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State     Governor
(2012 winners marked )
Incumbent's Party Former Governors 2012 Challengers and Former Candidates
  Sean Parnell
Succeeded Gov. Palin in 2009; elected 2010
Republican Sarah Palin ; GOP Governor, 2006-2009
Author: America by Heart
Frank Murkowski GOP Governor, 2002-2006
Tony Knowles Dem. Governor, 1995-2002
Next election: 2014
Rep. Artur Davis (D, AL-7) 2010 challenger
  Robert Bentley
First elected 2010

Republican Bob Riley GOP Governor, 2003-2010
Don Siegelman  Dem. Governor, 1999-2003
Next election: 2014
  Mike Beebe
First elected 2006; re-elected 2010
Democrat Mike Huckabee GOP Governor until 2006
Author: A Simple Government
Bill Clinton Dem. Governor, 1979-81 & 1983-92;
President, 1993-2001; Author: My Life
David Pryor Dem. Governor, 1975-79
Dale Bumpers Dem. Governor, 1971-75
Next election: 2014; Contenders:
Former Congressman and DEA Administrator Asa Hutchison
Former Congressman Mike Ross
Former Lt. Gov. Bill Halter
  Jan Brewer
Succeeded Gov. Napolitano in 2009; elected 2010;
Author: Scorpions for Breakfast, 2011
Republican Janet Napolitano Dem. Governor, 2002-2009;
Appointed to Obama's Cabinet in 2009.
Jane Dee Hull GOP Governor, 1998-2002
Next election: 2014
  Jerry Brown
First re-elected 2010
(previously governor, 1975-1983)
Democrat Arnold Schwarzenegger GOP Governor, 2003-2010
Gray Davis Dem. Governor, 1998-2003
Ronald Reagan GOP Governor, 1966-80
President, 1981-1989; Memoir: Dutch, by Edmund Morris
Next election: 2014
2003 CA Recall Debate
Arianna Huffington 2003 Independent challenger;
Author: Third World America
Cruz Bustamante 2003 Democratic challenger
Peter Camejo 2003 Green Challenger
Tom McClintock 2003 Republican Challenger
  John Hickenlooper
First elected 2010
Democrat Bill Ritter Dem. Governor 2006-2010
Bill Owens GOP Governor 1998-2006
Next election: 2014
Rep. Tom Tancredo (C), 2010 challenger
Author: In Mortal Danger
Rep. Bob Beauprez (R), 2006 challenger
  Dan Malloy
First Elected 2010
Democrat Jodi Rell Acting Governor, 2004; elected 2006-2010
John Rowland  GOP Governor, re-elected 2002, resigned July 2004
Next election: 2014
  Jack Markell
First elected 2008
Running for re-election 2012
Democrat Ruth Ann Minner
First elected 2000;
re-elected 2004;
Term-limited, 2008
Tom Carper Dem. Governor, 1993-2000
Michael Castle GOP Governor, 1985-1992
Next election: 2012
Challenger: Jeff Cragg (R)
  Rick Scott
First elected, 2010
Republican Charlie Crist GOP governor, 2006-2010
Jeb Bush GOP governor, retired 2006;
Author: Profiles in Character
Bob Graham Dem. Governor, 1979-86
Next election: 2014
Former U.S. Rep. Bill McCollum (lost Aug. 2010 primary)
Jim Davis (D, lost 2006 challenge)
Janet Reno (D, lost 2002 challenge)
Brian Moore (Past challenger & 2008 Socialist Presidential nominee)
  Nathan Deal
First elected 2010
Sonny Perdue (Dem. Governor 2002-2010)
Roy Barnes (Dem. Governor, 1999-2002)
Zell Miller (Dem. Governor, 1991-98)
Jimmy Carter (Dem. Governor, 1971-74)
Next election: 2014
  Neil Abercrombie
First elected 2010
Democrat Linda Lingle GOP Governor, 2002-2010
Benjamin Cayetano Dem. Governor, 1995-2002
Next election: 2014
  Terry Branstad
First re-elected 2010;
previously governor 1983-1999
Republican Chet Culver; Dem. Governor 2006-2010
Tom Vilsack Dem. Governor 2002-2006
Next election: 2014
Jim Nussle (R, 2006 challenger)
  Butch Otter
First elected 2006; re-elected 2010
Republican Dirk Kempthorne GOP Governor, 1999-2006;
Appointed 2006-2009 to Bush's Cabinet.
Next election: 2014
Jerry Brady (D, 2006 challenger)
  Pat Quinn
Succeeded Gov. Blagojevich in 2009; elected 2010
Democrat Rod Blagojevich Dem. Governor, 2002-2009;
resigned in scandal.
