State of Indiana Archives: on Gun Control

Woody Myers: For background checks, ban semi-automatic weapons

Q: Enact more restrictive legislation on guns?

Woody Myers: Yes. Seeks more extensive background checks, ban on civilian use of semi-automatics and closing gun-show loophole.

Eric Holcomb: No. Signed law letting person with gun permit carry a firearm in a school building being used by a church.

Source: CampusElect survey on 2020 Indiana Gubernatorial race Nov 3, 2020

Eric Holcomb: Eliminated fees for gun licenses; allowed guns in churches

Gov. Holcomb signed the bill into law on the stage of the NRA-ILA's Leadership Forum. The new law expands self-defense options in the following ways:
Source: Eagle Country 99.3FM on 2020 Indiana gubernatorial race Apr 26, 2019

Eddie Melton: Opposes funding NRA gun training for teachers

It seems counterproductive to pass legislation that puts more guns into schools rather than working to keep guns out of schools. This bill requires teachers to go through a National Rifle Association (NRA) training, instead of being trained by local law enforcement. Our state shouldn't be in the business of funneling money into organizations like the NRA, at the expense of our children's safety. Why isn't our law enforcement academy asked to conduct the school firearm training for teachers?
Source: IN Senate Dems press release for 2020 Indiana governor race Apr 10, 2019

Mike Braun: 100% pro-Second Amendment

Gun Control: Support more restrictive gun control legislation?

Braun: No. "100% pro-Second Amendment."

Donnelly: Mostly no. Opposes assault weapons ban, but supports expanded background checks.

Source: 2018 Issue Guide on Indiana Senate race Nov 1, 2018

Mike Braun: A hunter himself, he's a proud backer of the 2nd Amendment

Mike is an avid Hunter, NRA member, and 100% pro-second Amendment.
Source: 2018 Indiana Senate campaign website May 3, 2018

Andrew Straw: I support the 2nd Amendment

Q: Do you agree or disagree with the statement, "Absolute right to gun ownership"?

A: I support the 2nd Amendment, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights.

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Indiana Senate candidate Feb 28, 2018

Mark Hurt: Guns protect innocent people

Mark Hurt firmly believes the Second Amendment of the US Constitution is a fundamental right, not just for hunting but for personal defense. Research is clear that conceal and carry laws work to protect innocent people, particularly women and the more defenseless among us. For that reason, Hurt is a member of the NRA and supports their ongoing efforts to protect the legal rights to keep and bear arms.
Source: 2018 Indiana Senatorial website Oct 15, 2017

Jim Banks: Right to responsible gun ownership is under attack

One after another, our rights have been under attack by liberals who hope to control every aspect of our lives. Our Second Amendment rights have not been immune from these attacks and are usually the first to be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

The right to responsible gun ownership has been under attack for decades. Jim is an avid sportsman who enjoys the opportunity to exercise his right to hunt and thinks that all Hoosiers who choose to do so have that right. In fact, as a State Senator, Jim Banks co-authored legislation that would add language that protects an individual's right to hunt, fish and farm to the Indiana Constitution.

Jim has authored more pro-gun legislation than any other candidate running for Indiana's Third District. He's actively identified ways to protect Hoosier gun owners' rights under Indiana law and worked hard to implement those policy ideas at the Statehouse.

Source: 2016 Indiana House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Todd Young: National reciprocity for conceal-carry

As a member of the National Rifle Association and a U.S. Marine, Todd is a proud supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

Todd has consistently been a co-sponsor of a measure that would give national reciprocity to the conceal-carry permits of individual states. When properly licensed gun owners travel with their firearms, they shouldn't have to worry about whether or not they are breaking the law.

Source: on 2016 Indiana Senate incumbents Aug 10, 2016

Mike Pence: Gun ownership increases public safety

In the wake of the terrorist attack on a recruiting station in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I'm proud to say that Indiana was among the first states to allow our National Guard to carry firearms at all recruiting stations. Hoosiers know firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens--including our National Guard--makes our communities more safe not, less safe. Indiana will always defend the right to keep and bear arms.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Indiana legislature Jan 12, 2016

John Gregg: I'm a gun-totin', Bible-quotin' Southern Indiana Democrat

I've wondered about the hesitation Democrats seem to have with nominating John Gregg again. Some think he blew it in 2012 and simply don't trust him to run a good campaign in 2016. But the biggest problem for Gregg may be that he's portrayed himself as a `gun-totin', Bible-quotin' Southern Indiana Democrat` in a party whose base is increasing more progressive & nearing extinction in Southern Indiana. In short, they want a real lefty, which Gregg has spent a career trying to convince people he is not.
Source: Indiana Forefront on 2016 Indiana gubernatorial race Aug 10, 2015

Brian Bosma: Do all I can to protect the 2nd amendment rights

Q: Should citizens be allowed to carry concealed guns?

A: Yes.

Q: Should a license be required for gun possession?

A: Yes.

Bosma adds, "I support Indiana's current gun laws and will continue to do all I can to protect the 2nd amendment rights of Hoosiers."

Source: Indiana Gubernatorial 2012 PVS Political Courage Test Nov 1, 2012

Daniel Coats: 1991: voted for Brady Bill & background checks

Both support extending tax cuts for small businesses. Both are also anti-abortion and in favor of gun rights.

Ellsworth even earned an endorsement from the National Rifle Association because Coats voted in 1991 for the Brady Bill to institute federal background checks for most gun purchases.

Coats said he earned an endorsement from the Indiana and National Right to Life organization, mostly because Ellsworth voted for a health care law that did not prohibit taxpayer money being used for abortions.

Source: News & Tribune coverage of 2010 Indiana Senate debate Oct 24, 2010

Mitch Daniels: No background checks; no licenses; yes concealed carry

Q: Should background checks be required on gun sales between private citizens at gun shows?

A: No.

Q: Should citizens be allowed to carry concealed guns?

A: Yes.

Q: Should a license be required for gun possession?

A: No.

Q: Do you support current levels of enforcement of existing state restrictions on the purchase and possession of guns?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you support current state restrictions on the purchase and possession of guns?

A: Yes.


Source: Indiana Gubernatorial Election 2008 Political Courage Test Nov 1, 2008

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