Leah Vukmir on Civil Rights



Voted against anti-bullying legislation to protect students

Vukmir has campaigned door-to-door in her district, but has mostly avoided debates, press events & interviews; so this rare debate covered a wide range of issues. One subject that never arose, however, was LGBT rights. Outside the auditorium, the day's top news story was the federal injunction issued against the military's "don't-ask-don't-tell" ban, the most significant development on the controversial policy since its inception in 1993. But none of the LGBT issues of the day were discussed, despite their central role in the Bible-wielding Vukmir's candidacy--and despite being a major point of differentiation between her and Sullivan.

The race between Sullivan, a pro-equality candidate, and Vukmir, who's so far to the religious right that she voted against anti-bullying legislation, would seem a natural to draw the interest of LGBT voters in the area. Vukmir consulted with Wisconsin Family Action's anti-gay president about how to vote on the anti-bullying law.

Source: Wisconsin Gazette on 2018 Wisconsin State Senate debate , Oct 20, 2010

Silent on LGBT issues during debate and surveys

Vukmir has avoided [public discussion of LGBT issues]. In fact, just as she did at the Oct. 12 debate, Vukmir seems to have relegated her social views to the closet for this race, despite publicly insisting that the Fifth Senate District is "very conservative."

Vukmir declined to fill out the Wisconsin Family Council's 2010 election questionnaire, which included an item asking about support for the state's domestic partner registry. Her reticence seemed odd given Vukmir's cozy behind-the-scenes relationship with Wisconsin Family Action. That group was behind the state's constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and is behind the current legal challenge to the state's domestic partner registry.

With polls showing Vukmir and Sullivan statistically tied, LGBT support might yet make the difference in the race, but only if future forums don't enable Vukmir's strategy of silence on social issues.

Source: Wisconsin Gazette on 2018 Wisconsin State Senate debate , Oct 20, 2010

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