George Ryan GOP Governor, 1999-2002
Next election: 2014
  Mitch Daniels
First Elected 2004;
Re-elected, 2008;
Term-limited 2012
Republican Joseph Kernan Dem. Governor, 2003
Frank O'Bannon Dem. Governor, 1997-2003
Evan Bayh Dem. Governor, 1989-96
Next Election: 2012
Challengers: Former House Speaker John Gregg (D)
vs. U.S. Rep. Mike Pence (R)
  Sam Brownback
First elected 2010;
Author: From Power to Purpose
Republican Mark Parkinson Dem. Governor, 2009-2010
Kathleen Sebelius Dem. Governor, 2002-2009;
Appointed to Obama's Cabinet.
Bill Graves GOP Governor, 1995-2002
Next election: 2014
  Steve Beshear
Re-elected 2011;
First Elected 2007
Democrat Ernie Fletcher GOP Gov., elected 2003; lost re-election 2007
Paul Patton Dem. Governor, 1995-2002
Wendell Ford Dem. Governor, 1971-74
Next election: 2015
2010 Senate nominee Bill Johnson (R);
State Sen. Pres. David Williams (R)
  Bobby Jindal
Re-elected, 2011;
First elected, 2007
Author: Leadership and Crisis
Democrat Kathleen Blanco Dem. Governor, 2004-2008
Mike Foster GOP Governor, 1996-2004

Next election: 2015
Sec. of St. Jay Dardenne (R);
Caroline Fayard (D);
Dan Northcutt (I)
  Deval Patrick
First elected 2006; re-elected 2010
2006 MA Democratic primary debate
2006 MA Gubernatorial debate;
Author: A Reason to Believe, 2011
Democrat Mitt Romney GOP Governor, 2002-2006;
Author: Turnaround
Kerry Healey GOP Lt.Gov.; 2006 nominee
Jane Swift GOP Governor, 2001-2002
Paul Cellucci GOP Governor until 2001
Sen. John Kerry Dem. Lt. Gov., 1982-84;
Author: A Call to Service
Next election 2014
Christy Mihos (R, 2010 challenger)
Grace Ross (D, 2010 challenger)
Dr. Jill Stein (G, 2010 challenger)
Chris Gabrieli 2006 primary challenger;
2002 Lt.Gov.nominee;
Robert Reich Dem.primary challenger, 2002;
Author: Locked in the Cabinet
Tom Reilly State Atty.Gen.; 2002 challenger
Shannon O'Brien (Democratic nominee, 2002)
Steve Grossman (Dem.primary challenger, 2002)
  Martin O'Malley
First elected 2006; re-elected 2010
Democrat Robert Ehrlich GOP governor, 2002-2006
Parris Glendening Dem. Governor, 1995-2002
Next election 2014
Corrogan Vaughn (R, 2010 challenger)
  Paul LePage
First elected 2010
Republican John Baldacci Dem. Governor, 2002-2010
Angus King Independent Governor, 1995-2002
Author: Governor`s Travels
Next election 2014
  Rick Snyder
First elected 2010
Republican Jennifer Granholm , Dem. Governor, 2002-2010
John Engler GOP Governor, 1991-2002
Next election 2014
Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R, 2010 challenger)
Former Rep. Joe Schwarz (I, 2010 challenger)
  Mark Dayton
First elected 2010
Republican Tim Pawlenty  GOP Governor, 2002-2010;
Biography: Sam's Club Republican
Jesse Ventura  Independent Governor, 1998-2002;
Author: American Conspiracies
Next election 2014. Challenger:
Businessman Scott Honour (R)
  Jay Nixon
First elected 2008;
Running for re-election 2012
Democrat Matt Blunt GOP Governor, 2004-2008
Bob Holden Dem. Governor, 2000-2004
Mel Carnahan Dem. Governor, 1997-2000
John Ashcroft GOP Governor, 1985-93
Kit Bond GOP Governor, 1971-77 & 1981-85
Next Election: 2012
Challenger: Dave Spence (R)
  Phil Bryant
First elected 2011.
