Take preventative approach to juvenile justice.
    Michael Folk: Supports capital punishment; supports prosecuting minors.
    Pat McGeehan: No capital punishment; don't prosecute minors as adults.
    Joe Manchin III: Accelerated parole system for non-violent offenders.
    Jay Wolfe: Support the use of the death penalty.
    Jay Wolfe: Mandatory jail sentences for selling illegal drugs.
    Bob Wise: $1.5M to raise pay for police and prison guards.
    Jim Justice: Partnership to bring prevention programs to all schools.
    Ben Salango: For medical marijuana; roadside test for recreational use.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Hemp & cannabis can be cash crops for West Virginia.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for opioid crisis.
    Richard Ojeda: Supports medical marijuana, co-founded CBD oil company.
    Woody Thrasher: Focus on treatment, prevention, helping families.
    Richard Ojeda: An advocate for medical marijuana.
    Richard Ojeda: Marijuana can be used for clinical, medical purposes.
    Jim Justice: Create Narcotics Intelligence Unit strike force.
    Jim Justice: Jobs & Hope: $29.7 million to guide people in recovery.
    Michael Folk: Government can't solve drug problem; only community can.
    Ron Stollings: Addiction is a disease; integrate recovery into primary care.
    Stephen Noble Smith: Rapidly expand access to drug treatment services.
    Woody Thrasher: Execute drug dealers whose sales result in death.
    Woody Thrasher: Addiction is a disease; but no compassion for dealers.
    Ron Stollings: Establish the Governor's Office of Substance Abuse.
    Michael Folk: Led push to force vote to legalize medical marijuana.
    Jim Justice: Jim's Dream: job training program for drug addicts.
    Jim Justice: Jim's Dream: $10M for equipment at vo-tech training centers.
    Jim Justice: Adamantly opposed to recreational marijuana, but medical ok.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Address the causes of addiction; not severe punishments.
    Don Blankenship: Mandatory drug testing for all teachers.
    Patrick Morrisey: Fight opioid epidemic with criminal prosecutions & education.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: End the wasteful, harmful, war on drugs.
    Jim Justice: We have to have stiffer laws to fix the drug problem.
    Patrick Morrisey: Opioids: we're losing a generation of people to despair.
    Bill Cole: People who sell drugs belong in jail.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Prioritize combating substance abuse from many angles.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Behavioral therapies MUST accompany anti-addiction meds.
    Bill Cole: Supports combating our growing drug epidemic.
    John Buckley: Democrats are afraid to touch the failed War on Drugs.
    Natalie Tennant: Federal registry to prevent "doctor shopping.
    Michael Folk: Decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana.
    Pat McGeehan: Decriminalize marijuana possession.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Not just criminal penalties: use technology for enforcement.
    Natalie Tennant: It costs us less to rehabilitate than to jail someone.
    Shelley Moore Capito: Fund advertisements intended to reduce methamphetamine use.
    Jay Wolfe: Treat addiction, but mandatory jail sentences for selling.
    Joe Manchin III: Declare war on meth & dangerous make-shift labs.
    Ben Salango: Fund public education so all can prosper.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Free state colleges, community colleges, trade schools.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Supports federal subsidies in childcare.
    Woody Thrasher: I fundamentally believe in choice and competition.
    Michael Folk: Don't need to buy new math books every few years.
    Michael Folk: Teach basics to young children, not how to use devices.
    Ron Stollings: Invest in education; value our educators.
    Michael Folk: Repeal Common Core and Testing.
    Woody Thrasher: For charter schools; not sure on education savings accounts.
    Jim Justice: Cool to education savings accounts & charter schools.
    Jim Justice: Supports education, with focus on public school teachers.
    Jim Justice: 5% teacher's pay raise, as part of education reform.
    Joe Manchin III: Limit student loan repayment to 15% of income.
    Joe Manchin III: Vouchers pull resources from schools that need them most.
    Richard Ojeda: Outspoken support for teachers during strike.
    Don Blankenship: Teachers should be graded and denied raises if sub-standard.
    Jim Justice: Support non-college career paths.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Free college or trade school to all qualified students.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Ensure adequate funding; encourage best practices.
    Jim Justice: Return education back from bureaucracies to local level.
    Jim Justice: Replace Smarter Balance with ACT testing.
    Jim Justice: We're dead last: 2% teacher raise; and dump state testing.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Create rewards program to educational innovation.
