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America must not set a time limit for withdrawal from Iraq

McFarland called on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to clarify her position on the Iraq War. McFarland specifically questioned remarks that Clinton made today about the war at a conference held by "Take Back America", an organization that strongly opposes the war. At the conference, Clinton, according to a news report, said: "I do not think it is a smart strategy. for the president to continue with his open-ended commitment, which I think does not put enough pressure on the new Iraqi government. Nor do I think it is smart strategy to set a date certain."

"Clinton's statement today is a classic illustration of someone trying to straddle two distinct positions," McFarland said. "Her statement is highly ambiguous and reflects a clear lack of knowledge about military matters. America must not set a time limit for withdrawal from Iraq. Doing so would be terrible military strategy. Clinton might want to explain to New Yorkers just exactly where she stands on this important issue."

Source: Press Release, "Clinton Highly Ambiguous" Jun 13, 2006

More troops should have been deployed in Iraq

McFarland refused to say how she would have voted on the Iraq war, but added that she believed more American troops should have been deployed. She said her focus would be fighting terrorism and strengthening national security.
Source: Patrick Healy, New York Times, p. A1 Mar 3, 2006

Consider military to prevent Iranian nuclear bomb

KT McFarland believes that America's top priority should be forming a truly effective and united front with its allies to stop the spread of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. That front must include a military option to halt construction of nuclear bomb-making facilities In Iran. A nuclear Iran would forever change the world in which our children live. It cannot be tolerated.
Source: Campaign website, www.ktforsenate.com, "Issues" Mar 3, 2006

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