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    This page contains Congressional resolutions. Resolutions indicate the topics that legislators care about, but cannot legislate about.

01-DLC1 on Nov 7, 2000

Resolution: Third Way principles of the Democratic Leadership Council:
Source: Democratic Leadership Council web site
America and the world have changed dramatically in the closing decades of the 20th century. The industrial order of the 20th century is rapidly yielding to the networked “New Economy” of the 21st century. Our political and governing systems, however, have lagged behind the rest of society in adapting to these seismic shifts. They remain stuck in the left-right debates and the top-down bureaucracies of the industrial past.

The Democratic Leadership Council, and its affiliated think tank the Progressive Policy Institute, have been catalysts for modernizing politics and government. The core principles and ideas of this “Third Way” movement [began with] Bill Clinton’s Presidential campaign in 1992, Tony Blair’s Labour Party in Britain in 1997, and Gerhard Shroeder’s Social Democrats in Germany in 1998.

    The Third Way philosophy seeks to adapt enduring progressive values to the new challenges of he information age. It rests on three cornerstones:
  1. the idea that government should promote equal opportunity for all while granting special privilege for none;
  2. an ethic of mutual responsibility that equally rejects the politics of entitlement and the politics of social abandonment;
  3. and, a new approach to governing that empowers citizens to act for themselves.
The Third Way approach to economic opportunity and security stresses technological innovation, competitive enterprise, and education rather than top- down redistribution or laissez faire. On questions of values, it embraces “tolerant traditionalism,” honoring traditional moral and family values while resisting attempts to impose them on others. It favors an enabling rather than a bureaucratic government, expanding choices for citizens, using market means to achieve public ends and encouraging civic and community institutions to play a larger role in public life. The Third Way works to build inclusive, multiethnic societies based on common allegiance to democratic values.

  • Topic: Principles & Values
  • Headline: New Democrat: "Third Way" instead of left-right debate

  • Key for participation codes:
  • Sponsorships: p=sponsored; o=co-sponsored; s=signed
  • Memberships: c=chair; m=member; e=endorsed; f=profiled; s=scored
  • Resolutions: i=introduced; w=wrote; a=adopted
  • Cases: w=wrote; j=joined; d=dissented; c=concurred
  • Surveys: '+' supports; '-' opposes.

