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John Carney: Double Opportunity Funding for public schools

We created the Opportunity Funding program--Delaware's first weighted student funding system. We designed the program to offer classroom-based support for low-income students and English learners. And for the educators who work so hard with these students every day. Over the next three years, we will more than double Opportunity Funding for public schools across the state. Already, Opportunity Funding is making a difference for our most vulnerable students.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address to the Delaware legislature Jan 26, 2021

James DeMartino: Taxpayers shouldn't be required to pay off student loans

Q: Under what circumstances should taxpayers help pay off existing student loans?

A: I do not support taxpayers being required to pay off student loans.

Source: AFA iVoterGuide on 2020 Delaware Senate race Nov 3, 2020

Lauren Witzke: Help pay off college loans so grads can have children

Q: Under what circumstances should taxpayers help pay off existing student loans?

A: I support anything that makes it easier for young Americans to get married and have children. The student loan debt crisis is a reality--our current establishment is importing cheap foreign labor, and young college graduates are being forced to compete with foreigners (who will work way longer for way less) for jobs. As a result, young Americans are not getting married, not having children, & falling into addiction.

Source: AFA iVoterGuide on 2020 Delaware Senate race Nov 3, 2020

James DeMartino: A proponent of home schooling, private and charter schools

Our children require care, guidance and direction from parents not from government agencies. I am a proponent of home schooling, private and charter schools. Education, whether private or public must prepare our children for a rewarding and prosperous independent future. The best education is determined and implemented at the local level. We must reduce bureaucracy, improve educational requirements and support of our teachers.
Source: 2020 Delaware Senate campaign website Aug 20, 2020

David Lamar Williams: Improve chances for learning for all ages, circumstances

David is truly passionate about the issue of education in all its facets. He is committed to our future and the support needed to improve chances for learning for all ages and circumstances. To provide curriculums that improve our standing in our communities, across the nation, and impacts the world. He holds this issue close to his heart, because it is the core of what pushes us forward.
Source: 2020 Delaware gubernatorial campaign website Mar 25, 2020

John Carney: Opportunity Funding targets resources to neediest students

For the first time in our state's history, we're targeting resources toward these students who need our help the most. We call it Opportunity Funding. Districts are already putting the money to good use. Public schools are using this funding to hire more than 200 new educators and professionals focusing on low-income and English learners. My budget will continue this investment, not only because it's the right thing to do, but because the future of our state depends on the success of our children.
Source: 2020 Delaware State of the State address Jan 23, 2020

Jessica Scarane: Free public education from pre-K to higher education

and pre-k to higher education
  • Cancel all existing student debt in the U.S., both public and private
  • Increase funding for schools and districts with students living in poverty and for students with disabilities
  • Shift our focus back to teaching, not testing
  • Increase teacher pay so no teacher has to struggle to survive and support teachers' rights to collective bargaining
  • Guarantee free meals to students to ensure hunger isn't a barrier to learning
    Source: 2020 Delaware Senate campaign website Nov 30, 2019

    John Carney: Prioritize public education & supporting teachers

    Our goals are very clear. Every third grader should be reading at grade level. Every 8th grader should be proficient in math. And every student should be graduating high school ready for college, or a career. It's time to begin a new chapter in Delaware's public education. And here's how we'll do it: With a focus on early childhood education, supporting teachers, and getting children to perform on grade level.
    Source: 2019 State of the State address to Delaware legislature Jan 17, 2019

    John Carney: Support 700 teachers at high-needs schools

    We will also continue to target additional resources to our highest needs schools. In my budget, I will more than double the funding for student loan repayment for teachers in high needs schools. Last year, that program provided student loan assistance for 200 teachers in over 100 schools. Next year, we plan to reach 700 teachers.
    Source: 2019 State of the State address to Delaware legislature Jan 17, 2019

    Rob Arlett: Answers to education should come from teachers and parents

    As a father of two adult children, Rob understands that quality education is paramount to a student's future success. ˇAs your next Senator, Rob will go to Washington to protect parental rights in their children's education, and ensure every child has quality, affordable education regardless of their zip code. ˇRob understands that Washington does not have all of the answers in education, but that those answers are with teachers and parents.
    Source: 2018 Delaware Senate Campaign website Sep 1, 2018

    Gene Truono: Prepare students with the education and skills they'll need

    Gene will ensure our educational system is preparing students with the knowledge and skills it set up to succeed in today's economy. He will support enhancements to vocational schools and job training programs.
    Source: 2018 Delaware Senate campaign website Apr 4, 2018

