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Tommy Tuberville: ObamaCare a failure; supports Health Savings Accounts

Q: Opinion of ObamaCare?

Tommy Tuberville: Calls ObamaCare "a failed experiment." Advocates a "return to the free market." Supports Health Savings Accounts and companies competing across state lines.

Doug Jones: Fix, not end, ObamaCare. Asked Trump to reverse Justice Dept. support for lawsuit seeking to repeal ACA.

Source: CampusElect on 2020 Alabama Senate race Oct 10, 2020

Tommy Tuberville: COVID: against lockdowns; we don't believe in socialism

Q: Opinion of climate change?

Tommy Tuberville: Yes. Called Trump "the right guy at the helm" "because he's a business guy." State lockdowns are "government telling you what to do . we don't believe in socialism."

Doug Jones: No. Criticized the administration for failing to ensure adequate nationwide virus testing. Criticized Trump COVID relief executive orders as "more for show than actual help."

Source: CampusElect on 2020 Alabama Senate race Oct 10, 2020

Chris Sununu: Allow importation of prescription drugs from Canada

We all know that a critical issue facing our citizens, especially our senior citizens, is the cost of prescription drugs. We know must lower our prescription drug prices, and it starts with allowing the importation of drugs from Canada, greater transparency in pricing and preventing price gouging of low-income families.
Source: 2020 Alabama State of the State address Feb 13, 2020

Chris Sununu: Put suicide prevention for veterans at the forefront

Another area we are making strides in is suicide prevention for our veterans. I am proud to announce that the state is partnering with the Department of Veterans Affairs to combine, and streamline all of our resources, to put suicide prevention for our veterans at the forefront. The first order of business is reaching out to every single New Hampshire veteran, to let them know every federal and state resource available to them and ensure there is no wrong door to getting mental health services.
Source: 2020 Alabama State of the State address Feb 13, 2020

Kay Ivey: Incentivize medical professionals to build rural practices

Another sign of our commitment to improving the lives of those who live in rural Alabama is my full support for a pilot program to incentivize primary care physicians and nurse practitioners to establish services in medically underserved areas. By encouraging medical professionals to build a practice in these areas, we can literally transform many small towns throughout the state.
Source: 2020 Alabama State of the State address Feb 4, 2020

Kevin Stitt: SoonerCare 2.0: Medicaid modest premiums & work requirements

Oklahoma will begin the process in the coming weeks to rollout SoonerCare 2.0. Under this reformed Medicaid program, we will seek to close the gap of those uninsured in Oklahoma. We will seek to establish moderate premiums and work requirements. We will encourage able-bodied adults to transition towards a path of maintaining private insurance and pursuing educational or employment opportunities that advances their full personal potential.

Did you know that Oklahoma has 10 different state agencies passing money through the Medicaid program in Oklahoma? And 18 state entities that license health care facilities and providers? You cannot convince me that operating that many bureaucracies is an efficient way of doing business. And it has to change. This is why I am calling for the Legislature to begin the process of creating one central health care agency.

Source: 2020 Alabama State of the State address Feb 3, 2020

Tommy Tuberville: ObamaCare must go; return to free-market

ObamaCare must go. This failed experiment has led to higher costs, less quality care, and a system that hurts patients and doctors more than it helps. I believe that we need a return to the free-market where companies compete for your business, while ensuring that pre-existing conditions are not a deterrent to obtaining quality insurance and care.
Source: 2020 Alabama Senate campaign website, Jan 12, 2020

Arnold Mooney: Free market healthcare

Mooney's website highlighted the following campaign themes:
Source: Connection: 2020 Alabama Senate race Sep 9, 2019

John Merrill: Concerned about rural healthcare access

I will tell you one of the major areas of concern that I would have as a Senator would giving attention to is the rural broadband access throughout Alabama. It's also about rural healthcare treatment opportunity for our citizens who live in our rural areas to be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve, as opposed to just being set aside because they're not in a large metropolitan area.
Source: blog on 2020 Alabama Senate race Sep 6, 2019

Arnold Mooney: Replace ObamaCare with block grants for Medicaid

On health care and rural hospitals, Mooney said he supported repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and suggested he could support block grants for Medicaid. Health care providers in the state opposed block grants included in the American Health Care Act of 2017, saying it could cut federal money for the program, which provides health insurance to about a fifth of the state and helps keep hospitals and pediatricians' offices open.
Source: Montgomery Advertiser on 2020 Alabama Senate race May 6, 2019

