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Henry McMaster: Jam cellphone signals inside state prisons

We also face threats from inside our prisons. Today, cell phones are so concealable and available that they have revolutionized criminal activity. With cell phones smuggled inside the prison or secretly thrown over the wall, inmates and their conspirators on the outside can practice extortion, conduct blackmail, plan and execute "hits," operate drug rings and run any number of fraud schemes. It is as though they never got caught.

Our Department of Corrections is leading the national effort to repeal the federal law which prohibits us from jamming these phone signals. Until we accomplish that, we must take every action, try every idea and implement any law which will stop these criminals. I ask for your determined assistance.

Source: 2018 State of the State speech to South Carolina legislature Jan 24, 2018

Thomas Dixon: Ban the box: let ex-cons get jobs

Source: 2016 South Carolina Senate campaign website Aug 8, 2016

Jay Stamper: Pleaded guilty to three white-collar felony charges in 2006

Stamper pleaded guilty to three felony charges associated with the illegal sale of securities in 2006. Stamper was ordered to repay millions of dollars and said that $600,000 of that came from his own pocket. Stamper called the incident "a business mistake I made several years ago," and said securities laws are very complicated, and he acted on advice from two teams of lawyers.

"I never meant to hurt anyone. There was no malice. In a way I was reckless, but there were mitigating circumstances," he said. Stamper moved to South Carolina a year ago to run for Graham's seat, and despite his history, he said he has found most people welcoming.

Source: Spartanburg Herald-Journal: 2014 South Carolina Senate race Jan 13, 2014

Nikki Haley: Save millions by reducing recidivism

[Let's focus on] reforming our adult corrections system and pulling us out of that deficit. [The SC prison director has done] a tremendous job running our prisons at the lowest cost per prisoner in the nation. My challenge will be to lower the number of inmates that come back into the system. The cost savings to the taxpayers of this state would be substantial. The immediate savings would be approximately $6 million in administrative costs alone. But the real dollars will come on the back end, with the reduction of our recidivism rate.

The state of South Carolina pays more than $16,000 annually to incarcerate a single prisoner. We spend more each year on a prisoner than we do on a student. Think of the savings we'll realize if we aren't constantly welcoming back behind bars those prisoners who finish out their initial terms. And think of the cultural impact. It's immeasurable.

Source: 2011 South Carolina State of the State Address Jan 19, 2011

Gary Bauer: Miranda rights not as important as victim rights

Q. Do you think the Miranda warnings have a place in our criminal justice system? A: What weíve done for over 30 years with unelected liberal judges is favor the criminal over the victim. Now, we all want to observe the Constitution and to follow its provisions. But when the penalty for a policemanís mistake is to put a criminal back out on the street, then we are hurting America; we are hurting our law-abiding citizens.
Source: Republican debate in West Columbia, South Carolina Jan 7, 2000

Orrin Hatch: Appointing conservative judges is more critical than Miranda

Q: Do you think the Miranda warnings have a place in our criminal justice system? A: This involves a congressional enactment after Miranda was upheld by the Supreme Court. [It] basically says that if a person commits a crime and they voluntarily confess, that confession is admissible into a court of law. Thatís the way it should be. But the most important single issue in this campaign is. one of us is going to appoint the other 50% [of judges] and up to five Supreme Court justices.
Source: Republican debate in West Columbia, South Carolina Jan 7, 2000

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