Clay Higgins on Foreign Policy



Russia is a Christian ally to be handled with caution

Russia is G-7 and should be handled as carefully and with the respect that one would handle a viper. Russia is a vast land mass, with natural resources yet undiscovered. It spans 11 time zones. 70% of its land mass is uninhabited and largely unexplored. The Russian citizenry is primarily Christian and as a people, historically proud and very tough. Russia is a respected ally to America... but an ally to be handled with caution
Source: 2016 Louisiana House campaign website CaptainHiggins.com , Dec 10, 2016

The United Nations compromises our sovereignty

The UN has grown too powerful. Our sovereignty as a nation is constantly compromised, again and again, through UN operations. I'm not a supporter of disbanding the United Nations. I think it is good to have a designated arena for diplomatic endeavors and meetings. However, I would support measures to greatly scale back funding for and participation in UN operations. They've grown too big for their britches over there, and they're sitting on super prime US real estate.
Source: 2016 Louisiana House campaign website CaptainHiggins.com , Dec 10, 2016

Cut World Bank funding to enforce against terrorism.

Higgins voted YEA The World Bank Accountability Act

Congressional Summary: HR 3326: World Bank Accountability Act: Requires withholding 15% of appropriation if countries borrowing from the World Bank's International Development Association are not implementing the UN Security Council resolution to impose sanctions on North Korea. Withholds an additional 15% if the World Bank approved a loan to a country designated by the US as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Statement in support by Rep. French Hill (R-AR-2): The World Bank's extravagant and unaccountable spending practices have been in conflict with the values of Americans for far too long. This bill helps put an end to sending hard-earned American dollars to despots and corrupt regimes. [We should instead] see these funds used how they were truly intended, which is to help lift individuals out of poverty and put them on the pathway to success.

Statement in opposition by IssueVoter.org: Opponents say that withholding funds may undercut the credibility and leverage the World Bank has to get reforms enacted and implemented. "America's leadership at the World Bank is 'one of the major tools in our soft power arsenal'". If the U.S. cuts obligations too much, it will cede that power.

Statement in opposition by Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA-6) on Medium.comJan 22, 2018: H.R. 3326 is taking a hammer approach to a multilateral organization that provides support for millions of people in the world's most impoverished countries. It is also concerning that this legislation is being considered at a time when the Trump Administration is actively seeking to back away from any and all international organizations. Additionally, the World Bank is already implementing a series of reforms.

Legislative outcome: Jan. 17, 2018 House Bill Passed 237-184 (Roll no. 24); bill died in Senate committee.

Source: Congressional vote 17-HR3326 on Jul 20, 2017

Voted YES to monitor forced Uyghur labor in Xinjiang.

Higgins voted YEA Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

Legislative summary: The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act: