Marlin Stutzman on Crime



Harsher sentencing for "pill mill" operators.

Stutzman signed Pill Mill Crackdown Act

    The Pill Mill Crackdown Act of 2011: Amends the Controlled Substances Act to:
  1. double the term of imprisonment and triple the fine for the prohibited distribution of a schedule II or schedule III controlled substance by the operator of a pill mill,
  2. increase the penalties for such operator distribution of a controlled substance to a person under age 21 from twice to thrice the maximum punishment or term of supervised release authorized, and
  3. exclude such operator distribution from the applicability of provisions authorizing an alternative fine of not more than twice the gross profits or other proceeds derived by a defendant from a drug offense.
      Expresses the sense of Congress that such prohibited operator distribution is a violation for which certain property is subject to forfeiture.
      • Requires the proceeds from disposition of such property to be used for controlled substance monitoring programs in the states and for block grants to states for community mental health services and for prevention and treatment of substance abuse.
      • Changes the classification of specified quantities of dihydrocodeinone from a schedule III to a schedule II controlled substance.
      Source: H.R.1065 11-HR1065 on Mar 14, 2011

      Rated 46% by the NAPO, indicating a police-the-police stance.

      Stutzman scores 46% by the NAPO on crime & police issues

      Ratings by the National Association of Police Organizations indicate support or opposition to issues of importance to police and crime. The organization's self-description: "The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) is a coalition of police units and associations from across the United States. NAPO was organized for the purpose of advancing the interests of America's law enforcement officers through legislative advocacy, political action, and education.

      "Increasingly, the rights and interests of law enforcement officers have been the subject of legislative, executive, and judicial action in the nationís capital. NAPO works to influence the course of national affairs where law enforcement interests are concerned. The following list includes examples of NAPOís accomplishments:

      • Enactment of the Fair Sentencing Act
      • Enactment of the National AMBER Alert Act
      • Enactment of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act
      • Enactment of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act
      • Enactment of the Law Enforcement Officers' Safety Act (Right to Carry Legislation)

      VoteMatch scoring for the NAPO ratings is as follows:

      • 0%-50%: soft on crime and police issues;
      • 50%-75%: mixed record on crime and police issues;
      • 75%-100%: tough on crime and police issues.
      Source: NAPO ratings on Congress and politicians 2014_NAPO on Dec 31, 2014

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