    Bill Cole: High speed internet access in every classroom.
    Michael Folk: State funding for charters and vouchers.
    Pat McGeehan: Vouchers to send children to any school.
    Joe Manchin III: More accountability & more audits in the education system.
    Joe Manchin III: Keep public education infrastructure strong.
    John Raese: Competition is what's good for education.
    John Raese: Allow families a voucher to send kids to private schools.
    Bill Cole: Student potential diminished by crippling bureaucracy.
    Natalie Tennant: Address numerous small reforms, not huge sweeping measures.
    Natalie Tennant: Public moneys should go to public schools, not charters.
    Joe Manchin III: $540 million in ongoing school construction.
    Bob Wise: First priority: PROMISE College Scholarship Program.
    Bob Wise: Raise teacher salaries by $1,000; plus $2,500 in incentives.
Energy & Oil
    Jim Justice: We should help our coal, gas, and oil companies.
    Ben Salango: Don't turn back on coal miners, but focus on future.
    Jim Justice: I truly believe that coal has a future, a real future.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: We must transition from coal, move to clean energy.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Congress needs to support the Green New Deal.
    Jim Justice: State's coal can be used for construction instead of fuel.
    Woody Thrasher: Praise for ending "Obama's war on coal".
    Richard Ojeda: Coal is going down; politicians need to stop lying.
    Joe Manchin III: No one is going to stop using fossil fuels for a long time.
    Patrick Morrisey: Led states suing to overturn Obama Clean Power Plan.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Federal investment in the renewable energy sector.
    Patrick Morrisey: Fought against clean power rules.
    Jim Justice: Coal miners back work is good; let's have more.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Need to invest in renewable energy now.
    Jim Justice: Lower the severance tax on coal and gas.
    Jim Justice: Lower, and then tier, the severance tax on coal and gas.
    Evan Jenkins: I'm fighting for coal by reducing EPA regulatory burdens.
    Natalie Tennant: All-of-the-above energy approach, with priority on coal.
    Shelley Moore Capito: AdWatch: Fights back against Obama's war on coal.
    John Raese: 2010 alternative energy bill was WV's own cap-and-trade Bill.
    Michael Folk: Don't fund oil development, but no restrictions on fracking.
    Joe Manchin III: I fought for coal in past & will fight for coal in future.
    Joe Manchin III: EPA regulatory practices unfairly hurt Appalachian coal.
    John Raese: Obama administration has caused decline of coal.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Fight the federal government's war on coal.
    Natalie Tennant: Responsible development of Marcellus shale.
    Joe Manchin III: No regulation of greenhouse gases by EPA.
    John Rockefeller: No regulation of greenhouse gases by EPA.
    Lisa Murkowski: No regulation of greenhouse gases by EPA.
    Joe Manchin III: Stand up for our coal miners and their families.
    Bob Wise: Renew 5-cent gas tax to pay for road-building.
    Woody Thrasher: Eliminate unnecessary regulations, balance with conservation.
    Jim Justice: Invest $14M in tourism and revenue comes flying right back.
    Jim Justice: $60M upgrade to state parks.
    Don Blankenship: AdWatch: Year in prison for contaminating drinking water.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: West Virginia rivers and streams are constantly threatened.
    Patrick Morrisey: EPA exceeds its authority on Clean Water & Cross-State Air.
    Don Blankenship: EPA is biggest polluter,moving jobs to unregulated countries.
    Don Blankenship: AdWatch: role of MSHA in mine disaster was covered up.
    Patrick Morrisey: Led coalition against "Clean Power Plan".
    Jim Justice: I love the outdoors, but regulatory agencies tell you no.
    Jim Justice: Paid $900,000 fine for poor pollution controls at mines.
    Jim Justice: EPA regulations have been difficult, overreaching, and wrong.
    Michael Folk: No new regulations on mountaintop mining.
    Pat McGeehan: No state funding for open space preservation.
    John Raese: Abolish the EPA & the Department of Energy.
    Natalie Tennant: Raise motor vehicle fees, but gradually, not $40M at once.
    Bob Wise: Create cabinet Environment post; end tradeoff with economy.
Families & Children
    Michael Folk: Wrong incentives put kids in foster care instead of families.
    Ron Stollings: We need to invest in first 1,000 days of a child's life.
