State of North Carolina Archives: on Social Security

Sandy Smith: Privatize Social Security, with protections

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Privatize Social Security"?

A: Strongly Support, but we also must protect social security for those who wish to keep it the way it is.

Source: interview of 2020 N.C. Senate candidates Jul 21, 2019

Ken Spaulding: Keep your hands off of our social security

Oh yes, I very much want to share my position with you about seniors. It would be nice if the government would not make our lives more complicated by contemplating putting a state tax on our social security as they were discussing in Raleigh not too long ago. I am with those who say keep your hands off of our social security.

We seniors would like to know and feel that when elections take place, we are not going to have to worry about what the politicians might do to make our lives, our children's lives, and our grand children's lives more difficult. We want to know that whoever serves us in office will have compassion for all North Carolinians and who, at the same time, will understand the meaning of fiscal responsibility. We seniors do vote, and we expect the elected officials to respect us as well. So yes, I am proud to be a senior running for Governor of the State of North Carolina. I will bring reason & common sense to state government in a responsible, positive and constructive manner.

Source: 2016 N.C. Gubernatorial campaign website Oct 9, 2015

Alma Adams: Protect and fund Social Security and Medicare

Keeping our promise to our seniors in the form of Medicare and Social Security should be a top priority. They have paid into these programs their entire working lives so we cannot raid the benefits which they have already earned.

In Congress, Alma Adams will be an outspoken advocate for protecting and funding Social Security and Medicare.

Source: 2014 N.C. House campaign website, Aug 31, 2014

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