Privatize Social Security


This question is looking for your views on how large a role the federal government should play in individual retirement. However you answer the above question would be similar to your response to these statements:


Social Security Trust Fund

The Trust Fund is the government's means of saving up for the expected increase in retirement in coming decades. The primary policy question is where to invest the fund, and whether to increase the total fund by adding money from the budget surplus.

Social Security Investment

Due to the enormous amount of money involved, where and how the Trust Fund is invested will dramatically impact the economy.
 $0.6 trillion      Total amount currently in the Trust Fund   (1999)
 $3.0 trillion      Estimated amount needed by peak year       (2015)
 $2.9 trillion      Expected total budget surplus for years 2000-2009
 $1.8 trillion      Total amount of most recent federal budget (2000)
 $5.6 trillion      Total amount of the federal National Debt  (1998)
$11.6 trillion      Total market capitalization of the NYSE    (1999)


IRAs and other Retirement Accounts

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