Democrats participating in 01-DLC1

Tom Allen s1aMaine Democrat (Retiring 2008) 
Brian Baird s1aWashington Democrat (until 2010) 
James Barcia s1aMichigan Democrat 
Roy Barnes s1aGA Former Democratic Governor (1999-2002) 
Evan Bayh s1aIN Former Democratic Senator 
Ken Bentsen s1aTexas Democrat 
Shelley Berkley s1aNevada Democrat (Senate run 2012) 
Marion Berry s1aArkansas Former Democrat (until 2010) 
Earl Blumenauer s1aOregon Democrat 
John Breaux s1aLA Former Democratic incumbent; retired 2004 
Maria Cantwell s1aWA Democratic Jr Senator 
Lois Capps s1aCalifornia Democrat 
Jean Carnahan s1aMO Democratic Senator (Former) 
Tom Carper s1aDE Democratic Sr Senator 
Max Cleland s1aGA Democratic Senator (Former) 
Bob Clement s1aTennessee Democrat 
Bill Clinton s1aPOTUS Democrat 
Kent Conrad s1aND Democrat Sr Senator (Retiring) 
Bud Cramer s1aAlabama Democrat (Retired 2008) 
Joseph Crowley s1aNew York Democrat 
Gray Davis s1aCA Former Democratic 
Jim Davis s1aFlorida Democrat 
Susan Davis s1aCalifornia Democrat 
Peter Deutsch s1aFL Former Democratic Senate challenger (2004); US Rep. 
Cal Dooley s1aCalifornia Democrat (Until 2004) 
Mike Easley s1aNC Democrat Governor (elected 2000; retired 2008) 
John Edwards s1aNC Former Democrat Senator; retired to run for President, 2004 
Anna Eshoo s1aCalifornia Democrat 
Bob Etheridge s1aNorth Carolina Democrat (Unseated 2010) 
Dianne Feinstein s1aCA Democratic Sr Senator 
Dick Gephardt s1aMissouri Democrat (Until 2004) 
Charles Gonzalez s1aTexas Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
Bob Graham s1aFL Former Democratic Senator; retired 2004 
Jane Harman s1aCalifornia Democrat (Resigned 2011) 
Baron Hill s1aIndiana Democrat (until 2010) 
Ruben Hinojosa s1aTexas Democrat 
Bob Holden s1aMO Former Democratic Governor (2001-2004) 
Rush Holt s1aNew Jersey Democrat 
Mike Honda s1aCalifornia Democrat 
Darlene Hooley s1aOregon Democrat (Retiring 2008) 
Jay Inslee s1aWA Democratic Governor 
Steve Israel s1aNew York Democrat 
Tim Johnson s1aSD Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) 
John Kerry s1aMA Democratic Sr Senator 
Ron Kind s1aWI Former Democratic challenger (2012) 
Herbert Kohl s1aWI Democratic Sr Senator (Retiring) 
John LaFalce s1aNew York Democrat/Ind./Lib. (Until 2004 
Nicholas Lampson s1aTexas Democrat (Unseated 2008) 
Mary Landrieu s1aLA Democratic Sr Senator 
James Langevin s1aRhode Island Democrat 
Rick Larsen s1aWashington Democrat 
John Larson s1aConnecticut Democrat 
Blanche Lambert Lincoln s1aAR Former Democratic Senator 
Gary Locke s1aWA Former Democratic Governor (1997-2004); Cabinet (Commerce) 
Ken Lucas s1aKentucky Democrat (Until 2004) 
Bill Luther s1aMinnesota Democrat/Farmer/Labor 
Carolyn Maloney s1aNew York Democrat/Liberal 
Jim Maloney s1aConnecticut Democrat (retired) 
Jim Matheson s1aUtah Democrat 
Robert Matsui s1aCalifornia Former Democrat (deceased) 
Carolyn McCarthy s1aNew York Dem./Ind./Working-Families 
Karen McCarthy s1aMissouri Democrat (Until 2004) 
Mike McIntyre s1aNorth Carolina Democrat 
Juanita Millender-McDonald s1aCalifornia Democrat 
Zell Miller s1aGA Former Democratic Senator; retired 2004 
Ruth Ann Minner s1aDE Former Democrat Governor (retired 2008) 
Dennis Moore s1aKansas Democrat (until 2010) 
James Moran s1aVirginia Democrat 
Ronnie Musgrove s1aMS Democratic challenger (2008), previously Governor 
Grace Napolitano s1aCalifornia Democrat 
Ben Nelson s1aNE Democratic Sr Senator (Retiring) 
Bill Nelson s1aFL Democratic Sr Senator 
Sam Nunn s1aGA Democratic Senator (Former) 
David Phelps s1aIllinois Democrat 
David Eugene Price s1aNorth Carolina Democrat 
Silvestre Reyes s1aTexas Democrat 
Charles Robb s1aVA Democratic Senator (Former) 
Tim Roemer s1aIndiana Democrat 
Mike Ross s1aArkansas Democratic Governor Challenger 
Steven Rothman s1aNew Jersey Democrat 
Loretta Sanchez s1aCalifornia Democrat 
Max Sandlin s1aTexas Democrat (Until 2004) 
Adam Schiff s1aCalifornia Democrat 
Jeanne Shaheen s1aNH Democratic Sr Senator 
Brad Sherman s1aCalifornia Democrat 
Ronnie Shows s1aMississippi Democrat 
David Adam Smith s1aWashington Democrat 
Vic Snyder s1aArkansas Former Democrat (until 2010) 
John Spratt s1aSouth Carolina Democrat (until 2010) 
Debbie Stabenow s1aMI Democratic Jr Senator 
Charles Stenholm s1aTexas Democrat 
Bart Stupak s1aMichigan Democrat (until 2010) 
John Tanner s1aTennessee Democrat (until 2010) 
Ellen Tauscher s1aCalifornia Former Democrat (until 2009) 
Mike Thompson s1aCalifornia Democrat 
Jim Turner s1aTexas Democrat (Until 2004) 
Tom Udall s1aNew Mexico Democrat (Senate 2008) 
Robert Wexler s1aFlorida Democrat (resigned Jan. 2010) 
David Wu s1aOregon Democrat (Resigned 2011) 

Republicans participating in 01-DLC1

Independents participating in 01-DLC1

Brad Carson s1aOK 2004 former Democratic challenger; US Representative 
Harold Ford s1aNY 2010 Democratic Primary Challenger; previously US Rep (TN) 
Joseph Hoeffel s1aPA 2004 former Democratic challenger; US Representative 
Chris John s1aLA 2004 former Democratic challenger; US Representative 
Joseph Lieberman s1aCT Independent Sr Senator; Gore's VP nominee (Retiring) 

Total recorded by OnTheIssues:

Democrats: 99
Republicans: 0
Independents: 5

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