    Joe Manchin III: Opposes gay marriage personally, but accepts as settled law.
    Patrick Morrisey: Disappointed with legalization of gay marriage.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Make 6 months of family leave available to all parents.
    Michael Folk: Civil union contracts for same-sex couples, but no marriage.
    Joe Manchin III: 5 basic promises to our children: healthy, safe, cared-for.
Foreign Policy
    Don Blankenship: Soft on China if one is related to a "Chinaperson".
    Don Blankenship: Double headline - Already Done.
    Patrick Morrisey: America must assert its interests.
Free Trade
    Jim Justice: Supports tariffs that lead to good deals when dust settles.
    Joe Manchin III: Supports tariffs on China; trade hasn't been good for WV.
    Patrick Morrisey: Supports tariffs on China to gain negotiating leverage.
    Jim Justice: Supports USMCA trade agreement to replace NAFTA.
    Jim Justice: Change the trade imbalance with China.
    Jim Justice: Bring manufacturing back from Vietnam, China and Mexico.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: West Virginia is a strong international competitor.
    Jay Wolfe: Free trade ok, but sanctions on China & Venezuela.
    Bob Wise: Protect steel industry from illegal imports.
    Bob Wise: Require use of US steel in state-funded projects.
Government Reform
    Jim Justice: Create cabinet posts on tourism & economic development.
    Richard Ojeda: Move toward public financing for campaigns.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: We as voters need to hold representatives accountable.
    Michael Folk: Cut red tape on state purchasing.
    Richard Ojeda: Federal employees/appointees should donate excess assets.
    Richard Ojeda: Introduced bill: lobbyists should wear body cameras.
    Michael Folk: Government is not the answer.
    Joe Manchin III: Citizens United decision has destroyed this country.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Voter turnout depressed due to money influencing elections.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Upgrade equipment to safeguard elections.
    Don Blankenship: Media & Republicans conspired to defame me.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Cut regulations favoring big businesses.
    Jim Justice: Appoint a Waste Czar to root out agency excess.
    Evan Jenkins: Important to keep information secure.
    Natalie Tennant: I learned "make-do" attitude via my upbringing on a farm.
    Natalie Tennant: 18-month investigation into stolen election: 3 convictions.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Dissolve state boards & councils that no longer operate.
    Natalie Tennant: OpEd: Suppress voting by requiring change-of-address cards.
    Michael Folk: Require voter ID, but for free.
    Pat McGeehan: No limits on campaign contributions for PACs or parties.
    Joe Manchin III: Not more government, but easier government.
    John Raese: I think we need less government.
    John Raese: End the coalition of taking & government control.
    Joe Manchin III: Public financing pilot for state Supreme Court races.
    Jay Wolfe: Increase campaign donation limits.
    Doris Haddock: Vote against any candidate who supports soft money.
Gun Control
    Ben Salango: Protect WV gun owners from federal overreach.
    Woody Thrasher: I am a strong defender of the Second Amendment.
    Jim Justice: The Second Amendment is ingrained in me.
    Richard Ojeda: Deaths and injuries every month from senseless gun violence.
    Michael Folk: Red flag gun laws unconstitutional & unacceptable.
    Joe Manchin III: Background checks ok; not no ban on semi-automatic weapons.
    Patrick Morrisey: Keep Washington liberal gun grabbers off our guns.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Common-sense gun regulations & background checks.
    Patrick Morrisey: Fights the "gun grabbers".
    Jeff Kessler: Don't require permit and training for concealed carry.
    John Buckley: Freedom to carry AND freedom to marry.
    Natalie Tennant: Vehemently disagrees with Obama administration on gun rights.
    Michael Folk: No background checks; yes concealed carry.
    Jay Wolfe: Bearing arms is an individual right.
Health Care
    Ben Salango: Health care must be accessible and affordable.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Health care is a human right, decouple health care from jobs.
    Woody Thrasher: AdWatch: Be proactive on coronavirus, not reactive.
    Ron Stollings: Supports bill to cap monthly supply of insulin at $25.
    Ron Stollings: Coronavirus: $2m to prepare a plan now.
    Ron Stollings: Re-examine Medicaid reimbursement rates to medical providers.
    Jim Justice: We can all agree on protection for preexisting conditions.
    Jim Justice: Establish Medicaid Families First Reserve Fund.
    Ron Stollings: Invest in more mental health services & foster care crisis.
