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Closed "tobacco loophole": $50M more in cigarette settlement

Chris Koster tweeted about "closing the tobacco loophole," which he says will save Missourians $50 million. The so-called "tobacco loophole" means more money from the big 5 tobacco companies if Missouri takes a tougher line with smaller companies.

In 1998, Missouri and 45 other states sued the 5 biggest tobacco companies for selling cigarettes which they knew caused cancer. The settlement said that Missouri would receive roughly $130 million a year. All nonparticipating tobacco companies (other than the big 5) were required to pay into an escrow fund. The "loophole" is that, without "diligent enforcement" against the smaller companies, the bigger companies would lose market share (8%, it turns out) and would hold back part of the $130 million ($50 million in 2014, it turns out).

Koster negotiated a deal with the big 5 tobacco companies to return that $50 million to Missouri, on the condition the state "diligently enforce" on the smaller cigarette makers. We rate this claim True.

Source: PolitiFact.com on 2016 Missouri gubernatorial race , May 6, 2016

ObamaCare generates jobs as well as cuts healthcare costs

Koster released the following statement in response to the Supreme Court's ruling on King v. Burwell: "Republicans and Democrats both agree that America's health care system has long needed to change. For too long, those with insurance have had to pay more to offset the cost of care for those without insurance. This had a negative economic impact for consumers and the economy as a whole.

"The Affordable Care Act has succeeded at adding thousands of Missourians to the rolls of the insured, and continues to reduce costs. But its effect on Missouri's economy could be even more beneficial: it could create up to 24,000 jobs in our state and generate billions in labor income.

"Today's ruling was a positive step forward. The subsidies are an important part of building our health care infrastructure and providing affordable care to low- and middle-income families. I hope our state legislature will now see the economic value in Medicaid expansion and bring Missouri's tax dollars back."

Source: 2016 Missouri gubernatorial campaign website press reelase , Jun 25, 2015

Expanding Medicaid provides immediate fiscal stimulus

The two most impactful steps lawmakers can take today to create a top 10 business climate are these: cut taxes and expand Medicaid. Landing Missouri among the top 10 business-friendly states in America will not be easy, and we may not accomplish the goal in one legislative session. But whether we achieve the goal in 1 year or over several years, top 10 must be our end.

As lawmakers cut taxes to promote job growth in Missouri, they should simultaneously expand Medicaid. More than any other legislative act, Medicaid expansion will provide immediate fiscal stimulus to Missouri's economy.

Under the proposed program, each dollar Missouri dedicates to Medicaid expansion will return 19 dollars in new investment to our state, an annual return of 1,900 percent on our tax dollars.

Medicaid expansion is not supported by only Democrats. It is supported by many right-leaning groups and prominent Republicans as well, including the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and former U.S. Sen. Kit Bond.

Source: Koster StLToday.com column: 2016 Missouri gubernatorial race , Feb 18, 2014

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