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Andy Beshear: Clean air and clean water underlie everybody's success

The moderator asked what the candidates would do to help strengthen environmental laws if elected. Beshear's representative said that Andy Beshear will enforce environmental laws: "To make sure that we have a safe environment in which to live because if we want everybody to be successful and have that opportunity to succeed, and you don't have clean water, if you don't have good food to eat, if you don't have clean air to breathe, that path to success is not going to exist."
Source: Insider Louisville blog on 2019 Kentucky governor's race Apr 26, 2019

Matt Bevin: Opposes federal regulations like waterway protection

Bevin said his administration has fought federal rules on overtime, transgender bathrooms, waterway protection, and other issues. Now he said it's time for a new approach. "No longer are we pushing back," said the governor. "We are now being sought out here in Kentucky increasingly as a state to emulate. Now we are leading the nation in regulation reform."
Source: Press release on Kentucky 2019 State of the State address Feb 9, 2019

Robert Goforth: Torturing dogs and cats counts as domestic violence

Robert Goforth co-sponsored House Bill 25: AN ACT relating to domestic violence: Amend KRS 525.135 to prohibit pretrial diversion for a person charged with torture of a dog or cat, to make torture of a dog or cat a Class D felony, and to prohibit any form of early release for those who torture a dog or cat as a way to threaten, intimidate, coerce, harass, or terrorize a family member or member of a dating relationship; amend KRS 533.250 to prohibit the pretrial diversion program from being used for someone charged with torture of a dog or cat.

Legislative outcome: Referred to Judiciary (died in Committee)

Source: Kentucky legislative voting records: HB 25 on KRS 525.135 Jan 10, 2019

Rocky Adkins: 1996: sponsored the Kentucky Tourism Development Act

In 1996 Adkins sponsored the Kentucky Tourism Development Act that created incentives that have since created more than $2 billion in private investment in the state for projects like Fourth Street Live, the Kentucky Speedway and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, he said.
Source: Louisville Courier-Journal on Kentucky voting records Nov 14, 2018

Jim Gray: EPA regulations overstep bounds, but we can't throw them out

When asked about federal regulations, Gray expressed his frustration with overzealous regulators in the construction industry.

But Gray refused to say whether he would work to end federal regulatory initiatives such as the Clean Water Act. "There's no one size fits all on those kinds of questions," Gray said. "You don't say carte blanche that we're going to throw the baby out with the bathwater."

[Gray's opponent Senator Rand] Paul said regulation from the federal government has overstepped its bounds. "You don't want the government telling you that you can't make reservoirs and ponds to irrigate your land," Paul said.

Source: Herald-Leader on 2016 Kentucky Senate race Aug 25, 2016

Jack Conway: Fight the EPA's burdensome regulations

Jack Conway is a leader in protecting Kentucky's coal economy. Since 2008, Jack has fought against the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) overly burdensome regulations that cost coal jobs and raise electricity rates for our residents and businesses. He is the only Democratic Attorney General to sue the EPA over the new coal regulations:
Source: 2015 Kentucky Governor campaign website, Aug 11, 2015

Matt Bevin: I don't support cockfighting, but don't criminalize it

Matt Bevin ended a month of debate about whether he'd addressed a rally devoted to supporting cockfighters' rights with a statement apologizing for his appearance and a straightforward claim that he's never supported fowl fights.

"I am genuinely sorry that my attendance at an event which, other than my comments, appears to have primarily involved a discussion of cockfighting, has created concern on the part of many Kentucky voters. I understand that concern," Bevin said. "I am not and have never been, a supporter of cockfighting or any other forms of animal cruelty."

Bevin had initially said he wasn't aware the event was a cockfighting rally, but a video uncovered by Louisville's WAVE-TV showed that Bevin was asked directly about whether cockfighting should be legalized--it is not now legal in Kentucky. He replied: "Criminalizing behavior, if it's part of the heritage of this state, is in my opinion a bad idea. A bad idea. I will not support it."

Source: Wall Street Journal on 2014 Kentucky Senate race Apr 25, 2014

Alison Grimes: OpEd: Disdain for the EPA, but better choice for greens

Green donors have a choice to make with Grimes: overlook her support for coal and her disdain for the EPA or leave her on her own in the contest against Mitch McConnell. That dilemma will test how far green-minded groups and donors will veer from their core agenda.

Grimes doesn't offer much for the green community to rally behind. She has criticized Pres. Obama for taking "direct aim at Kentucky's coal industry" and faulted proposed EPA carbon dioxide controls of existing power plants. Those positions aren't likely to be controversial in the nation's No. 3 coal producing state, but they don't mix well with the agenda of environmental groups.

McConnell has increasingly taken aim at the Obama administration's climate agenda, including chiding EPA at a public "listening session" at the agency's Washington headquarters. But before groups such as the Sierra Club dole out campaign funds, they first want to make sure that Grimes is close enough to their camp to overlook the differences.

Source: coverage of 2014 Kentucky Senate race Nov 11, 2013

Steve Beshear: Secures Clean Water Act funding to clean up pollution

Protection of our water resources is fundamental to our environment, our economy and good public health. These grants will fund efforts to help control pollution from sediment, pesticides and other substances that run off our land when it rains. The projects will be funded under Section 319(h) of the federal Clean Water Act and administered by the Kentucky Division of Water.
Source: 2011 Kentucky gubernatorial press release Oct 24, 2011

Bruce Lunsford: Worked on father’s tobacco farm as a youngster

Lunsford cited his childhood experience working on his father’s tobacco farm. At one point he mentioned how, when he was in high school, he kept a tobacco spear and a knife in the trunk of his car. “I always got the feeling with Sen. McConnell’s background that he had a briefcase in the back of his car,” Lunsford said. McConnell responded, “It’s interesting that my opponent was raised on a farm, but other than being interesting, it’s totally irrelevant to the issue at hand today,”
Source: 2008 Kentucky Senate debate reported in Herald-Leader Aug 21, 2008

Bruce Lunsford: Bring together all parties to review mountaintop removal

Q: Where do you stand on coal’s role in our energy policy, its effects on global warming, and mountaintop removal?

LUNSFORD: Coal is the economic engine for hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians. We need to bring together all relevant parties, including the coal industry, local leaders, and the environmental community to review mountaintop removal practices. We can find solutions that protect the environment, eliminate the dangers of runoff, and utilize coal more efficiently.

Source: 2008 Kentucky Senate Debate on Political Base website Jun 18, 2008

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