    Ron Stollings: Affordable health care should include oral and mental health.
    Michael Folk: Abolish "Certificate of Need" law as anti-competitive.
    Michael Folk: We need a free market in health care.
    Joe Manchin III: Unacceptable to go back to pre-ObamaCare days.
    Patrick Morrisey: Sued to end coverage of preexisting conditions.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Medicare for all as part of insurance free market.
    Jim Justice: Don't plan on repealing Obamacare/ACA's Medicaid expansion.
    Patrick Morrisey: Was lobbyist for pharmaceutical distributors; wife still is.
    Jeff Kessler: ObamaCare gets thousands of the poor onto Medicaid.
    Shelley Moore Capito: Vote for repeal & replace; but work for fixing ObamaCare.
    John Buckley: Less government in healthcare; more individual choice.
    John Buckley: ObamaCare is a Big Government bacterial infection.
    John Raese: ObamaCare relies on poor business model; use private-sector.
    Natalie Tennant: Supports access to insurance for all.
    Natalie Tennant: FactCheck: GOP says 147,000 lose insurance; really 8,800.
    Michael Folk: No universally-accessible public health insurance.
    Joe Manchin III: ObamaCare makes healthcare more affordable for everyone.
    Joe Manchin III: Reform & repair ObamaCare, not repeal.
    John Raese: ObamaCare is the problem, not the solution.
    Bob Wise: $1.5M to provide healthcare access for every child.
    Bob Wise: Improve patient rights by allowing to sue HMOs.
    Bob Wise: More discounts for prescription drugs.
Homeland Security
    Jim Justice: More programs for National Guard and veterans.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Rein in our bloated military budget.
    Bill Cole: Honor and support military as guardians of our freedoms.
    Shelley Moore Capito: Weak Iraq policy let ISIS foment into power.
    John Buckley: National Defense Authorization Act is Big Brother spying.
    John Buckley: Opposes NSA spying & foreign policy meddling.
    Jay Wolfe: Military tribunals ok; monitoring domestic communications ok.
    Jay Wolfe: Expand missile defense; support pre-emptive military strikes.
    Jim Justice: I hope and pray we never have sanctuary cities here.
    Jim Justice: Attacks Democrats for not supporting border security.
    Joe Manchin III: Give DREAMers a path to citizenship.
    Patrick Morrisey: Lax immigration laws pose a security risk to our homeland.
    Patrick Morrisey: Aggressive efforts against illegal immigration.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Create swift, secure path to citizenship.
    Richard Ojeda: Taking benefits from illegal immigrants sounds good.
    Natalie Tennant: Secure the borders first, then send illegals to back of line.
    Shelley Moore Capito: Secure the borders first, then comprehensive reform.
    John Buckley: Create a mechanism to normalize people already here.
    Jay Wolfe: Establish English as the official national language.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Supports protections for unions, ending "right to work" laws.
    Richard Ojeda: Strongly against right to work laws.
    Ben Salango: Diversify economy and ensure WV gets federal assistance.
    Woody Thrasher: Lower taxes, fewer regulations, incentivize small business.
    Richard Ojeda: Against right to work laws, active union participant.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Wants a living wage, but not advocating for set amount.
    Richard Ojeda: Ensure coal miners able to transition to "real jobs".
    Jim Justice: Free college has led to record high employment.
    Woody Thrasher: State must help diversify economy.
    Woody Thrasher: WV needs jobs or we'll keep losing population.
    Joe Manchin III: Raise minimum wage from $7.25/hr to $10.10.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Supports living wage and workers' rights.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Raise minimum wage; tie rate to inflation.
    Natalie Tennant: Raise payroll cap to $240,000; and raise minimum wage.
Principles & Values
    Jim Justice: God is responsible for miracle of West Virginia.
    Ben Salango: Focused on public service rather than self-service.
    Ben Salango: Shouldn't have to sue governor to live in capital city.
    Ben Salango: Stop secret tax deals for public officials.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: When we unite for justice, we can accomplish our goals.
    Richard Ojeda: Democrats becoming more a party of elites.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: We need Congress to do right, even if breaking with party.
    Woody Thrasher: West Virginia is hurting, we need strong leadership.
    Woody Thrasher: If elected, I'll put my businesses in a blind trust.
    Stephen Noble Smith: We get what we want when we unite, build power to take it.