Republican Haley Barbour
First elected 2003;
Re-elected 2007;
Author: The Agenda for America, 1996
Ronnie Musgrove Dem. Governor, 2000-2003
Next election 2015
Bill Luckett (D);
Mayor Johnny Dupree;
Attorney General Jim Hood
  Brian Schweitzer
First elected 2004;
Re-elected 2008;
Term-limited 2012;
Biography: Blue Man in a Red State, 2008
Democrat Judy Martz GOP Governor, 2000-2004 Next Election: 2012
Challengers: Attorney General Steve Bullock (D)
vs. Former Rep. Rick Hill (R)
2008 challenger: Stan Jones
  Bev Perdue
First elected 2008;
Retiring 2012
Democrat Mike Easley Dem. Governor 2000-2008 Next election: 2012 (Gov. Perdue retiring)
Challengers: Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton (D)
vs. Mayor Pat McCrory (R)
Other contenders: Rep. Virginia Foxx (Withdrew);
State Sen. Fred Smith; Mayor Tom Fetzer; State Sen. Phil Berger
  Jack Dalrymple
Succeeded Gov. Hoeven in 2010
Republican John Hoeven GOP Governor 2000-2010
(Elected to Senate in Nov. 2010)
Next Election: 2012
Challenger: State Senate Minority Leader Ryan Taylor (D)
Withdrawn candidates: Ag. Commissioner Roger Johnson (D);
Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D)
  Dave Heineman
Succeeded Gov. Johanns 2004;
Elected in 2006;
Re-elected 2010
Republican Mike Johanns GOP Governor, 2000-2004;
appointed to Bush's Cabinet, 2004
Ben Nelson Dem. Governor, 1991-99
Bob Kerrey Dem. Governor, 1983-87
Jim Exon Dem. Governor, 1971-79
Next election 2014
  John Lynch
First elected 2004;
re-elected 2006, 2008, & 2010; retiring 2012.
Democrat Craig Benson (GOP Governor, 2002-2004)
Jeanne Shaheen (Dem. Governor, 1997-2002)
Judd Gregg (GOP Governor, 1989-92)
Next Election: 2012
Gov. Lynch announced retirement, Sept. 2012
Challengers: Former State Senate Majority Leader Maggie Hassan (D)
vs. Former State Board of Education Chair Ovide Lamontagne (R)
  Chris Christie
First elected Nov. 2009;
Biography: Teachers Under Attack, 2011
Republican Jon Corzine ((Dem. Governor, 2005-2009)
Richard Codey (Acting Governor 2004-2005)
James McGreevey (Dem. Governor, 2002-2004; resigned Aug. 2004)
Donald DiFrancesco (GOP Governor, 2001-2002)
Thomas Kean (GOP Governor, 1982-1990)
Christie Todd Whitman (GOP Governor, 1994-2001)
Next Election: 2013
Challenger: State Sen. Barbara Buono (D)
Newark Mayor Cory Booker (D)
Chris Daggett (I, 2009 challenger)
2009 N.J. gubernatorial debates
  Susana Martinez
First elected 2010
Republican Bill Richardson Dem. Governor, 2002-2010
Author: Between Worlds
Gary Johnson  GOP governor, 1995-2002
Running for President, 2012
Next election 2014
  Brian Sandoval
First elected 2010
Republican Jim Gibbons GOP Governor, 2006-2010
Kenny Guinn GOP governor, re-elected 2002
Richard Bryan Dem. Governor, 1983-1989
Next election 2014
  Andrew Cuomo
First elected 2010;
Author: Crossroads: The Future of American Politics, 2003
Democrat David Paterson Dem. Governor, 2008-2010
Eliot Spitzer Resigned in scandal, March 2008.
