Mandatory "Three Strikes" Sentencing Laws


This question is looking for your views on whether stricter enforcement and mandatory sentencing is the solution to crime.  However you answer the above question would be similar to your response to these statements:


The 1996 National Crime Victimization Survey found the lowest overall crime rate since the survey began in 1973. Despite the falling crime rate, taking into account both violent crime and property crime, 83 percent of Americans can expect to be a victim of crime at least once in their lifetime.

‘Three Strikes’ Laws

‘Three Strikes’ laws mean that people convicted of a third felony receive a mandatory life sentence. Some candidates advocate ‘Two Strikes’ or ‘One Strike,’ which generally means more mandatory sentencing, less judicial discretion, and less chance of early parole.

‘Broken Windows’ Laws

‘Broken Windows’ laws mean that police focus on ‘quality of life’ issues as much as on crime itself. By addressing even minor crimes such as broken windows, according to this theory, a community is less likely to tolerate any crime, and overall crime rates should fall.

‘Community Policing’

‘Community Policing’ refers to a policy of crime prevention replacing incident response. It is often accompanied by a ‘broken windows’ policy, or by increased police presence on the streets.


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