    Stephen Noble Smith: Wants to be an ally, not the face of any movement.
    Don Blankenship: I'm Trumpier than Trump, despite Trump opposition.
    Evan Jenkins: A proud ally of our president Trump.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Part of "Brand New Congress" to fight special interests.
    Shelley Moore Capito: Declined to debate with 3rd-party candidates.
    John Buckley: Former Republican state legislator.
    John Buckley: Elected as Republican to VA House; running as Libertarian.
    John Buckley: Cousin to William F. Buckley; long background in GOP.
    Natalie Tennant: 55-county "Talk with Tennant" tour: represent W.V., not D.C.
    Zane Lawhorn: We're seeping into era of chaos, as foretold in the Bible.
    Pat McGeehan: Constitutional conservative: pro-life, pro-gun and pro-coal.
    Joe Manchin III: We can only fix things by coming together.
    Bob Wise: Treat citizens as customers of government, not as subjects.
Social Security
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Fix solvency by lifting cap on incomes over $137,000.
    Michael Folk: Eliminate state tax on Social Security.
    Jim Justice: Signs law phasing out tax on Social Security for most.
    Jim Justice: Eliminate state tax on Social Security benefits.
    Jim Justice: Totally exempt on your Social Security from State income tax.
    Joe Manchin III: Expand Social Security without privatization.
    Patrick Morrisey: Reforms to keep Social Security & Medicare solvent.
    Shelley Moore Capito: Raise payroll cap above $200,000.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Privatize W.V.'s workers' compensation system.
    Jay Wolfe: Allow investing payroll tax in private accounts.
    Al Gore: Bush’s “federal program” flub indicates ingrained hostility.
Tax Reform
    Jim Justice: Repeal income tax; increase sales tax 1 «%, add wealth tax.
    Woody Thrasher: We are not in favor of tax increases.
    Michael Folk: Don't raise taxes on shrinking population.
    Joe Manchin III: Wealthy corporations got greatest benefit from Trump tax cut.
    Patrick Morrisey: Trump tax cuts mean West Virginians receive bonuses & raises.
    Richard Ojeda: Raise taxes on natural gas companies building pipelines.
    Don Blankenship: Stands behind Trump's agenda including the tax reform bill.
    Patrick Morrisey: Favors a flat tax.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Cut taxes for middle/working class.
    Jim Justice: Increase fees, gas tax, and business tax to close deficit.
    Bill Cole: Work with legislature to reform our tax code.
    Bob Wise: Top-to-bottom review of business taxes & regulations.
    Jim Justice: Do everything we can to blanket state with broadband.
    Ben Salango: Upgrade and fix roads and bridges throughout WV.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Federal government must help states expand broadband.
    Woody Thrasher: Broadband is a must; recruit tech companies.
    Woody Thrasher: Only build highways that generate new economic activity.
    Ron Stollings: Invest in infrastructure and site development.
    Woody Thrasher: More Internet infrastructure, to keep young people in W.V.
    Joe Manchin III: Supports infrastructure investment.
    Joe Manchin III: Overturn FCC repeal of net neutrality.
    Patrick Morrisey: Supports infrastructure investment.
    Patrick Morrisey: Improving infrastructure a must.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: Invest $4.6 trillion in infrastructure.
    Jim Justice: Bid all road jobs, with 5% construction severance.
    Bill Cole: Recommends action--not more studies--on transportation.
    Bill Cole: Federal investment in West Virginia roads & infrastructure.
    Michael Folk: Opposes "bridge to nowhere" projects, even for job creation.
    Natalie Tennant: Find funding to keep our infrastructure strong.
    Bob Wise: Make e-government service available 24/7.
War & Peace
    Richard Ojeda: Criticizes those wanting war with Iran: talk is easy.
    Joe Manchin III: Withdraw from Iranian nuclear treaty.
    Patrick Morrisey: Withdraw from Iranian nuclear treaty.
    Paula Jean Swearengin: End wars of choice; protect human rights when needed.
    Natalie Tennant: We should consider ground troops against ISIS.
Welfare & Poverty
    Jim Justice: If we can't find money to fight hunger, then we're not much.
    Stephen Noble Smith: Try This: individual communities decide what they need.
    John Buckley: Eliminate DOE, HUD, HHS, NPR, FAA, and more.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Homelessness is devastating; revive Interagency Council.

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