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Phil Scott: The right leader at the right time

Q: Why are you running for this office?

Phil Scott: I am running for Governor because I firmly believe that I am the right leader at the right time to move Vermont forward. As a lifelong Vermonter, small-business owner, and public servant, I'm frustrated by business as usual in Montpelier. We need to focus on the fundamentals, like economic development and making Vermont more affordable. Throughout my political career, I've been a consensus builder--working with Democrats, Republicans, Progressives, and Independents to accomplish common-sense legislation that moves our state in the right direction. As Governor, I will continue to reach across the aisle. I recognize that there are a lot of egos in Montpelier. But my focus has never been getting credit. My priority is getting things done for Vermonters.

Source: LWV's on 2016 Vermont Gubernatorial Race Sep 19, 2016

Peter Shumlin: Retiring after three terms to return to the business world

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin says he won't run for a fourth, two-year term next year. Shumlin announced his plans at a news conference where he outlined the successes of his administration and identified challenges still to come. The Democrat had survived a tough re-election fight in November, outspending little-known business owner Scott Milne but still drawing less than 50% of the vote and forcing the Legislature to decide the outcome in January.

Shumlin also had to abandon one of his signature efforts: a universal, government-backed health care system often referred to as single-payer. The 59-year-old Shumlin, who was first elected in 2010, said he never had any desire to be a full-time politician. He said he'll return to the business world.

Source: Washington Times on 2016 Vermont gubernatorial race Jun 8, 2015

Bernie Sanders: Lost campaigns in 1972, 1974 & 1988 before winning in 1990

If At First You Don't Succeed... The CQ Roll Call members database reveals that 18 members of the 113th Congress mounted multiple unsuccessful campaigns before finally winning a seat.
Source: Cong. Quarterly Rollcall mag. on 2014 Vermont Senate race Mar 20, 2014

John MacGovern: Runs the Hanover Institute, a Dartmouth alumni group

MacGovern, 61, a graduate of Dartmouth College, served in the Massachusetts Legislature during the 1980s. He moved to Vermont in 1999. He currently runs the Hanover Institute, which he describes as an independent group of Dartmouth alumni formed to protect their voice in an expanded governing board. This is his first run for statewide elected office in Vermont.
Source: Boston Globe on 2012 Vermont Senate debate Oct 18, 2012

John MacGovern: Served four terms in the Massachusetts legislature

MacGovern grew up on a vegetable farm in Massachusetts, graduated from Dartmouth College and then pursued a business career. In the mid-1980s he served four terms in the Massachusetts legislature, lost a close race for a U.S. House seat in Massachusetts and moved with his wife to Vermont in the 1990s. He has since unsuccessfully run for the Vermont legislature three times and is president of the Hanover Institute.
Source: Burlington Free Press, on 2012 Vermont Senate debate Aug 27, 2012

Larry Drown: America needs a change in culture as well as politics

America needs a change in culture as well as politics. We need to become again a nation that values health, hard work, innovation, education, the environment and each other. We were the nation that led the world into the industrial revolution, put the first man on the moon, provided education to all and our national park system is second to none.
Source: 2006 Senate campaign website, Jun 24, 2006

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