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Gabriel Gomez: Federal medical marijuana OK; leave the rest to states

Asked if they would support changes to federal marijuana laws, Markey said he supported the ballot question in Massachusetts allowing the medicinal use of marijuana.

Gomez said the question should be left to states instead of the federal government, but he would personally not support anything beyond the medicinal use of marijuana.

Source: Boston Herald on 2013 MA Senate debates Jun 11, 2013

Scott Brown: Stop dependence on drug trade in Afghanistan

Q: How can we establish a stable government in Afghanistan?

A: Well, it's gonna take time you know; you're dealing with a country that has had al ot of tribal leaders. It's a little different than Iraq; [we need to] provide stabilization and protect the citizens from infiltration from al-Qaeda and from Taliban rule. They are basically living in the fifteenth century--not allowing women go to school if you went outside you'd be punished sometimes severely. Just by being there, we're trying to get a handle on the drug trade too. They're growing a lot of wheat and other types, which can stop in the dependence on the drug trade.

Source: NECN Good Morning Live interviews on 2009 MA Senate race Nov 30, 2009

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