Walt Maddox: Expand Medicaid so all citizens receive care

Alabama's health ranking is 47th in the nation. In the past seven years, seven rural hospitals have closed or are scheduled to be closed. Pediatricians, dentists, nursing home providers and mental health professionals are leaving smaller communities jeopardizing the continuum of care for tens of thousands. Montgomery has refused to expand Medicaid which would have provided a $1.8B infusion into Alabama's health care system by providing medical coverage for 331K.
Source: 2018 Alabama gubernatorial campaign website Jul 4, 2018

Chris Countryman: Expand Medicaid; health care for all

In favor of expanding Medicaid so that healthcare is easier to obtain by the lower and middle class citizens of Alabama. In favor of a health care system that focuses on the needs of working class citizens and families instead of focusing on the profits of insurance companies and health care providers. In favor of a health care system that is accessible to all citizens regardless of their income level or their ability to pay.
Source: 2018 Alabama Gubernatorial website RethinkAlabama1 Sep 1, 2017

Luther Strange: Repeal the total failure of ObamaCare

ObamaCare is a total failure. Skyrocketing premiums and deductibles have made health care unaffordable and inaccessible. Luther Strange wants to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with patient-centered reform, leading to lowered premiums and increased access.
Source: 2017-2018 Alabama Senate campaign website Aug 31, 2017

Roy Moore: Repeal Obamacare; allow competition

We do not need socialized medicine which will ultimately lead to loss of quality and affordability of heath care, as well as a loss of access to the latest medical technology. Obamacare should be completely repealed as soon as possible. Businesses should receive tax credits for employee health care coverage, and health insurance should be available between the states for competition and quality care.
Source: 2017-2018 Alabama Senate campaign website Aug 31, 2017

Doug Jones: Fix, don't end, ObamaCare

Congress must continue to take a critical look at healthcare reform, but anything that gets my support must pass four tests:
  1. All Americans deserve the right to quality, affordable healthcare.
  2. No American should be unable to make ends meet from out-of-control medical bills.
  3. Pre-existing conditions should never be a reason to deny care or make care unaffordable.
  4. Preventative care should be a foundation of our health care system. It is inefficient and dangerous for Americans to rely on the emergency room to treat preventable illness.
Source: 2017-2018 Alabama Senate website Aug 17, 2017

Stacy Lee George: Local control of Medicaid; no single payer

Medicaid needs an overhaul. Allowing Alabama to be creative dealing with the uninsured gives us the perfect chance to bring in the communities and healthcare experts to develop innovative reform that actually works. Alabama must reach into the bag of capitalism and spark competition with at least two competitors for BCBS of AL with the goal of increasing the number of individuals being covered while decreasing cost for Alabama individuals and families.
Source: 2018 Alabama Governor website Aug 17, 2017

Tommy Battle: Hands tied on Medicaid abuse as it's a federally run program

YH: Then we've got another story coming out of Florida, which is just one state over, of millions and millions of dollars being paid out in Medicaid fraud to people who had fraud allegations against them.

TB: You know, fraud abuse is something that we all need to jump on but it's very tough to address situations where most of the work that they're doing and they're talking about doing is federal programs being administered federally.

Source: Yellow Hammer Radio on 2018 Alabama Senate race May 3, 2017

Chris Countryman: Quality affordable care available to everyone

Health care has turned into big business for insurance companies and health care providers. Unfortunately today's changing economic landscape make it difficult for many people to get the health care services that they need. Quality and essential health care is becoming something that is only available for the wealthy, and for those who have jobs that provide health care coverage. This is completely unacceptable. Quality and affordable health care is something that should be available to everyone.
Source: 2018 Alabama Gubernatorial campaign website "testtrac2018" Mar 15, 2017

Ron Crumpton: ObamaCare is a success, but it is just the first step

11-Point Plan for Social Justice--Health Care: "The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) has been an undeniable success, and an important step in improving the health care of the American people, but it is just a step and not the final solution."
Source: 2016 Ala. Senate campaign website Apr 25, 2016

Marcus Bowman: ObamaCare threatens status of best health care in the world

Q: Do you support or oppose the policy, "Expand ObamaCare"

A: Strongly oppose. We had the best health care in the world and ObamaCare was a major departure that threatens that long-term status. Plus, Americans should never be fined if they decide they do not want to purchase something.

Source: Email interview on 2016 Alabama Senate race with OnTheIssues Jan 21, 2016

Ron Crumpton: Move to a single-payer/ Medicare for all system

Q: Do you agree or disagree with the statement, "Expand ObamaCare"?

A: Strongly agree. Move to a single-payer/ Medicare for all system.

Source: Email interview on 2016 Alabama Senate race with OnTheIssues Nov 26, 2015

Gary Palmer: When fully implemented, ObamaCare will be a nightmare

For the first time in our nation's history you are being forced to buy a government product--or pay a penalty. ObamaCare is a federal takeover of our health care system that will limit your choices, your freedoms, and eventually limit the care that is available. It hasn't taken full effect yet, but it's already sending premiums skyrocketing and its crushing mandates on businesses is crippling their ability to create jobs.

