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Ted Budd: Obey God rather than man: I am 100% pro-life

My faith compels me to serve others, to love as Christ loved us, and to obey God rather than man. Politics doesn't have to be nasty and cruel. We should treat each other with respect, kindness, and love. But our faith doesn't ignore the crumbling walls around us. Our faith asks us to step forward and advocate for policies that help families to thrive.

I will evaluate each vote by its effect on families. I am 100% pro-life and pro-family. I will fight for the right to life of the unborn.

Source: 2016 North Carolina House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Deborah Ross: All employers should cover contraceptives (no RFRA)

Q: On Abortion: Should abortion be highly restricted?

Burr: Yes

Ross: No

Q: On Contraception: Should employers be able to withhold contraceptive coverage from employees if they disagree with it morally?

Burr: Yes

Ross: No

Q: On Healthcare: Should Planned Parenthood be eligible to receive public funds for non-abortion health services?

Burr: No

Ross: Yes

Source: CampusElect Voter Guide to 2016 North Carolina Senate race Oct 9, 2016

Roy Cooper: No politicians in medical room telling doctor what to say

Cooper is the state's lawyer, so he's obligated to defend state laws even if he personally opposes them. So, for instance, though Cooper is considered a supporter of reproductive rights, he asked the US Supreme Court last month to review a federal appeals court ruling that struck down a North Carolina law requiring abortion patients to view a narrated ultrasound image prior to the procedure.

The appeals court ruled that the ultrasound law violates the First Amendment rights of physicians by compelling delivery of ideological information that transforms "the physician into the mouthpiece of the state." But in petitioning the Supreme Court to take up the case, Cooper said the ultrasound law was consistent with the First Amendment as a regulation of medical practice.

Just a few months earlier, though, Cooper spoke to a gathering of abortion rights supporters, criticizing state leaders "who want the voice of politicians in the medical examining room telling the doctor what to say."

Source: Huffington Post on 2016 North Carolina gubernatorial race Apr 2, 2015

Mark Walker: Protect the sanctity of human life

100% PRO-LIFE: If elected, Mark will fight to protect the sanctity of human life, from conception onward. Every life is sacred, and every child has a right to live. To protect this right, Mark will work diligently to pass legislation clearly stating that all life begins at conception.
Source: 2014 North Carolina House campaign website, Oct 10, 2014

Mark Walker: Human life begins at conception

Q: Human life begins at conception and deserves legal protection at every stage until natural death?

WALKER: Strongly Agree

Q: Should abortion be allowed under extenuating circumstances?

WALKER: I believe the only time abortion should be allowed is in the life or death circumstance

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 North Carolina House race Sep 30, 2014

Thom Tillis: Human life begins at conception

Question topic: Human life begins at conception and deserves legal protection at every stage until natural death.

Tillis: Strongly Agree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 North Carolina Senate race Sep 30, 2014

Sean Haugh: No role for government in regulating abortion

In the first ever US Senate Libertarian candidates forum, Haugh outlined several areas where his views contrasted with those of his opponent, Tim D'Annunzio, including: Source: 2014 North Carolina Senate campaign website, Jul 2, 2014

Sean Haugh: No state nor federal government role in abortion

Neither candidate believes the federal government has a role in gay marriage or abortion. D'Annunzio opposes abortion because the victim "is a human being guaranteed a right to life just like every other human being, and therefore under the Constitution every life is afforded the same right to life."

Haugh said no level of government--state or federal--should have a role in those matters. Setting aside morality and focusing on the economics of abortion, "Banning abortion works as well as banning alcohol, or drugs, or guns," Haugh said. "You're only going to make it more difficult for people. You just add more death and more violence."

Source: Carolina Journal on 2014 North Carolina Senate debate Apr 8, 2014

Deborah Ross: Allow ObamaCare state exchanges to provide abortion services

HB 730 Amends Abortion Laws
Bill Passed House (73 - 39); Rep. Deborah Ross voted Nay.
Source: VoteSmart synopsis: 2013-2014 North Carolina voting records May 16, 2013

Thom Tillis: Require 24-hour information period before abortion

Tillis voted YEA on HB 854, Abortion Requirements: Bill Passed House, 71-48.
Source: North Carolina House voting records (Votesmart synopses) Jun 8, 2011

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