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Richard Madaleno: Maryland should lead way on renewable energy

As a state Senator, I've fought to end fracking, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and invest in renewable energy resources. As Governor, I will ensure our state is a leader these areas. Two hundred years ago, the first gas lamps in America were turned on in Baltimore. But that was then, and now we need to move on, with that same spirit of innovation, to help us move to the next sources of energy to power future growth.
Source: 2018 Maryland Gubernatorial website Aug 8, 2017

Larry Hogan: Clean Cars Act: invest in electric cars & charging stations

We cemented our state's position as a national leader in combating greenhouse gas emissions. We enacted legislation expanding the Climate Change Commission.

This year, let's make targeted, common sense investments to support our green jobs initiatives and to attract private investment for clean energy projects in our state.

We need your help to pass our Clean Cars Act of 2017, which will increase our investment in both electric vehicles and in the charging station tax credit programs.

Source: 2017 State of the State address to Maryland Legislature Feb 1, 2017

Jamie Raskin: Invest in clean energy to break our carbon addiction

Fighting Climate Change and Putting a Price on the Social Calamity of Carbon: In the State Senate, Jamie has worked hard to pass tough legislation to increase the renewable energy standards in our state energy portfolio, most recently cosponsoring and pressing for passage of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act to set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030.

In Congress, Jamie will work to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions to slow and halt climate change while investing in alternative clean energy technologies like solar and wind power that will permit us to break our dangerous carbon addiction. Carbon pollution can be reduced most cost-effectively through market-based approaches that put a price on carbon. Jamie will champion a sweeping carbon tax along with market-based solutions to stimulate renewable energy development and steadily and dramatically reduce carbon fuel consumption.

Source: 2016 Maryland House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Margaret Flowers: Transition to a carbon-free, nuclear-free energy economy

The US needs to set an aggressive agenda of transition to a carbon-free, nuclear-free energy economy in ten years to confront climate change and the environmental damage of dirty energy. This transition will impact multiple parts of our economy especially housing, transit and technology on clean energy, batteries and transmitting energy.
Source: 2016 Maryland Senate campaign website Feb 3, 2016

Richard Douglas: Vote YES on Keystone pipeline; it's a call to arms

In July, 28 Democratic members of the US House of Representatives broke ranks and voted to build the Keystone Pipeline. Sadly, Maryland Representatives Chris Van Hollen and Donna Edwards voted NO. For Marylanders weary of sheltered politicians who turn their backs on American workers, these NO votes are a call to arms. Iraq veteran Richard Douglas has answered the call. He is prepared to do whatever it takes to return the American workforce to its rightful place: first on the nation's priority list. For the Maryland members of Congress who voted against Keystone, it was not their first NO. Douglas believes such votes illustrate a sheltered Congress's detachment from the realities of American workers in Maryland and across the nation. Congress's isolation harms American workers, and ultimately weakens American democracy.
Source: 2016 Campaign website for MD Senate, Nov 11, 2015

Martin O`Malley: End the automatic gas tax increase

After siphoning a billion dollars from the Transportation Trust Fund, a decision was made to enact the largest gas tax increase in state history. This legislation also included language that would automatically increase taxes every single year without it ever having a coming up for a vote.

Marylanders deserve the transparency to know how their elected leaders vote every time the state takes a bigger share of their hard-earned dollars. This is a regressive tax that hurts struggling Maryland families and our most vulnerable, and which adds to the cost of almost everything.

These automatic tax increases should be repealed, and we will submit legislation to do so.

Source: State of the State address to 2015 Maryland Legislature Feb 4, 2015

Kathy Szeliga: Voted NO on offshore wind renewable energy credits

HB 226 Establishes Offshore Wind Renewable Energy Credits
Concurrence Vote Passed House (88 - 48); Rep. Kathy Szeliga voted Nay.
Source: VoteSmart synopsis of 2013-2014 Maryland voting records Mar 18, 2013

Jamie Raskin: Voted YES on offshore wind renewable energy credits

HB 226 Establishes Offshore Wind Renewable Energy Credits
Concurrence Vote Passed House (88-48-5); passed Senate (30-15-1); Sen. Raskin voted YEA.
Source: VoteSmart synopsis of 2013-2014 Maryland legislative records Mar 8, 2013

Richard Madaleno: Voted YES on offshore wind renewable energy credits

HB 226 Establishes Offshore Wind Renewable Energy Credits
Concurrence Vote Passed House (88-48-5); passed Senate (30-15-1); Sen. Madaleno voted YEA.
Source: VoteSmart synopsis of 2013-2014 Maryland legislative records Mar 8, 2013

Ben Cardin: End special breaks to oil industries

Cardin said a bipartisan plan to address the national deficit needs to be the top priority. Cardin underscored that he believes revenues need to be a part of the plan. "Everybody should be paying their fair share," Cardin said. "We should eliminate the deductions that allow businesses to send our jobs overseas, and we shouldn't be giving to oil industries special breaks that are not available to other aspects of the energy sector."

Bongino said government needs to get out of the way and lessen the tax burden on residents and businesses. "Put the money back in Marylanders' pockets," Bongino said. "They know what to do with it."

Source: Cumberland Times-News on 2012 Maryland Senate debate Oct 25, 2012

Rob Sobhani: Untangle national security from our need for oil and gas

My business consists of helping American companies--and American workers--gain access to international markets to develop oil, gas and renewable energy. We need to untangle our national security interests from our need for oil and gas, because we have plenty of energy right here in our own country. We do NOT have to be dependent on other countries for America's energy. And we need an energy policy that balances the development of domestic energy with a commitment to environmental protection.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, Oct 15, 2012

Martin O`Malley: Raise gas tax by 2% per year, to rebuild infrastructure

Today, with gasoline at $3.50 per gallon, our primary source of revenue for transportation is the same flat 23 cents it was when gas was $1.08 per gallon. Meanwhile, it costs more to paint the Bay Bridge today than it did to build the first span. As the Baltimore Sun editorializes, "If Maryland continues to embrace a 1992 tax rate, it will have to settle for crumbling 1992-era infrastructure."

No one has wanted to ask people to do more. The best remaining option in my view is to repeal the current sales tax exemption on a gallon of gasoline; phasing it out by two percent a year, with a "braking mechanism" to protect consumers in the event that the price of gas spikes. An enhanced investment on this scale would allow us to create 7,500 new jobs building needed roads, bridges, and public transit throughout our State.

Source: 2012 Maryland State of the State Address Feb 3, 2012

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