When fully implemented, it will be a nightmare. When the Obama Administration begins to enforce the implementation of ObamaCare, you'll be forced to pay stiff penalties for not purchasing the government's mandated policies.

ObamaCare must be repealed and replaced with a national health care policy that allows people to buy the health insurance they want and need and that allows market competition between health insurance providers that will result in more choices for plans and at lower costs.

Source: 2014 AL-6 House campaign website, Sep 30, 2014

Robert Bentley: Don't expand Medicaid, even if paid for by federal dollars

The Affordable Care Act--or ObamaCare--and Medicaid expansion is taking our nation deeper into the abyss of debt, and threatens to dismantle what I believe is one of the most trusted relationships, that of doctors and their patient.

Essential to ObamaCare is Medicaid expansion--a federal government dependency program for the uninsured. Since 1980, Medicaid spending has increased nationally by over 1500%. Here in Alabama, Medicaid takes up 35% of our General Fund.

Under ObamaCare, Medicaid would grow even larger--bringing millions more people to a state of dependency on government, and saddling our state and our nation--the taxpayers--with the enormous expense.

Now they are telling us we'll get free money to expand Medicaid. Those are your hard-earned tax dollars. Our great nation is $17.2 trillion in debt and it increases by $2 billion every single day. That is why I cannot expand Medicaid in Alabama. We will not bring hundreds of thousands into a system that is broken and buckling.

Source: 2014 State of the State Address to Alabama legislature Jan 14, 2014

Robert Bentley: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is not Affordable

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is everything but Affordable. There are 18 new taxes embedded in ObamaCare and Medicaid expansion, which will cost you an estimated $800 billion in the next 8 years. It is draining our state budgets, and will siphon millions of dollars from our education budget by 2016--that's money that could have been spent on teachers, students and support personnel.

And the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act does not protect patients. 22% of primary care doctors account for 90% of primary care billing. If we were to add 300,000 to Medicaid--where would they receive care?

Already in Alabama, because of ObamaCare, over 87,000 people have seen a change in their coverage, and you or someone you know has likely seen your premiums double. Business and job growth is being stifled. Employers are leaving positions unfilled, or laying off workers so they can fall under the employee threshold that would require them to participate in ObamaCare.

Source: 2014 State of the State Address to Alabama legislature Jan 14, 2014

Robert Bentley: Federal takeover of our health care system will kill jobs

I will work to provide health care that is affordable. But it does not need to be forced upon us by the federal government. There is no doubt the federal takeover of our health care system will kill jobs in the U.S. and further cripple our economy. We will fight oppressive mandates on businesses and we will fight rationing of health care. Send me legislation that will offer tax incentives to employers who provide health insurance to their employees. I will sign your bill.
Source: 2011 State of the State speech to Alabama legislature Mar 1, 2011

William Barnes: Affordable health care for everyone

I would not support repeal of health care legislation. Let me just back up a moment.... The initial efforts to effect national health legislation goes way back to 1946--President Truman--and it's never been passed and has come up time after time over the years.

President Obama campaigned on health reform and the idea of affordable health care for all individuals and he was elected to the presidency based on that being a major part of his platform. The people spoke. I think it would be an injustice to the American people to repeal what was passed.

We should have affordable health care for everyone!

I've done bankruptcies in my practice for people and one of the things that I've found is that a majority of them-- about 60%--have to declare bankruptcy because of the lack of health insurance. The Republicans will say that "all they had to do was go to the emergency room" and that is nonsense. And that's not the way American should be. We take care of one another.

Source: Left In Alabama (progressive blog) interview of Bill Barnes Sep 2, 2010

Kay Ivey: ObamaCare does much more harm than good

Our current health care system needs a trip to the doctor. Almost 20 cents of every dollar earned in America is spent on healthcare. Insurance choices are shrinking, the cost of family coverage has doubled since 2000, and the current recession has many families fearing they're only a paycheck away from losing their health insurance.

While providing affordable health care to every American is a noble, compassionate goal, President Obama's federally mandated plan will do much more harm than good. If it is passed, almost 120 million Americans could lose their private coverage. In the end, government bureaucrats would make your health care choices? Not your doctor, not you.

On top of that, taxes would have to be raised on almost all Americans to pay for these "free" services. And, if a serious budget crisis ever hit, the government could limit the amount of care and services you and your family would be able to receive.

Source: 2010 Alabama Gubernatorial campaign website Mar 31, 2010

Kay Ivey: Each state creates its own insurance pool for high risk

To fix our health care system, we must:
Source: 2010 Alabama Gubernatorial campaign website Mar 31, 2010

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