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Chris Sununu: Fund asbestos cleanup, and clean water infrastructure

Schools with health and safety issues in towns that might not be able to otherwise address things like asbestos, lead paint, or other critical safety issues and these are where our school building aid will be targeted and funded.

One of the other critical areas of public health and safety that this administration is making a priority is drinking water. There is no bigger public trust than every time we as citizens turn on that faucet. We trust that our government has done their job in ensuring clean water for us and our children.

New Hampshire has protected the Drinking Water and Groundwater Trust Fund. This fund of nearly $300 Million stands ready to be invested in vital infrastructure improvements across the state. Funds that can now be used in partnership with local communities to secure one of our most precious resources.

Source: 2017 New Hampshire State of the State address Feb 9, 2017

Hillary Clinton: Federal takeover of Flint water supply if state can't fix it

Q: On the Flint lead poisoning disaster, you have been critical of Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan, and how the state caused the lead poisoning problem, and has not acted fast enough to fix it. If the state is failing, would you as President order a federal response?

CLINTON: Absolutely. This is an emergency. Every day that goes by that these people, particularly children, are not tested so we can know what steps must be taken to remediate the effects of the poisoning that they have been living with is a day lost. We need to be clear about everything that should be done to try to remedy the terrible burden that the people of Flint are bearing. If Michigan won't do it, there have to be ways that we can begin to move, and then make them pay for it, and hold them accountable.

SANDERS: I think the Secretary described the situation appropriately. I did ask for the resignation of Governor Snyder because his irresponsibility was so outrageous.

Source: MSNBC Democratic primary debate in New Hampshire Feb 4, 2016

Karen Testerman: Declaring national monuments to benefit donors is an abuse

In 1996, Bill Clinton removed the largest deposit of the cleanest burning coal from the world's market by declaring the Grand Staircase-Escalante a national monument in Utah.

However, there was one winner: Democratic donor and Indonesian billionaire James Riady, who owns the second-largest deposit of similar clean coal. The same James Riady pled guilty to a felony charge and paid $8.6 million in criminal fines for making millions of dollars of illegal campaign donations to the Clinton-Gore ticket. But Clinton-Gore had the money to spend when it counted.

If I were the U.S. senator from New Hampshire, I would vote to repeal Clinton's abuse of the 1906 Antiquities Act. I would cheer free Americans making voluntary choices about extensive use of solar, wind, biodiesel and energy-saving improvements, but I would fight against corrupt bureaucrats and politicians trying to force their personal preferences upon us.

Source: WND Weekly on 2014 New Hampshire Senate race Oct 31, 2013

Mitt Romney: Cross-border pollution matters; so build natural gas system

Q: Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R, NH) said, "N.H. should not be the tailpipe for pollutants from out-of-state power plants." Is the EPA's cross-state air pollution rule a fair regulation, or is this job-killing overregulation?

ROMNEY: Well, I'm not familiar with the specific regulation as it applies to New Hampshire, but I do believe that we have a responsibility to keep the air clean, and we have to find ways to assure that we don't have the pollution of one state overwhelming the ability of another state to have clean air. In my state of Massachusetts we received a lot of air from the rest of the country, given the winds coming from the west. And so the responsibility in our state was to get the emissions from our power plants down. That's one of the reasons why we moved to natural gas. If we want to help people in New England emit less pollutant into the air and therefore would have cleaner air and also have lower cost energy, it's let's build out this natural gas system.

Source: Meet the Press 2012 GOP New Hampshire debate Jan 8, 2012

Newt Gingrich: EPA should not regulate dust storms in Iowa

Q: What exactly is an environmental solutions agency? You want to disband the EPA and set up something that looks like the EPA?

GINGRICH: If you look at the EPA's record, it is increasingly radical, it's increasingly imperious, it doesn't cooperate, it doesn't collaborate, and it doesn't take into account economics. In Iowa they had a dust regulation under way because they control particulate matter. They were worried that the plowing of a cornfield would lead dust to go to another farmer's cornfield, and they were planning to issue a regulation. In Arizona, they suggested that maybe if they watered down the earth, they wouldn't have these dust storms. And people said to them, "You know, the reason it's called a desert is there's no water." Now, this is an agency out of touch with reality, which I believe is incorrigible, and you need a new agency that is practical, has common sense, uses economic factors, and in the case of pollution actually incentivizes change, doesn't just punish it.

Source: Meet the Press 2012 GOP New Hampshire debate Jan 8, 2012

Jeanne Shaheen: Supports Land and Community Heritage Investment Program

We must make sure that New Hampshire’s quality of life and natural and historic resources are protected. The beauty of our forests and rivers and lakes, the richness of our culture and history -- that is our legacy from previous generations, and we must do all we can to preserve them for future generations. Last year, with the passage of the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program, we took an important step in this direction. This year we must continue and strengthen that investment.
Source: Inaugural Address to New Hampshire Legislature Jan 4, 2001

Jeanne Shaheen: Manage growth & avoid sprawl

We must act to better manage the growth that has come with our economic prosperity. We must protect the character and diversity of New Hampshire’s landscape from the creeping threat of sprawl. If we do not, we put at risk the very quality of place that is the foundation of our economic success and the very reason so many of us call New Hampshire our home.
Source: Inaugural Address to New Hampshire Legislature Jan 4, 2001

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