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Dan Feltes: Supports background checks, waiting period, red flag laws

Q: Enact more restrictive gun legislation?

Dan Feltes: Yes. Supports "common-sense" gun safety measures, including universal background checks, gun-free school zones, a three-day waiting period, and red-flag legislation.

Chris Sununu: No. "I do not support making any changes to our existing Second Amendment laws." Vetoed "red-flag" law permitting temporary removal of firearms from people at risk.

Source: CampusElect survey on 2020 New Hampshire Gubernatorial race Nov 3, 2020

Don Bolduc: Endorsed by eight NH gun shop owners

Don Bolduc is proud to announce that he has received the full support of eight major New Hampshire gun store owners. Bolduc said, "Our state motto of `Live Free or Die' represents who we are as Granite Staters and Americans. We are guaranteed the right to bear arms under the Constitution of the United States. In my 33 years serving this country, I have seen what can happen when a government disarms its citizens. I will never stop fighting to protect our rights and way of life."
Source: New Hampshire 2020 Senate campaign website Sep 7, 2020

Corky Messner: Against erosion of First & Second Amendment Rights

Stand-up to the attack and erosion of our liberties provided to us under the Constitution, especially attempts to weaken our First and Second Amendment Rights.
Source: 2020 New Hampshire Senate website Jun 3, 2020

Don Bolduc: Key to reducing violence isn't legislation, but communities

We must separate 2nd amendment rights from protecting our citizens. The key to reducing violence lies not in legislation, but in strong communities that strengthen the family values, faith, education, and sports and arts programs to bring people together and not separate them. We need to communicate and educate. We must identify and treat mental health issues as they emerge, and above all, we must stop allowing this to be a political talking point. It's not about laws; it's about people.
Source: 2020 New Hampshire Senate campaign website Feb 10, 2020

Andy Martin: Changes at the margins to the Second Amendment

I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. My mind is open to making changes at the margins, such as blocking firearms access to criminals and persons with mental problems, but the only way forward is for both parties to work together.
Source: on 2020 New Hampshire Senate race Nov 1, 2018

Molly Kelly: Advocates universal background checks and more gun controls

I never worried about my children when they went to school. Now, I fear for the safety of my grandchildren. I refuse to wait for NH to suffer through a tragic school shooting. I will work to: Pass universal background checks; Keep children and domestic abusers from getting guns; Keep military-style weapons off our streets; Reinstate the requirement of a permit to carry a concealed weapon; Pass a red flag law; Institute a 48-hour waiting period for all purchases.
Source: 2018 New Hampshire Governor campaign website Oct 9, 2018

Chris Sununu: Protect schools with security infrastructure

As a parent of 3 young children, I know that if we can't put our kids on the school bus and know they are safe, nothing else matters. I advocated for a new Public School Infrastructure Fund--which is investing nearly $20 million in state funds directly to communities in making long overdue infrastructure upgrades and security upgrades. In the end, close to 300 schools across the state will receive security funding grants. Our goal is simple--to make New Hampshire's schools the safest in the nation.
Source: 2018 New Hampshire State of the State address Feb 15, 2018

Steve Marchand: Supports permits, background checks, and no big changes

Q: Governor Hassan recently vetoed a bill to do away with permits for concealed carry of guns.

A: You should have a permit, and I agree with Governor Hassan's decision. I think if you get a background check and you're seen as somebody that is not a threat to others in having a gun, I think that it's totally appropriate to have one. I support the Second Amendment, but I'm somebody that is not looking to make big changes on that but I would have supported Governor Hassan's veto of that recently.

Source: N.H. Public Radio on 2018 New Hampshire gubernatorial race Apr 24, 2017

Kelly Ayotte: No gun restrictions except terrorist watch lists

Q: On Gun Control: Support more restrictive gun control legislation?

Hassan: Yes

Ayotte: No. Except for restricting people on terrorist watch lists. Strong second amendment advocate with NRA rating of 5. History of opposing all restrictive gun legislation but currently working on compromise bill restricting people on suspected terrorist watch lists.

Source: CampusElect Voter Guide to 2016 New Hampshire Senate race Oct 9, 2016

Jeanne Shaheen: Semi-automatic rifles are weapons of war

Shaheen charged that people who buy the wildly popular AR-15 semi-automatic rifle are buying it "to do bad things."

"I think people need to have their voices heard, and what I've heard from people in New Hampshire is that they think there's reasonable legislation that we can pass including things like looking at the types of weapons that are so easy for people to get," the Democrat said. "The fact is, the AR-15, that's a weapon of war," Ms. Shaheen said.

Source: Washington Times on 2020 New Hampshire Senate race Jun 21, 2016

Bob Smith: Opposes more gun restrictions

Question topic: More restrictive gun control laws are needed now to protect public safety.

Smith: Strongly Disagree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 New Hampshire Senate race Jul 2, 2014

Scott Brown: Ok'd federal ban on assault weapons after Newtown shootings

Some Republicans said a bigger problem here [than missed views on abortion rights] would be his support for the federal ban on assault weapons, which he declared last year after the shootings at a school in Newtown, Conn. "Certainly in New Hampshire, Second Amendment issues are a really big deal," said [one Republican party official]. "He'd have to really address what his reasoning was for that."
Source: New York Times on 2014 New Hampshire Senate race Dec 11, 2013

Karen Testerman: Second Amendment is about protection, not hunting

Comparing firearms ownership and the Second Amendment to hunting is misinformation. Standing your ground and protecting your family, property and state is not hunting. I own and carry firearms because our forefathers fought for that right, knowing "a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state." While I may not be a candidate for the draft into our militia, I will go if necessary. In the meantime, I will defend myself, my family and my property. It is a fact that an armed citizen is more likely to stop an attack than provoke one.
Source: 2014 New Hampshire Senate website, Dec 1, 2013

Herman Cain: Let each state pass a concealed weapon bill

Q: What about a nationwide concealed weapons bill?

A: Here's how I'd like that done: Let each state pass a concealed weapon bill. Empower the states--some states already have it--and not have a federal mandate. I believe in the Second Amendment.

Source: Campaign event Q&A in Rochester New Hampshire Apr 28, 2011

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