    John Carney: Focus on improving troubled schools

    Christina School District's portion of the City schools need our help the most. So for the past six months, we have been trying to form a partnership with the district to lift up our city children. The state has offered Christina support for smaller class sizes, more professional development for teachers, critical capital upgrades, an early learning center and parent supports. This may be the most difficult thing we do during this Administration, but it is clearly the most important.
    Source: 2018 Delaware State of the State address Jan 18, 2018

    Chuck Boyce: Return power to our classrooms; end teaching to test

    Eager to provide a much-needed respectful and outside voice as a Rational Republican,. His successful business career has solidified Boyce's strong fiscal conservative values "It's time to focus on getting our priorities straight." Those priorities include addressing stagnant wage growth and continued recession recovery, returning power back to our classrooms and ending the national standard of teaching to test, and ensuring better transitional tools and healthcare benefits are available to our nation's veterans. We should be proposing bi-partisan legislation for common sense solutions.
    Source: Authority Presswire on 2018 Delaware Senate race Mar 22, 2017

    Lisa Blunt Rochester: New College Compact: free tuition for 10 hours weekly work

    Affordable and Accessible Education: "We succeed as a society where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Well-educated citizens and well-trained workers make for a strong democracy and economy."--Lisa Blunt Rochester

    I always emphasized the importance of a good education to my children. And, like so many parents who also place a premium on education, I now find myself helping my kids pay off the loans we took out so that they could go to college.

    Source: 2016 Delaware House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

    Jack Markell: Support IT education in schools

    We're putting a special focus on our growing IT sector. Through our computer science pathway and other high level courses, we've increased the number of high school students studying computer programming from about 80 to 560 in just the last two years. Our goal is 1,000 students by September.
    Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Delaware legislature Jan 21, 2016

    Jack Markell: Make university scholarships less restrictive

    Nearly 20,000 Delawareans have received full scholarships toward degrees at Delaware Tech, UD, and Delaware State. But we can do better. Some students who need these scholarships the most can't access them, despite meeting academic requirements, because current rules mandate that they attend school full-time and without interruption. I ask the General Assembly to make these scholarships more universal by expanding their benefits to part-time students and those who must take a break from their studies.
    Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Delaware legislature Jan 21, 2016

    Jack Markell: Increase teacher compensation

    We have a responsibility to ensure that the best and brightest enter teaching, and get the support they need once they arrive in the classroom. That's why my budget will include funding to raise starting salaries to be more competitive with our neighbors. And we will pilot opportunities for educators to earn more for taking on leadership responsibilities, without leaving the classroom for administrative positions.
    Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Delaware legislature Jan 21, 2016

    Alex Pires: More education in math, science, technology & engineering

    To compete globally in the job market, Pires said, the nation's children need more education in the fields of math, science, technology and engineering. "We are falling behind," he said. "We haven't put our efforts in the right place."

    Pires said it is important to focus on science and math in early education because when students reach college, it is too late to put them on a different path.

    Source: Cape Gazette on 2012 Delaware Senate debate Oct 19, 2012

    Kevin Wade: Department of Education has been an abysmal failure

    Wade said the federal Department of Education was created 40 years ago to maximize the effectiveness of education. "It's been an abysmal failure," he said.
    Source: Cape Gazette on 2012 Delaware Senate debate Oct 19, 2012

    Jack Markell: Ensure we have the best possible public schools

    [We will work] with Delaware's excellent educators to ensure we have the best possible public schools. Employers want to know that their children will have a great place to learn and that our schools will graduate young people ready to thrive in the work world. Our students today are graduating into a job environment far different from what their parents faced. They are competing with graduates from around the world for jobs and we are competing with governments to help make those opportunities available
    Source: 2011 Delaware State of the State Address Jan 20, 2011

    Chris Coons: Race to the Top: successful change for DE schools

    Q: Do you feel teacher unions are too powerful?

    COONS: I've complimented both Delaware's teachers and Delaware's governor for their remarkable progress under the "Race to the Top" program. The Obama/Biden administration set a very high bar. They offered a federal pot of money that was available for those states that were willing to make significant changes and Delaware made that progress. Delaware's teachers union, the DSEA, came to the table and made significant changes: to embrace charter and to make them more powerful, to make it possible for schools that are underperforming to be shut down or restructured and to change a system so that teacher compensation could be tied towards improvement by students in the classroom.