George Pataki GOP governor, re-elected 2002
Mario Cuomo Dem. Governor, 1982-94;
Author: Reason To Believe
Next election 2014
Rep. Rick Lazio (R, lost 2010 primary)
  John Kasich
First elected 2010
Author: Stand For Something
Republican Ted Strickland (Dem. Governor, 2006-2010)
Bob Taft (GOP Governor, 1999-2006)
George Voinovich (GOP Governor, 1991-98)
Mike DeWine (Dem. Lt. Governor, 1991-95)
Richard Celeste (Dem. Governor, 1983-91)
Next election 2014
  Mary Fallin
First elected 2010
Republican Brad Henry Dem. Governor 2002-2010
Frank Keating (GOP Governor, 1995-2002)
Next election 2014
Ernest Istook (R, 2006 challenger)
  Former Gov. John Kitzhaber
First re-elected 2010
Previously governor 1995-2002
Democrat Ted Kulongoski Dem. Governor 2002-2010
Mark Hatfield (GOP Governor, 1959-66)
Next election 2014
  Tom Corbett
First elected 2010
Republican Edward Rendell Dem. Governor 2002-2010
Tom Ridge (GOP Governor, 1995-2001)
Author: Test of Our Times
Mark Schweiker (GOP Governor, 2001-02)
Next election 2014; contenders:
Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D)
  Sen. Linc Chafee
First elected 2010;
Author: Against the Tide, 2008
Independent Don Carcieri GOP Governor 2002-2010
Lincoln Almond (GOP Governor, 1995-2002)
John Chafee (GOP Governor, 1963-66)
Next election 2014
  Nikki Haley
First elected 2010
Republican Mark Sanford GOP Governor 2002-2010
Author: The Trust Committed To Me
Jim Hodges (Dem. Governor, 1999-2002)
Ernest Hollings (Dem. Governor, 1959-63)
Next election 2014
Rep. Gresham Barrett (R, 2010 challenger)
  Dennis Daugaard
First elected 2010
Republican Mike Rounds GOP Governor 2002-2010
Bill Janklow (GOP Governor, 1979-1986, 1995-2002)
Next election 2014
  Bill Haslam
First elected 2010
Republican Phil Bredesen Dem. Governor, 2002-2010
Don Sundquist (GOP Governor, 1995-2002)
Lamar Alexander (GOP Governor, 1979-87)
Next election 2014
Rep. Zach Wamp (R, 2010 challenger)
  Rick Perry
Succeeded Gov. Bush, 2001;
Re-elected 2002; 2006; 2010
Author: Fed Up!
Republican George W. Bush GOP Governor, 1994-2000,
President, 2000-2008
Author, Decision Points
Next election 2014
Kay Bailey Hutchison (R, 2010 primary)
Chris Bell (D, 2006 challenger)
  Gary Herbert
Succeeded Gov. Huntsman, 2009; elected 2010; Running for re-election 2012
Republican Jon Huntsman GOP Governor 2004-2009
Appointed as Obama's Ambassador to China in 2009.
Olene Walker (GOP Governor, 2003-2004)
Mike Leavitt (GOP Governor, 1997-2003;
appointed as Bush's EPA chief)
Next election 2012
Challenger: Maj.Gen Peter Cooke (D)
  Peter Shumlin
First elected 2010; Running for re-election 2012
Democrat James Douglas GOP Governor 2002-2010
Howard Dean  Dem. Governor, 1991-2002;
ran for President, 2004;
Author: Winning Back America
Next election 2012
Challenger: Former State Sen. Randy Brock (R)
  Bob McDonnell
First elected 2009;
Term-limited 2013
Republican Tim Kaine (Dem. Governor, 2005-2009)
Mark Warner (Dem. Governor, 2001-2005)
Jim Gilmore (GOP Governor, 1998-2001)
George Allen (GOP Governor, 1994-97)
Chuck Robb (Dem. Governor, 1982-85)
Next election 2013; Challengers:
Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R)
Former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe (D)
County Supervisor Corey Stewart(R for Lt. Gov.)
Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (I)
Creigh Deeds (D, 2009 challenger)
Virginia 2009 gubernatorial debates
  Christine Gregoire
First elected 2004;
Re-elected 2008;
Retiring 2012
Democrat Gary Locke (Dem. Governor, retired 2004)
Appointed to Obama's Cabinet in 2009.
Next election 2012
Challengers: Attorney General Rob McKenna (R)
vs. U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee (D);
Withdrawn contenders: Rep. Dave Reichert
Dino Rossi; Lisa Brown; Rob McKenna
  Scott Walker
First elected 2010
Republican Jim Doyle Dem. Governor 2002-2010
Scott McCallum  (GOP Governor, 2001-02)
Tommy Thompson (GOP Governor, 1987-2000;
ran for President, 2007)
Next election 2014; special recall election June 5, 2012:
Former Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D, 2010 challenger & 2012 recall nominee)
Former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann (R, 2010 primary challenger)
Mark Green (R, 2006 challenger)
  Earl Ray Tomblin
Special election Oct. 2011;
Succeeded Gov. Manchin early 2010;
Running for re-election 2012.
Democrat Joe Manchin Dem. Governor, 2004-2010
Bob Wise Dem. Governor, 2000-2004
Jay Rockefeller Dem. Governor, 1976-1984
Next election 2012
(special election for one-year term)
Challengers: Bill Maloney (R);
Marla Ingels (Independent); Bob Barber (Mountain Party); Harry Bertram (American Third Position Party);
State Sen. Jeffrey Kessler (D); State Sen. Walt Helmick (D).
Patrick Morrisey Republican for Attorney General
  Matt Mead
First elected 2010
Republican Dave Freudenthal Dem. Governor 2002-2010
Jim Geringer GOP Governor, 1995-2002
Next election 2014


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