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Warning on flavored e-cigarettes, like regular cigarettes

Q: Would you ban flavored e-cigarettes, and/or vaping, over health concerns surrounding targeting teens?

Eddie RISPONE: You know, I think that's like cigarettes in general, we should put the warning on those. And we should look at reducing the use of those things. Now about giving an executive order to do away with them, I don't think I'm prepared to say that tonight. Really not. But if the evidence shows that something needs to be done, we need to move forward with that and address it from a health standpoint.

Gov. John Bel EDWARDS: The President is looking at banning the flavoring of the cigarettes, and I happen to think that that's probably a smart thing to do, to limit these e-cigarettes, especially the flavoring of it.

Rep. Ralph ABRAHAM: As a physician, I can tell you that they do cause damage. If you're over 21, I certainly don't recommend that. but it is a personal choice. Below 21, I think we need to put the regulation that we have on other cigarettes in place.

Source: Bayou Buzz Transcript of 2019 Louisiana Gubernatorial debate , Sep 23, 2019

Talk to your kids to discourage e-cigarette use

Q: All three of you have either children or grandchildren. If you found them using e-cigarettes, what would you say to them?

Eddie RISPONE: I'd do everything I could to discourage you from using e-cigarettes just like regular cigarettes; both of them are very harmful to their health. And I would actually do as best I could to research it, sit down with them, bring them to some experts and explain to them the hazards of doing that.

Gov. John Bel EDWARDS: Part of the problem is many people believe it is a safer alternative, when in fact it is not. And certainly the flavorings lend themselves to children being attractive, but I would tell them, please not to do that.

Rep. Ralph ABRAHAM: Look, an optic is worth 1000 words literally. I would show them a lung that has been damaged by e-cigarettes. I've seen them and it's impressive. So they would get the picture literally.

Source: Bayou Buzz Transcript of 2019 Louisiana Gubernatorial debate , Sep 23, 2019

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