Libertarian Party on Principles & Values

Encourage individual freedom without government interference

We believe that respect for individual rights is the essential precondition for a free and prosperous world, that force and fraud must be banished from human relationships, and that only through freedom can peace and prosperity be realized. The world we seek to build is one where individuals are free to follow their own dreams in their own ways, without interference from government or any authoritarian power.
Source: National Platform of the Libertarian Party Jul 2, 2000

Church and state should be completely separate

We defend the rights of individuals to engage in (or abstain from) any religious activities that do not violate the rights of others. In order to defend freedom, we advocate a strict separation of church and State. We oppose taxation of church property for the same reason that we oppose all taxation. We oppose the harassment of churches by the Internal Revenue Service.
Source: National Platform of the Libertarian Party Jul 2, 2000

No taxation or regulation of private property

All rights are inextricably linked with property rights. Our bodies are our property every bit as much as is justly acquired land or material objects. We further hold that the owners of property have the full right to control, use, dispose of, or in any manner enjoy, their property without interference. We condemn government efforts to regulate. We demand an end to the taxation of privately owned real property.
Source: National Platform of the Libertarian Party Jul 2, 2000

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