    O'DONNELL: If you notice, he didn't answer the question as to whether or not he thought the teacher unions were too powerful, and that's probably because he got their endorsement.

    Source: CNN's Wolf Blitzer moderating 2010 Delaware Senate debate Oct 13, 2010

    Chris Coons: I Have a Dream Foundation: private money for public college

    Q: In a recent survey of 30 industrialized countries, the US ranked 25th in math; Finland was first. The US was 21st in science; South Korea was first. Specifically what would you do to make the US number one, once again, in math and science?

    COONS:As someone who spent 20 years working with a non-profit foundation, the I Have a Dream Foundation, that raises money from private individuals and helps provide scholarships for students, for teachers, and for a college education, I've been hands-on and engaged with some of the toughest schools in America and some teachers who are significantly under-supported and who needed additional resources. I think there's a significant role, though, for the federal government in providing financial support and encouragement, scholarships for those teachers in science and math. We need a new generation of teachers who are fully prepared to teach to the standards that No Child Left Behind established. And we frankly need to use collaborative learning techniques.

    Source: CNN's Wolf Blitzer moderating 2010 Delaware Senate debate Oct 13, 2010

    Christine O`Donnell: My evolution belief is irrelevant; let local schools decide

    Q: In a television appearance back in 1998 on Bill Maher's show you said evolution is a myth. Do you believe evolution is a myth?

    O'DONNELL: I was talking about what a local school taught and that should be decided on the local community.

    Q: Do you believe evolution is a myth?

    O'DONNELL: Local schools should make that decision.

    Q: What do you believe?

    O'DONNELL: What I believe is irrelevant.

    Q: Why is it irrelevant?

    O'DONNELL: What I will support in Washington, D.C. is the ability for the local school system to decide what is taught in their classrooms and what I was talking about on that show was a classroom that was not allowed to teach creationism as an equal theory as evolution. That is against their constitutional rights and that is an overreaching arm of the government.

    Source: CNN's Wolf Blitzer moderating 2010 Delaware Senate debate Oct 13, 2010

    Christine O`Donnell: Fix schools by talking to teachers, not unions nor DOE

    Q: Do you feel teacher unions are too powerful?

    O'DONNELL: Here in Delaware, where we spend so much money on education, it ends up going to the six-figure salaries of our bureaucrats & superintendents, not to the teachers in the classroom. It's appalling that in a state where we spend so much federal and state dollars on education, good teachers who want to get extra materials have to do so out of their pocket. We have a broken system especially in Wilmington where I live. Throwing more money o a broken system is not going to work. Instead, what we need to do is sit down and have conversations with the teachers--not the unions--about what they need us to do to help them in their classroom.

    Q: Do you support eliminating the Dept. of Education?

    O'DONNELL: I don't think that we need to go to that drastic of a step, but millions of dollars in Dept. of Education money has been abused. Every time that there's a problem, we just throw more money in it to appease the special interest groups.

    Source: CNN's Wolf Blitzer moderating 2010 Delaware Senate debate Oct 13, 2010

    Tom Carper: Introduce market forces into our schools

    In the US Senate, I have worked tirelessly to preserve Dover Air Force Base; to save the Delaware National Guard, to replenish our DE beaches. In the US Senate what Iíve done is to build bipartisan coalitions, not only to address global warming, but to clean up our air. Iíve built bipartisan coalitions to better educate our children and introduce market forces into our schools.
    Source: Delaware 2006 Senate Debate, hosted by WHYY-TV Oct 20, 2006

    Ruth Ann Minner: Put reading specialists in every elementary school

    I believe, as do many experts, that reading is the most crucial aspect of education. Without a proper foundation in reading, it is not possible for a student to master math, or history, or literature or science. [So I] promise to put a reading specialist in every elementary school, a reading specialist who can spend extra time with students in early grades and help smooth the path for them for years to come.
    Source: 2001 State of the State Address to Delaware Assembly Jan 25, 2001

    Tom Carper: Focus on discipline in schools

    School reforms wonít be effective in classrooms that are too disruptive for teachers to teach and students to learn. To help create disciplined classroom environments, weíve initiated disruption prevention programs in every Delaware public school. Weíve created alternative learning centers for chronically disruptive students in each of our counties. It hasnít been enough. This year, I will propose to increase by 50% what we currently spend on discipline, to expand the program statewide.
    Source: 1999 Delaware State of the State Speech Jan 21, 1999

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