Maria Cantwell on Principles & Values

Democratic Jr Senator (WA)


Voted with Democratic Party 94.7% of 323 votes.

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA), was scored by the Washington Post on the percentage of votes on which a lawmaker agrees with the position taken by a majority of his or her party members. The scores do not include missed votes. Their summary:
Voted with Democratic Party 94.7% of 323 votes.
Overall, Democrats voted with their party 88.4% of the time, and Republicans voted with their party 81.7% of the time (votes Jan. 8 through Sept. 8, 2007).
Source: Washington Post, "Congress Votes Database" on 2008 election , Sep 8, 2007

Voted for Kerry in 2004; he matched Northwest values

Q: In 2004 ,who got your vote for President, and why?

CANTWELL: I voted for John Kerry. He matched our Northwest values. He won Washington state because he understood our values and would fight for them.

McGAVICK: I voted for George Bush because he understood that the single most important issue facing America was the war to defeat radical Islamic terrorism. I also thought it was more likely, given Bush’s record, that he would do more to reduce the debt than John Kerry.

GUTHRIE: The American people could see that the choices we had were terrible. Only 40% of registered voters voted-60% were not served, and were disgusted with the Democrats & Republicans. I voted for change. I voted for Michael Badnarik, who represented a new sensible center in politics, without the extremes of the Democrats & Republicans. My vote represented the values of America; we’re socially tolerant yet fiscally responsible. My vote counted because I didn’t fall into the trap of voting for the lesser of two evils.

Source: Washington Senate Debate hosted by KING-5 & Seattle Times , Oct 17, 2006

Green turnout for Nader had positive effect on her election

[There was a] Democratic primary race for the US Senate between Deborah Senn and Maria Cantwell. For years, Senn was the best insurance commissioner in the country, with reels of successful consumer protection against overreaching insurance companies. Cantwell, who served one term in the House before becoming wealthy as a computer software executive, heavily outspent Senn.

Senn lost. She was the Greens' favorite. Cantwell then squeaked by GOP Sen. Slade Gorton by only 2,300 votes. Our Green turnout in Washington of 103,000 votes in November gave Cantwell the seat (there was no Green senatorial candidate), and her election brought the Democrats to 50-50 with the Republicans in the Senate. This set the stage for GOP Senator Jim Jefford's switch to independent and the resultant takeover of the Senate by the Democrats in June 2000. At a meeting a few weeks later, Sen. Harry Reid told me that both he and Sen. Cantwell were "well aware" of the Green voters' impact on her election.

Source: Crashing the Party, by Ralph Nader, p.207-208 , Oct 14, 2002

Voted YES on confirming of Sonia Sotomayor to Supreme Court.

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee kicked off the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Nominee, Judge Sonia Sotomayor. In her opening statement, Judge Sotomayor pledged a "fidelity to the law:"
"In the past month, many Senators have asked me about my judicial philosophy. It is simple: fidelity to the law. The task of a judge is not to make the law--it is to apply the law. And it is clear, I believe, that my record in two courts reflects my rigorous commitment to interpreting the Constitution according to its terms; interpreting statutes according to their terms and Congress's intent; and hewing faithfully to precedents established by the Supreme Court and my Circuit Court. In each case I have heard, I have applied the law to the facts at hand."
Reference: Supreme Court Nomination; Bill PN506 ; vote number 2009-S262 on Aug 6, 2009

Voted NO on confirming Samuel Alito as Supreme Court Justice.

Vote on the Nomination -- a YES vote would to confirm Samuel A. Alito, Jr., of New Jersey, to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.
Reference: Alito Nomination; Bill PN 1059 ; vote number 2006-002 on Jan 31, 2006

Voted NO on confirming John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Vote on the Nomination (Confirmation John G. Roberts, Jr., of Maryland, to be Chief Justice of the United States )
Reference: Supreme Court Nomination of John Roberts; Bill PN 801 ; vote number 2005-245 on Sep 27, 2005

Supports Hyde Park Declaration of "Third Way" centrism.

Cantwell adopted the manifesto, "A New Politics for a New America":

As New Democrats, we believe in a Third Way that rejects the old left-right debate and affirms America’s basic bargain: opportunity for all, responsibility from all, and community of all.